✅What is Tuya CCTV Smart Camera [ Complete Guide ]

Are you searching for an excellent CCTV camera for the security of your house?  Why go for a traditional one when you can have a perfectly fine-featured monitor camera to organize your house’s security in a better, wiser, and smarter way! Tuya CCTV Camera or Tuya Smart Camera is an option that fulfills all your security camera needs.

However, this explanation is not enough to invest in something. You might have many more questions, and we are here to answer them. Let’s go through the process and understand what makes Tuya CCTV cameras exceptional.

Tuya CCTV Camera

What are Tuya Smart Cameras?

Tuya has recently introduced its new range of WiFi IP cameras for indoor-outdoor usage. It is a two-way audio-video Auto-tracker that is a favourable deal to buyers.

Buying a smart CCTV camera undertook its journey with an opening in 2017. Now Tuya is taking all measures to make new varieties of IP cameras.

  • Tuya smart app supports the security camera.
  • Bulb: smart camera.
  • Tuya T09T indoor IP cameras.

These cameras are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and the Tuya smart app, which immediately make every detail accessible to your phone.

Similarly, Tuya has brought two categories in the camera modes.

  • Indoor Camera.
  • Outdoor camera.

Let’s get into this and understand how these modes are compartmentalized. 

Tuya Indoor security CCTV camera

With Tuya smart WiFi home security camera, you can modify the security of your house, villa, office cabin, or shop smartly.

The extraordinary aspect of Tuya’s indoor security camera is that it focuses on moving objects. 

Tuya indoor camera highlight and Features:

  • Rotates around 360° to focus on the moving object.
  • Easy connection with Google Home, alexa and Tuya smart app.
  • We can capture screenshots of the camera footage.
  • We can hear and speak through the Tuya Smart app, which is connected to a camera once the whole setup is connected. It is a two-way auto audio camera device.

Tuya Outdoor security CCTV cameras

So the Tuya outdoor camera uses 5 megapixels and a CMOS sensor. It can record with a maximum resolution of 15 frames per second. 

Tuya outdoor camera can pan its lenses to 270 degrees and tilt them at a 90-degree angle.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any zooming features.

Tuya outdoor camera highlights and features.

  • Tuya’s outdoor camera supports AI human detection. Hence, it won’t give you any false alarms.
  • The camera recording support 128 gigabytes of micro SD card.
  • The camera can also record the motion detection SD card, so for continuous recording, it is recommended that you use NVR ( Network Video Recorder), which is operated through wires as the power source.
  • Tuya camera supports Alexa, Google Home, and Tuya smart app.

How to connect Tuya security cameras to Tuya smart app:

  1. Open the Tuya Smart app.
  2. Click on ‘add device.’
  3. Select ‘security and video surveillance.
  4. Turn On Smart camera WiFi.
  5. Click next.
  6. Connect your WiFi with the app and device.
  7. Once you hear the tone, it’s a sign of getting connected.
  8. Now, click on “done,” and the smart camera is ready to use.

Point to be Noted : 

These gadgets are recommended to use with electrical plugs and are designed and preferred in the United States. The electronic plugs and sockets may differ on international boundaries, and this product may need to assess with converting adapter for use in the country you live. It is advised to check the compatibility during a purchase.


Q.1 Tuya cameras can be operated with the phone?

  • Yes, once your smart app is set up with all the permissions, you are ready to go with the IP monitor camera.
  • You can also supervise through the app and watch the recorded event from a distance.

Q.2 Is there a monthly subscription on the app? Is it mandatory to pay every month?

  • There is an option for subscriptions, but it is totally up to you if you have to go to the premium or not.
  • The recorded video is automatically saved on your micro SD card.

Wrapping up…

Tuya security CCTV smart Camera is an exclusive device to shape your house or office in a modified and smart way. The favorable offerings will similarly give a reasonable pricing range.