✅Fantastic Smart Homes with Tuya Smart app instructions

Does your dream house possess all smart appliances? Are you the owner of a fantastic house with smart appliances? If the biggest issue you have now is finding a tool that can utilise your mobile phone to control the appliances, then you could choose Tuya Smart app to manage all your smart household appliances. 

Get to know more about Tuya smart app with this write-up. 

Here Are the Tuya Smart App Instructions and Manuals

What is Tuya Smart?

Tuya Smart is one of the universal Internet of Things platforms that authorise products for brands, customers, retail chains, and OEMs. This company does not manufacture smart home products. They are like a connecting bridge for other innovative home product manufacturers.

It is the world’s leading AI + IoT platform, which provides new opportunities for partner brands worldwide and the developers of smart home appliances. 

Tuya platform allows service providers to register to it and activate its devices. Small smart home appliance manufacturers can choose this straightforward process to make their service convenient to be accessed with mobile phones. 

Tuya smart home solutions

Several Alibaba employees founded this company in 2014. They own a global presence with locations in India, the United States, China, Germany, and Japan. 

Regardless of product, protocol, region or vendor, they support IoT devices with their IoT 4A platform.

Currently, Tuya has more than 180,000 customers from 195 countries and offers more than 90,000 “Powered by Tuya” products. This covers almost 500 different products.

It includes security solutions, lighting, entertainment, and home appliances. This makes Tuya smart a market leader in the smart home industry.

Tuya smart app

    This app controls smart products by using mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. The Tuya Smart app works efficiently on both Apple devices and Android mobile phones. 

    It acts as a necessary component to connect and control smart devices in the smart ecosystem. It is free for the consumer of the appliance, not even a minimum charge. You will need an internet connection to control devices using this app. 

Devices controlled by the Tuya app

  • Sockets
  • switches
  • power strips
  • scenario switches
  • curtain switches
  • garage door opener
  • air conditioners
  • light bulbs
  • LED light strips
  • refrigerators
  • water heater
  • fans
  • weather clocks
  • robot vacuum
  • heaters
  • curtains
  • CCTV cameras
  • body fat scales
  • smart beds

Pet lovers can also find Tuya Smart helpful. You can control cat toilets, pet houses, pet ball throwers, pet treat feeders, etc., with just a few clicks on the app. 

Features of the Tuya app

  • Connecting Tuya Smart App to devices is an easy and quick process.
  • It doesn’t matter where you are; you can control all your home appliances with a few taps on your mobile
  • If you have all devices connected to the app, you can control many devices simultaneously. 
  • Utilize the voice control option with Amazon Echo and Google Home.
  • Making devices start/stop working automatically based on temperature, location and time.
  • You can easily share access with family members to control the devices.
  • You will receive real-time alerts to ensure safety.

Advantages of using Tuya Smart 

  • Access the devices from any part of the world.
  • Every Tuya Smart compatible device can be controlled with the Tuya app
  • It works with WiFi connections.
  • Many service providers have been joining Tuya in recent times, so the number of appliances controlled by tuya has increased.
  • Integration with third-party programs is possible
  • It supports touch and starts the automation
  • The consumer can access it for free.

Disadvantages of using Tuya Smart 

  • You need to have an account, and your data will be stored in a cloud storage platform.
  • Reading sensors on a Tuya Smart network is a bit slow compared to a local Zigbee sensor.
  • For some gadgets, you will still need a gateway (Zigbee)
  • Pairing a new device is not easy at all, and some brands cannot be connected to Tuya like Philips Hue.
  • Tuya has stopped supporting the IFTTT platform from May 2020.

Five major products and services of Tuya smart

    The five significant products and services provided by Tuya smart are the devices belonging to these categories.

  • Product development
  • App development
  • Cloud development
  • Data analytics
  • Operations
  • Value-added services

Compatibility platform of Tuya smart

    The Tuya app and platform have native support for third-party programs like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Many brands that manufacture smart home appliances assure that they work well with Tuya smart apps. 

    All you will need is a Zigbee gateway or smart home hub to make the devices compatible with Tuya Smart. You will not experience any difference in controlling the smart devices; if it is Zigbee or just Wi-Fi, everything operates similarly.

