We are the technical fanatic’s at the Fantasy Ninjas. We, as a College Students want to promote the Digital Literacy to the millions of people. With the aim to provide solutions to common PC problems, List of the best apps for PC and Android, and the Surveys for the people who love to provide feedback, we started this blog.

We are nothing but the College Students, who love to write a lot. Escaping from the reality is what we call Writing. I hope we are helping other people with our Knowledge. Here are our Team Members.


Shridhar Joshi

Shridhar Joshi is a Mechanical Engineering Student, Who always wanted to do the Software Engineering. But the engineering cut-off decided something else and now he is tuning machines in the workshop. He is fluent in English, French and even Russian language. If you ask him a question about the technical issue with your computer, he will immediately tell you the solution by recalling it from him Memory.


Pratiksha N

Pratiksha is a Commerce Graduate. She is studying the Chartered Accountancy Course. She got to know about Blogging and Writing in the Digital Orientation Course of ICAI. She handles the Research and Publishing part of this blog. She loves music and always have her headphone ON.