Download Lorex Cloud For PC : Install Now with This Updated Guide 2023

Lorex Cloud For PC: Do you reckon, your PC has a strong security system for cameras and other external links? If not then, rush to install Lorex Cloud on your PC. Astonishingly, this app runs on PC due to the development of Android emulators. Make this your best workmate as you can view live videos from multiple cameras at the same minute.


About Lorex Cloud 

  • You need FLIR cloud client software to keep your computer connected to DVR/NVR.
  • This is a tool created by a US-based company known as lorextechnology which is famous for its CCTV. Lorex cloud has its dynamic identity in the market today.
  • You can also use this platform to unearth the IP address of various cameras.
  • Use this to change or reset your password, free of cost.
  • The version of the application is v1.3.2
  • It comes under the category of tools and its size is 57 MB
  • The Android version it supports is 4.1 and above.
  • This app has undergone update recently in the year 2022
  • This requires no license for operation.


So, if you already have a product from this company then we must say you are on the ball.


Attributes of this software.

  • Quick setup and control of the security devices
  • We can get multiple video feeds from various cameras. 
  • It has a video playback system.
  • This allows you to take snapshots of the required to cease and also permits you to record videos.
  • One can easily configure the system settings.
  • The recorded video footage is of the highest quality.


Why should you download the Lorex Cloud app?

Are you pondering about this? If yes, then leave your worries and find the solution.

  • Easy to set up: If you are thinking that setting up this Lorex Cloud on your PC for security purposes is a difficult job then you will have to change your view. This is as simple as installing and playing games on your device. If you have a good internet connection then it is easy for you to get live feedback from any place.

  • Get live videos from many cameras at once: You can get live footage from all the cameras that you have installed at once on your device. This also allows you to shuffle from one camera to another and maximize or minimize each footage on your PC.

  • Live stream of videos: Sit home and keep an eye on your workplace with this app. Just open it and watch the live video clips. This app is flexible and acts for your comfort. The various ways to watch this is:
    1. Keeping a single camera pinned to the whole page
    2. Convert it into a grid format to keep a look on all cameras at once.
    3. Set the angle of the camera if you want your feed in a particular direction.
    4. You can watch out for each corner of your workplace.


  • Get access to recorded video clips: Find the recorded clips and watch them easily on your demand. The camera site contains a DVR box through which you can get video clips easily. 

  • Ability to record videos and take snapshots: Record the ongoing activities live on your device. If you feel it is important then simultaneously record it while watching. To zoom the screen or to get a better idea of the activity, take a screenshot of the video. Through this, reach out to the excellent details. 

  • Encounter settings of the system: Lorex Cloud for PC, provides you an option to change the settings according to your preference. 

  • Speak/Listen to the audio: Depending upon the model of the camera you install, you can pay heed to the surrounding audio as well as speak to the person in the vicinity of the camera.


How to install the software Lorex Cloud on a PC? 

Here we have provided you with two ways in which you can accomplish your job. Choose any of them and make your task easy. 


  • Using BlueStacks
    1. Firstly you will have to download the free emulator of BlueStacks on your PC. Search for this and you will be directed to a particular web page.
    2. Once you download this select the “File” option that you see on the page.
    3. Carefully read out the steps provided and choose “Next” to be directed to the next page of setup.
    4. Keep on proceeding and when you reach the final step click “Install” to initiate the process of downloading. Select “Finish” once it is over. After this, the application would be successfully installed on your PC.
    5. Save this to the desktop for easy access and click on this to get started with the BlueStacks app player. 
    6. If you are a beginner then, create a Google account to run the free emulator.
    7. Now, you would be directly stationed at the Google Play Store. Search the “Lorex Cloud for PC” application and easily download it. 


  • Using NoxPlayer 
    1. To begin with, firstly you will have to download the NoxPlayer application on your computer. 
    2. Then you have to also install the emulator on your PC that supports the android system.
    3. After this, either open this from the desktop or search it from the start menu. 
    4. Click on it to open and you will be directed to the homepage of the Google Play Store.
    5. Search for the “Lorex Cloud” and select the appropriate one. Install this to use it and enjoy its amazing features.



To wind it up, Lorex Cloud is a computer application that is designed to monitor various activities through cameras. In your absence, Lorex Cloud for PC will keep on doing its work and shall serve your purpose with loyalty. If this article has helped you to download the application then do support us by sharing the same.