✅Top 8 Google Duo Features You Should Know!🙀

Are you yet unaware of the different features that google duo offers to its users? If yes, then no need to think a lot about it since we are here up with the top 8 google duo features that you should know. 

Google Duo Features

Google duo is the app that users can use for video calling. The video calling process has been made easy by google duo since the internet required is less and the quality is of HD mode.

Google Duo Features

So here are the top 8 Google Duo features that you should know.

1) Sharing the screen of your phone by utilizing google duo-

The screen of your phone can be shared on the app while the call is going on. The people present on the video call can visualize your screen and even the content you want to show them with the help of your screen. 

For sharing the screen, the user has to go on the buttons present at the bottom side when the call is going on and then click on screen sharing. After clicking on that option, the user has to click on the choice of “start now” to start sharing their screen. 

The users must note that while their screen is being shared, the user’s video will get turned off. 

2) Utilizing google Duo with the help of the web browser

One of the best features that the google duo offers is that it can also be utilized directly from the browser, so due to that, the users can utilize that on their PC too. Video and audio calls 

For utilizing that from PC, the user has to go on any web, and over there, they need to sign in using their respective google account, and after being up with this, they can utilize all the features of this app.

3) Making calls by directly using the dialer app

If you want to call anyone from your contact list, there is no need to open the google duo app all the time. For calling, you can directly go in the dialer app of your phone, and from there, you can search the contact you want to call and directly make a duo call from the dialer app of your phone. 

4) Utilizing Picture-in-Picture mode of Duo

Most of the time, the user faces the need to minimize the ongoing video call into a smaller screen for utilizing any other app simultaneously. So this feature can be availed on the android phones having their android version of 8.0 or more than that and even on different iPhones that have their iOS above 14.

So for doing that, the user has to click on the option of home or even they can do it so by performing a gesture of swipe up and in this way the full screen will be converted into a smaller one and then they can use the other apps along with the ongoing video call. 

5) Utilizing the data saving mode

If the users have less network or the amount of data remaining is less, they can switch on to the mode of data saving. The data will be saved by lowering the quality of the ongoing video call, and the resolution of the video call will be reduced up to 720p resolution.

For utilizing this mode, the user has to first go into the settings and then click on the option of call settings and then tap on the way of data saving. 

6) Sending messages to the contacts that are saved

Like the other apps present for video calling, in the same way, the Duo also offers the facility of sending messages, and that too you can even send videos, photos, and other media in the form of the messages. 

For sending the messages from the duo app, the users need to tap on the option of Duo present at the bottom.

7) Utilizing the filters and effects provided

While the live video call is going on, then at that time, the users can utilize the different filters for fun. Even while sending the video messages, the user can use the filters present over there.

For utilizing this feature, the user has to tap on the three dots present at the bottom side of the main screen. And then, the user can select any of the effects present over there.

8) Pinning the contacts that you have saved on the main screen of your phone

By utilizing this feature, the users can pin their favorite people on the main screen of their mobile phone so that making calls to them will be a less time-consuming thing. It is like a shortcut to be added to the main screen of the mobile phone. 

For being up with this feature, the user has to click on the three dots present at the bottom side and then click on the option of pop up. 

FAQS for Google Duo Features:

1) Can more than one call be made at a time by utilizing Google duo?

Yes, more than one call can be made at a time by utilizing Google duo.

2) What is the maximum duration of talk time offered by Google duo?

The user can speak for continuous 25 hours in Google duo.

3)  Are international calls free on Google duo?

Yes, international calls are offered free of cost on Google duo. 

So this was all regarding the top 8 features of Google Duo that one should know. We hope that this writing cleared most of your misconceptions. So if you like going through our writings, then do like and share our writings.