Download Gboard for PC (Windows 7/8/10) [ Updated Guide 2023 ]

Knowing more about downloading Gboard for PC (Windows 7/8/10) 

Are you looking out for the methods to download the Gboard on your PC having windows 7/8/10? If yes, then keep your worries aside because we are here up with the ways to download Gboard on your PC having windows 7/8/10. Gboard offers a hell amount of features, so it’s the most popular keyboard. Since this app is available on the Play Store, the users can easily download it on their android phones. Easy typing, availability of emoji’s and even GIF images are the best things offered by this keyboard. Furthermore, over 100 plus languages are supported by this app so that even for switching out the language, the user only needs to tap on the auto-translate option.

So now, before glimpsing through the methods of downloading Gboard on PC, let us have a look over the unique features that this Gboard offers to its users.

  1. Offers the facility of multiple languages.
  2. The style of the keyboard can be changed with the help of different themes made available.
  3. Offers a good collection of GIFS and emojis.
  4. It is responsive and offers quick service.
  5. Voice typing can also be done with the help of this Gboard.
  6. Auto translate can be enabled instead of switching the languages.
  7. The wrong spelling can be completed by using the facility of Autocorrect.
  8. It suggests spellings so that the users can avoid spelling mistakes.

Since it is mentioned that Gboard is mainly built for using it on smartphones, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot download and utilize it on our PC; the users can use the Gboard on their PCs by installing different types of emulators available. The emulators that the users can utilize are as mentioned below-

  1. Nox player
  2. Bluestack player.
  3. LD player.
  4. Memu player.

Requirements for downloading Gboard on PC

Below listed are the requirements that are needed to be followed for downloading Gboard on PC.

  1. The PC should have RAM of 4 GB.
  2. The hard disk of the PC must be 20 GB.
  3. The drivers and the framework must be of the latest quality. 
  4. Two core processors of x86/x86-64 of either AMD CPU or intel are required.
  5. The version of the windows should be 7/8/10.
  1. A) Downloading Gboard by making use of the Bluestack player
  1. First of all, the users need to download Gboard from its official site of
  2. After being up with downloading, the user has to double click to complete the process of installing the tool. The installation process is straightforward, and it is just like the conventional installation process of the other emulators. 
  3. After being up with the installation process, the user has to open the emulator, which would be present on the desktop screen, and they will face the need of signing in through their Google accounts.
  4. After signing in, the users have to go on the main page, and from the main page, they have to open the Play Store. This is because the Play Store might have been installed already on the emulator bluestack player.
  5. Then in the navigation box, the users have to type on the option of Gboard and then click on the choice of enter.
  6. Then by clicking on the option of installing, the process of downloading will be started.
  7. After few minutes, you will be able to observe the option of the Gboard app on the main screen of your PC.
  8. Then after being up with that, the users need to open the app and then select this app as their default keyboard using the settings menu.
  9. In this way, all the process regarding downloading the Gboard is completed, and the users can enjoy the use of Gboard on their PC.
  1. B) Installation process utilizing the Nox player

Nox player is a bit similar to the bluestack player, and it is also an emulator which is too easy to utilize.

  1. First of all, the users need to complete the downloading process of the Nox player by visiting the official site.
  2. After downloading it from the official website, the users need to complete the straightforward installation process. The process usually gets completed in a short time.
  3. After being up with the installation process, the user has to set up few themes over the next player and even set up the account. 
  4. After being up with this process, the user has to just log in from their Google account and then open the Google Play Store.
  5. After this, in the navigation bar, the users have to search for the option of the Gboard app and then click on the button of installation. In this way, they can complete the process of downloading.
  6. Then after being up with the installation process, the users have to set up the app of Gboard as the default app for typing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can the Gboard be downloaded on PC?


The Gboard cannot be directly downloaded on PC, but the users can complete the downloading process by downloading different types of present emulators. These emulators will help in pursuing the app of Gboard on the PC.


2) Is it risky to use Gboard?


No, since it is an app of Google LLC, users can utilize this app without having any queries about its trustworthiness. It is completely equipped with different types of powerful features of security.


3) Are Gboard and Google keyboard the same?


Yes, both the apps are the same since Google has just changed the name of the app.


4) What are the Pros and Cons of Gboard?



  • Speedy typing can be done.
  • Suggestions are offered, along with voice typing.
  • For increasing the speed of typing, the option of gesture is made available.
  • Even cursive writing option is also availed.
  • Words can be translated.


  • Bugs are observed in the voice typing.
  • Words are misspelled a bit.
  • The option off autocorrect doesn’t work perfectly every time.


So this was all regarding different features and the process of downloading the Gboard. We expect that we cleared most of your doubts in this writings. So if you love reading our writings, then do like and share our writings.