✅Tuya Camera keeps going offline (Complete Troubleshooting Guide)

The Constant Switching of Tuya’s Camera to Offline: Have you ever considered the reason behind your Tuya camera being unavailable? Has this issue been bothering you for sometime and you don’t know how to fix it?

Tuya Camera keeps going offline

Here are some reasons why this issue (Tuya Camera keeps going offline) may occur, how you might be able to fix it and other commonly reported problems with the Tuya camera. 

Tuya Camera Keeps Going Offline

What do I need to do if my smart camera becomes unresponsive?

  1. Inspect the routers to see if it’s switched off or not linked to the network. If either is the case, the router will require considerable time to recuperate. Check if your gadget is connected to the network after two minutes.
  2. Verify whether the router has been replaced or the Wi-Fi username or credentials have been modified. If this is the case, unplug your device and reconnect it to the network.
  3. Verify that the software is upgraded to the latest version. To do so, select Home, tap the gadget button, and check for Software Upgrades in the app to confirm this.
  4. After a period of inactivity, the device goes down. However, it returns to normal after rebooting the network or re-networking the gadget. This might indicate that the router is overburdened due to prolonged high-load use and that you should replace it or restrict the number of devices connected.

If a gadget still won’t enter the network after following the procedures above, move it to a communication network with robust and reliable signals and reconnect it. Provide all of your application login and device ID if your gadget is still offline. We’ll have technical support engineers troubleshoot the problem. You can Connect tuya camera to your wifi for better Performance. 

The gadget is frequently offline, the gadget or device’s indicator continues to flash, and it is inoperable. So, where do I go from here?

  • Follow the first 2 steps from the method mentioned above. 
  • Then, check to see if the device’s firmware has recently been updated. After refreshing the software, the device will be unplugged from the network and reconnect immediately after the update is complete.
  • If the connection is unreliable, however, you may be unable to log in after completing the software upgrade. The device must be removed and replaced.
  • The device’s Wi-Fi connection is too weak. This may be because it is distanced from the router by multiple walls, a steel box encases the gadget, and metal items nearby or neighboring high-power appliances, including air conditioners and refrigerators, interfere.
  • The device is located very far apart from the router. The inside environment is more intricate; after more than 5 metres, it is possible to go offline; the outdoor space is empty; after more than 10 metres, it is simple to go offline.
  • Verify that the technology is up to current. Select Home—Tap gadget button right button—Device Updates in the application to confirm this.

Why does the gadget usually offline, despite my repeated attempts to pair it?

Poor network circumstances, such as network overloading or an irregular internet connection, are common culprits. Reconnect the phone to the mobile app via some other Wi-Fi connection, such as a Wi-Fi hotspot, to rule out the chance that now the issue is with the internet. Validate that the software is up to its latest version.

Is it possible that a protracted data connection will take the gadget offline?

If you are situated in China but have changed the location of the app login to the United States, your data will be processed at a data centre in the United States. A prolonged data link could result in shaky connectivity.

Make sure your app account is configured to the correct country or region.

Wrapping up…

So these are some solutions you can look into if you are facing trouble turning your Tuya camera back online after constantly switching to offline mode. It is fairly simple to figure out the root of the problem if you follow the steps we have provided, in detail. However, if the issue persists, then we recommend you either call our helpline, bring it to our repair centres or bring it to any technology professional. Please do not attempt to fix it on your own beyond the steps mentioned by us, or you may risk damaging you Tuya Camera.