✅Why Tuya Camera is not recording ? ( The Ultimate Solution)

Does your Tuya camera not work? The Tuya Camera is used for recording and if it is not doing its basic function then it is not useful. Why Tuya Camera is not recording and is it an internal or external issue? Can a common man do the job of correcting the issue themselves?

Why Tuya Camera is not recording

Here’s How to Enable Tuya Smart Camera Recording

What can you do to enable the camera recording again? A number of possibilities can lead to the non – functioning of the recorder in the camera. Specific and common ones are :

Change of place and network issue – 

  1. If you move to a new place the Tuya camera will not be recording the new surroundings, you need to go back to the original place where you first set up your camera. 
  2.  If your network is weak then it cannot record anything as it is not getting any signal or network for it to work. Even if you try previous files they would also be not showing in Cloud or SD card. 
  3. Have enough bandwidth, in some cases the amount of strength that your camera needs are in the range of 4mb and if you store it on cloud then it requires additional data as well. 
  4.  Sometimes the cloud server is not functioning properly and there is no issue with the camera at all. Once the service is On you can again see the recordings on your apps. Here is how to change wifi on tuya smart camera for Better Connectivity.

After login out of the app – 

  1. You click on the record button from the app. 
  2. Recording starts and it is like a real-time monitoring screen. 
  3. You exit the app. 
  4. Recording stops on the camera and it is paused. 

In order to prevent something like this from happening, use the SD card in your mobile or apps on whichever device and then start recording. Now even if you exit the app, recording will continue as it would be now on the local storage function. 

Not FAT32 SD card – 

  1. As the recording happens on the SD card, it can happen that the quality of the card is not compatible with the camera. 
  2. You need a FAT 32 card which usually works with the camera. 
  3. Once you inserted the card turn on the recording button. 
  4. You can see the recording in the playback option present in the storage of the card. 

Problem of fireware – 

  1. After some time the fireware of the camera gets affected. 
  2. The need is to update the fireware. 
  3. Provide your Virtual ID of the device to staff. 
  4. The recording will start to work again for you. 

Not the latest version – 

  1. There are times when your app gets old. 
  2. It is necessary to get the new version of the camera app. 
  3. Re-start the recording from the camera. 

The device is offline after power outage – 

  1. When you have too many devices that are connected to your router, it makes it difficult for the device to connect as it has reached its maximum limit and it makes the device unable to get into the range. 
  2. After the power is restored yet the device is offline as other devices are connected to the network. 
  3. Check the network status of your device, and reset it to the way that it can connect to the network easily. You need to do this if Tuya camera does not connect itself. if you still getting the tuya smart camera keeps going offline issue than read our manual guide.

The camera is not used for some time

  1. It is needed to check whether the connection of the router to the network is there or not. Check if it is online. 
  2. If you have changed the router or the network name or password is incorrect. Do the action of correcting as soon as possible by adding the network to the router.   

Wrapping up…

By looking at all these, it can be said that the reason for non-working of the camera is the network issue, an older version of the app, SD card compatibility.  

So, all the above-mentioned techniques for better recording are in hands of the person alone, you just need to keep an eye on the issues mentioned above when you see that your device is inactive and do one of the methods to restore its functioning. You Can Also Read the Tuya smart Camera Manual For More steps too.

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