How to get your Tuya Smart back online [ Guide 2023 ]

Is your Tuya smart camera offline ? You are unable to see why is the tuya smart camera not working? You try different methods but still no luck as you are not that good in such area as it is either related to tech or some internal issue. What will you do to make the tuya smart back online

Tuya Camera

How to get your Tuya Smart back online

There are always 3 scenarios that can lead to failure of working of the tuya camera they are – 

The tuya camera is offline for a long time due to which the device is just flashing lights and not under your control. For this following action can be done:

  1. The need is to check the connection of the router to the network is it there or not. On the router again and wait as it will take 2 minutes max to restart itself. Check if it is online. 
  2. If you have changed the router or the network name or password is not correct. Do the action of correcting as soon as possible with adding the network to the router.   
  3. Tuya Camera does the action of updating its fireware for its purposes. When the device is offline sometimes it is updating the ware and you need to wait for the update to be completed. If after that still offline is showing then the need is to add the network in the device. It could be also that your network is low.    
  4. The position of the router is it too near to the metals like air conditioners, refrigerators or metal shell is around the device. If waves from the network gets affected you need to keep it at place while seeing the above points.  
  5. The locations other factor is the distance is the router too far or not. It depends on the range of your network; it is different for all the networks. Make sure to keep distance close if range is low and if not then anywhere between a safe one. 
  6. Check if the device has the firmware in the latest version. To check this on the app, go to home of the app then select device option on Top right button choose Device Update. 
  7. After sometime the router gets overloaded due to the fact that it is under use for a long time now, the indicator is if even after restarting it does not work, do the needful and change the router and use one that is powerful then the previous one. 

When the tuya camera is offline after changing the router, you change the path from where the device was getting the network from. Following actions can be done:

But again, before this the need is to see that you have connected to all the Wi-Fi devices and gateways.  Still if you are facing issues in its  working then it is not compatible with Tuya Camera. You need to search for the one which is for the device.  

The  tuya camera offline after power outrage, even after power is back the device is offline. In order to connect again the device use following method:

  • When you have too many devices that are connected to your router, it makes difficult for the device to connect as the maximum number have reached its limit and it makes the device not able to get into the range. 
  • After the power is restored then even the device is offline as other devices are connected them to the network. 
  • Check the network status of your device, reset it to the way that it can connect to the network easily. You need to do this If tuya camera does not connect itself. 

Wrapping up…

By looking all these, it can be said that the reason for non- working of the  tuya camera is the network issue, router overload, distance and position of the router i.e., where it is placed. 

So, all the above-mentioned techniques for better router use is in hands of the person alone, you just need to keep an eye on the issues mentioned above when you see that your tuya camera  is inactive and do one of the methods to restore its functioning.