Places that sell Tuya smart home products

  • aliexpress.com
  • alibaba.com
  • daraz.com
  • expo.tuya.com
  • wziep.com

How to add Tuya accessories to apple home kit using HOOBS

You will need a third-party lightweight plugin server called Home bridge to integrate tuya into your Apple home kit. The home bridge is the smart solution for the Smart Home accessories that don’t support HomeKit.

    All these connection processes are done in a matter of minutes. For that, you will need HOOBS or Home bridge Out-Of-The-Box.

  • Establish a connection between HOOBS Hub present in the kit and an electric socket. 
  • At the back of the HOOBS Hub, you can find an ethernet port.
  • Inside the kit, you can find an ethernet cable and use it to connect the port to a router. Connecting HOOBS can also be done wirelessly with a Wi-Fi network.
  • Set up your HOOBS account on the local server once you are done with connecting HOOBS to your home network.
  • Enter your name, username, and the password of your choice to create an admin account.
  • Use your Apple device and log in to your newly created HOOBS account.
  • On the left-hand side of the home window, you will find a plugin icon at the bottom; click it.
  • Initiate the installation process by selecting the “Tuya Lan” option.
  • HOOBS Tuya Plugin page opens. Copy the code that is present below the Configurations subheading.
  • Now, go back to the installed Tuya Lan plugin. Click on the “Installed Plugins” option on the left sidebar. 
  • Select the “Configuration” option under “Tuya Lan” on the new window. paste the configuration code on the new tab.
  • Change names in the appropriate fields accordingly to complete the configuration.
  • Open “Apple Home”  and click on “Add Accessory.” 
  • Choose “cannot scan”, and Tuya accessories will be displayed.
  • Enter the eight-digit setup code you can find on the HOOBS dashboard to add the tuya accessories to your Apple Home.
  • Click on “Add anyway” to successfully integrate your Tuya accessory.

How to add Tuya accessories to apple home kit using Raspberry Pi

  • The first step is to install the newest version of Raspberry Pi Image to your SD card
  • Open the application and click on choose OS
  • Select the “other specific purpose OS” option and select Home bridge
  • Click on the Choose Storage and select your SD card
  • Click on the Write option
  • Connect the Raspberry Pi application to your local Wi-Fi network
  • Manage Home bridge configuration using the Home bridge user interface
  • Open the Home app on your device and tap the Home tab
  • Click on Add Accessory option and scan the QR code

Is Tuya smart safe?

    The company has R&D capabilities and substantial capital to ensure the safety of users. The app store and Google Play approve Tuya Smart APP. There is a security strategy of five-layer to safeguard your smart devices without any risk of information being leaked.

Features with which safety is ensured

  • Military-grade AES data encryption
  • Data isolation and connection authentication
  • Double-code dynamic key and dynamic password
  • Encryption Channel transmission

Tuya smart vs Smart life

    Smart life and Tuya smart are application programs offered by Tuya, Inc. They both belong to the family of Tuya apps. There is only one difference between them. The Tuya Smart App promotes branding by using the Tuya logo and elements. But the Smart Life App removes all Tuya logos and elements.

    The data in the two apps are independent of each other, and data such as Tap-to-Run and Automation cannot be transferred from each other. 

    If you need to transfer the device, you need to remove the device from one app and add it again in another app.


  1. Does Tuya Smart support HomeKit natively? 

 The specific set of guidelines makes it hard to get approval for the “works with HomeKit” label, so as a third-party manufacturer, Tuya does not support HomeKit. 

  1. How to share your Tuya Smart control?

Open the Tuya Smart App, go to the “Profile” option and choose the “Device Sharing” option. Then select the “Sharing Received” option, and you can find the other users’ shared devices.

  1. How to delete shared devices?

Open the “Sharing Received” option, find the shared devices you need to delete, long-press them, and choose the delete option, or you can swipe left.

  1. Does the use of Tuya facilities require an internet connection?

A Wireless internet connection is a must to access Tuya smart. To access some devices, you will also need a Zigbee gateway. Tuya facilities are not available offline. 

Wrapping up

 Tuya Smart or Smart life app, the choice is yours. They are the one-stop solutions to control your smart appliances with just a few taps on your mobile phones.

 Tuya app has a lot of great features that have made a lot of companies switch to it. The only drawback is that most of the device needs a Zigbee gateway. Using it does not change the way your device functions, so you need not worry. 

 The best feature is that it supports third-party programs for voice control. This is not available on many platforms present online. Tuya Smart is the smart choice for your smart home.