How to Connect Tuya Smart with Google Home (Step by Step Instructions)

One can automate their home by installing smart home gadgets and apps to operate them. Do you know that TUYA provides smart home appliances? 

TUYA is a leading brand in the field of technology that helps to pace the life of an individual by making our lives smarter and more efficient.

These days, one can remotely access almost everything through a platform called the Cloud, and so does TUYA. TUYA processes all its functions through Cloud.

Given below are the steps one must follow to set up one such device.

How to Connect Tuya Smart with Google Home

  • Users may wish to link TUYA Smart and Google Home after activating the TUYA devices in the TUYA Smart app. To do so, make sure that your Google Home profile is activated and the app is active. Select the Google Home profile users want to connect to TUYA Smart.
  • On the Google Home app homepage, tap the “+” icon to add a new connection. Users must choose the “Works with Google” choice for non-Google connected phones, such as a TUYA Smart gadget.
  • In the following step, you’ll see a “Manage Accounts” screen with a long list of Google Home-compatible smart devices. To find TUYA Smart, use the find button options.
  • From the search engine results box, select “TUYA Smart.” It will lead users to the next screen where they may register the Internet system with Google.
  • A popup will appear that states, “Link your TUYA Smart profile with Google.” This gives permission to  TUYA Smart and the identity information, along with detailed control of the Google Home device. The connection is only necessary once.
  • The connection procedure between the two applications is now underway. If both applications (on various brands) are connected to the very same Wi-Fi connection, connectivity problems will occur.
  • To find a TUYA Smart device to synchronize with Google Home, utilize the device’s “searching for devices” feature and identify it. If they are connected to the same network over a Wi-Fi connection, they will join quickly.
  • All Google Home smart speaker “commands,” such as “Okay Google, switch on/off room light” and “OK, Google, set the room lighting to 20%” also function on TUYA Smart devices.
  • After an initial login, the corresponding TUYA Smart equipment will be shown in the Google Home app’s “Home Control” option beneath “Devices.” Anyone may add all of the existing TUYA Smart equipment to their account, and then they will follow conventional Google Assistant commands.

The involved methods and steps:

One could manage an existing switch manually through an app from any or any part  of the world or via voice control (Alexa). 

Individuals should register and form an account on the TUYA Smart App.

After registering your TUYA Smart device on the app, you will be required to set up the connection between the TUYA Smart and the Google Home. Whenever the TUYA Smart does not function with Google Home, the very next thing that one should think about is third-party management and functioning for various smart apps.

Users must use the Compatible with Google choice for intelligently supported devices with Google Home, such as the TUYA Smart. If you are signing into the app with multiple Google accounts, only the first Google account that you are signed into can be used to control the Home. It would raise the living standards of an individual throughout or across households.

From the home page of the Google Home app, tap on the button on the top-left, choose “+”using—your”, then choose Set Up Devices from the Add & Manage list, then tap Have Something Set Up Already. In the Google Home app, you can type in what kind of device you are going to be using—your smart plug, outlet, or smart switch. 

Anyone can rebrand the TUYA devices, and they will appear on Amazon Alexa or Google Home under a different identity for improved usage and control.  Log into your TUYA Smart account, add the devices, and then change the devices name to an easy-to-recognize word or phrase, such as “Bedroom lights”.    

To find the TUYA smart device for Google Home syncing, use the Google Home  Search Device function, then recognise the device. The TUYA modules are indeed compatible with Google Home. However, some users may find this integration  slightly difficult in setting up the smart devices.

Most of the time, you can solve a problem where TUYA Smart does not work with Google Home by updating your voice controls. Random power cuts and firmware updates may cause this situation where Google Home units do not work with TUYA smart systems. In such cases, try reducing the distance between your router and the smart devices, and use a multimeter to isolate issues with Google Home voice control.

After downloading and installing the TUYA SMART, you will have to create an account, which is fairly straightforward.