Install Pocket TV for PC- (Windows 7/8/10) [ Updated Guide 2023 ]

Knowing more about the installation of Pocket TV for PC- (Windows 7/8/10)

Are you looking out for the methods for installing pocket TV on your PC? If yes then you can even stop your search, because we are here to guide you up regarding the installation of pocket TV in your PC having the windows 7/8 or even 10. 

By the means of Pocket TVs, the users can enjoy glimpsing different shows, series, and even movies. There are lot many videos that are available on this app. There is no requirement of paying any kind of subscription fee. It provides the facility of unlimited usage and consists up of thousands of shows. The quality of the video can even be changed as per the internet connection that you are having. 

Features of Pocket TV-

  • There is no need to be up with any subscriptions.
  • The videos provided are up to high quality.
  • The new web series, TV shows are frequently updated over here.
  • Multiple numbers of languages are supported over here.
  • The number of live channels available over here is 100+.
  • It is equipped with an easy interface. 
  • There is no need of opening any kind of account over here.
  • Has a perfect bass-equipped sound system.


These are the features that the pocket TV possesses. This app is mainly launched for use on smartphones and Android. But you can even download it on your PC’S then you can complete the downloading process by utilizing any kinds of emulators that are available. 

Below mentioned is the list of the emulators that are available and those which you can utilize for downloading Pocket TV.

  1. Nox Player.
  2. Menu Player.
  3. Ld player.
  4. Bluestack player.

                  The emulators use a bit high space and even the RAM used by them is a bit high, so below mentioned are the requirements for the emulators.


  1. A RAM of minimum of 4GB.
  2. Hardisk having a memory of 5 GB.
  3. The version of the windows available should be either 7/8/10.
  4. The framework must be the latest one.
  5. The driver must be the updated one.


Method of installation of the Pocket TV on the version of the windows (7/8/10)-


For downloading the pocket TV on your PC, you need to take the help of the emulators. Both the emulators have an interface that is easy as well as beautiful. Most of the apps work efficiently by taking the support of these emulators.


Installing pocket TV for PC- Windows 7/8/10-


  1. First of all the users need to be up with the installation process of the bluestack player, by installing it from the official site of the company.
  2. After being up with the process of downloading the user needs to double click on the file in order to be up with the process of installation. The installation process usually gets completed with few minutes.
  3. After being up with the above two steps, the users have to complete the process of setting up the emulator on their PC. They can complete the process of setting up by taking the help of their respective google accounts.
  4. After being up with the process of installation the user has to open the play store on the PC and then navigate for the “PocketTV”.
  5. Then while searching, the user has to glimpse for the app that is most similar and then click on the button of installing.
  6. After clicking on the button of installation, the installation process will be up at the same instant. The users have to wait till the process gets completed and then they can click on the button of opening the app after the process is completed.
  7. In this way, the users can open the app and enjoy its utilization to a complete extent.


Installing pocket TV  by utilizing Nox Player-


  1.  First of all the users need to complete the process of downloading the Nox player from its official website.
  2. After being up with the process of downloading, the user has to click on it two times so that they will get the .exe file and after that, they can complete the process of installation by utilizing the common conventional installation methods. 
  3. After setting up the device for the process of installation, the user has to wait till the whole procedure gets completed.
  4. After the process of installation gets completed, then you can visualize the option of Nox player on the main screen of your PC.
  5. Now you can start up by signing in by taking the help of your google account and henceforth open the available tool.
  6. Now, the users need to glimpse through the play store on their device and navigate for the app “PocketTV”.
  7. They need to keep searching for the most similar and efficient app and hence start the process of installation of that app.
  8. Then after clicking on the button of download, the app will get downloaded within few instants of time.
  9. After the process of installation is completed then the user can enjoy the use of the app by glimpsing through the shows and series present over there.




1) Is it legal to have Pocket TV?

Yes, pocket TV has the same content that is available for everyone on the platform of Youtube. So it is legal and also it is free for utilization.

2) How can the user install the Pocket TV on their PC?

For downloading Pocket TV on the PC you can refer to the writings written above.

3) What are the Pros and Cons of utilizing Pocket TV?

Pros of Pocket TV-

  • No requirement of signing in and signing up.
  • Is available free of cost every time.
  • The features of downloads are made available free of cost.
  • Doesn’t experience any kind of buffering.

              Cons of Pocket TV-

  • The user needs an internet connection.
  • Has a problem of getting a lot many advertisements getting featured.
  • Search function faces a bit of an issue.


So this was all regarding the installation of the PocketTV on the PC’S. We hope that this writing cleared most of your confusion and helped you in the process of installation of PocketTV for the PC’S. So if you like reading these write-ups then do like and share our write-ups.