Here’s How to Download Hik-Connect for PC, Windows 10/8/7 & Mac【FREE】

Program Run Hik-connect on your PC: Nowadays, security has become paramount. So, folks have started putting in security cameras. The most likely causes for surveillance camera installation are to stop criminals and damage. The fact is, thieves and spoilers are opportunists, tending to target the most vulnerable businesses and households. Realizing that they are monitored, and their actions are being recorded can allow would-be thieves to find easier prey.

Usually, when a crime or vandalism occurs, the offender’s face is recorded, and when turned over to the police, it can lead to arrest. But, to control, you need to be familiar with the recordings of the security cameras, and HikConnect can help you do so.

HikConnect is a monitoring program that works with IP cameras, DVRs, and other devices. It has peer-to-peer cloud support. It is free and can be used with Hikvision cameras. HikConnect also allows you to monitor CCTV and other surveillance equipment remotely. CCTV systems are mainly designed to counter security threats in buildings and have various functions to overcome risks. HikConnect for PC is also used to monitor cameras in surveillance systems.

Characteristics of Hik-connect for PC:

There are many excellent characteristics of Hik Connect for PC. Using this software lets you view your CCTV camera on your PC and have many friendly functions to manage and maintain CCTV settings on your PC, such as custom live view, camera monitoring, PTZ control, Video management, and many more. Some functions of Hik connect for PC are described in detail below:

  •       Live preview of your cameras with customization
  •       Camera group creation and visualization
  •       PTZ control
  •       Remote streaming
  •       User creation
  •       The device is generally online
  •       Obtaining the IP address of IP cameras
  •       You may record on cloud recording
  •       Server recording
  •       Import and export configurations
  •       Dual streaming media and many more.

How can you download HikConnect for PC?

You can access HikConnect on your PC Windows 7,8,10 using one of two approaches.

Method 1: Installing HikConnect on Windows PC through BlueStacks.


  • Step 2: To set up BlueStacks Android Emulator on your PC, double-click the downloaded file.


  • Step 3: You’ll see a window that will walk you through the setup page. Keep following the on-screen directions to finish installing in a matter of minutes. 


  • Step 4: Once it’s been set up, double-click the BlueStacks logo on your desktop to start the emulator.


  • Step 5: Launch Google Play and type ‘HikConnect’ into the search box.


  • Step 6: In the results page that displays, look for HikConnect and choose Install.


  • Step 7: HikConnect will take a few moments to load on your PC (Windows). To use it, select HikConnect on the default BlueStacks screen after it has been successfully 


Method 2: Installing HikConnect on PC Windows through NoxPlayer:

The procedure for installing and configuring Nox App Player is as follows:

  •       Step 1: First, you will need to download NoxPlayer on your PC


  •       Step 2: Double-click the nox_setup_ (version) _full_intl.exe file to run the file. After the file runs successfully, follow the instructions on the screen to continue.


  •       Step 3: So that Nox App Player may be used, finish the initial setup. After that, your PC will display an Android-like interface.


  •       Step 4:There are few distinct pre-installed programs in Nox. In the app, look for Google Play Store and tap it.


  •       Step 5: Because this is your debut time using Nox, you will have to sign in with your Google account. If you already have an account, select it from the drop-down menu. (If you do not already have a Google account, kindly create one by selecting ‘New’ from the drop-down menu.) 


  •       Step 6: Fill up your Google account information (account ID and password). The Google Play services should be turned on.


  •       Step 7: Please wait until you have successfully signed up for Google Play via Nox App Player before continuing.


  •       Step 8:On the following screen, select the next choice. 


  •       Step 9: Please enter your payment information if you want to purchase Nox App Player Premium. If you do not want to be bothered, choose, “No, thank you.”


  •  Step 10: Google Play services have been successfully activated. Hik Connect for PC may now be installed using Nox App Player.

Installing HikConnect using Nox App Player:

Follow these steps to install HIK Connect for PCs manipulated with Windows. This procedure is the same as installing applications on Google Play Android devices. 

  1. Tap on the Google Play search field.
  2. Look for the HikConnect application.
  3. Press the ENTER button on the computer keyboard.
  4. Open the profile of the Google Play Hik Connect application.
  5. Click on the Install button.

Once the Nox program has appropriately been downloaded and installed, activate it from the Nox application. If the application requires especially, it meets the requirements needed to use the application. This is ready to use HikConnect for PC.


You could have a lot of questions if you are new to the HikConnect app. Do not worry, our FAQ section will help you resolve all your questions and provide a better insight into HikConnect to you. Let us begin.

Q.Can I run HikConnect on my Mac OS?

Fortunately, you can run the HikConnect application on your Mac OS, but for that, you will have to install the IVMS-4200 software.

Q.How can I enable the HikConnect service on the Web?

On your computer, open the browser. Enter the device’s IP address and hit Enter on the keyboard. To log in, provide your device’s user name and password. To reach the program access page, go to Settings-Network-Advanced Settings-Platform Access. Ensure checking is turned on.

Q.What can you show me about this app’s security?

HikConnect has never been involved in any safety concerns, so it is outstanding to use. Also, it continuously upgrades itself, so its safety protocols are updated, making it safer to use.



HikConnect for PC is a great Android software that you can run on your PC using a Nox or Bluestacks emulator and use IP cameras to watch your surroundings from afar. I hope this article has given you some insight into this program.