How to reset my Tuya smart plug? Updated Guide 2023

Why are the tuya plugs not able to reset? How to reset my tuya smart plug? There is sometimes an issue that comes with resetting tayu smart plugs. We do not know why or how did it happen. There can be several reasons for the non-functioning of the plugs, and the only solution is to reset them. 

You try different methods but still no luck as you are not that good in such an area as it is either related to tech or some internal issue. What will you do? The answer is to reset the tayu smart plug How and when to reset the tuya smart plugs?

 There are many ways to reset the plugs :

  1. Ensure the device is on – Sometimes, we do not notice that the device is off and needs to be powered back on. If it is so then the app will not detect the plugs. Press the power button for a few seconds to see if the light is on now; if yes, the device is working again. 
  2. Use the app – Open the app and click on the plugs option, and you will now be on settings. When you are there, click on the pencil tool. From there, go to removing the device and wiping the data. Click confirm after that; you can now re-enter the device on the app. 
  3. Through ez mode – It is similar to the first method, but first, you need to hold the power button for 5 seconds, but before that, 10 seconds of power off needs to be done. When the lights blink rapidly it is now on smart mode and can use it.
  4. Though ap mode– No need to power off the device; just keep the hand on the power button and press it for 5 seconds, and then the light will be blinking slowly, and it is now in ap mode. Connect through ap mode itself. 
  5. Not the latest version – There are times when your app gets old. The need is to get a new version of the tayu app. Re-start the plug again after connecting it to the socket. 
  6. The problem with fire ware – After some time, the camera’s firmware gets affected. The need is to update the firmware. Provide your Virtual ID of the device to staff. The plug will start to work again. 
  7. Change the SSID to some non – alphanumeric character, as sometimes the devices do not like the SSID. Can change it to BTHUB, then try searching and connecting again. 
  8. Use bt Wi-Fi- Open the web browser to the hub and enter address, and this will open the hub. Then enter the admin password; if you have not changed it will be the same, and after entering, click on/off of the smart setup. After that, you on the plug click save, and it will again start to work. 

The device is offline after power outrage, even after power is back the device is offline. To connect the device again using the following method:

  1. When you have too many devices that are connected to your router, it makes it difficult for the device to connect as the maximum number has reached its limit, and it makes the device not able to get into the range. 
  2. After the power is restored, even the device is offline as other devices are connected to the network. 
  3. Check the network status of your device, and reset it to a way that it can connect to the network easily. You need to do this If the tuya plug does not connect itself. 

When the device is offline after changing the router, you change the path from where the device gets the network. Following actions can be taken – 

  1. First remove that device
  2. Reconnect the device to the new version of the network. 
  3. Then add it Again. 

Wrapping up…

By looking at all these, it can be said that the reason for the non-working of the tuya plug is the network issue, an old version of the app, clicking of the power button, an SSID issue, etc.  

So, all the above-mentioned techniques for better working of tuya plugs are in hands of the person alone; you just need to keep an eye on the issues mentioned above when you see that your tayu plugs are inactive and do one of the methods to restore its functioning. 

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