Here’s How to Get ✅Google Duo for PC, Windows 10/7/8 In 2023

Are you the one who prefers video calls most of the time? If yes, then you must start the use of the Google Duo application. Your android phone has got this app by default. But if you want it on your laptop and you cannot do so for some or another reason, then this article on how to download Google Duo for PC Windows is all you need. 

Google Duo for PC

Indeed texting and messaging consume comparatively more time. It also finds out to be a less effective conversation. Hence, video/voice calls are quicker than those methods of communication. Google Duo app is a good tool for such a situation. A relatively poor internet connection also gives you an acceptable quality of a video call. So it is always advantageous to contact your friends, family, and workplace via the Google Duo application.

To let you use this application on your laptop, we are here with a quick guide. So waste no time and read further!

Google Duo for PC

Name: Google Duo v137.0.370976144

Size: 62.95MBS

System Requirement: Windows 7/8/10/XP

Author: Google LLC

Important reminder

Just downloading the application on your PC is not enough. Go through the proper instructions given below. The Google Duo application must be properly downloaded and installed to run on your Windows PC. 

How to download and install Google Duo for PC Windows 10/7/8:

Windows don’t support android apps and games. Nowadays, using an Android emulator sets aside this hindrance, paving a clear path for you. This allows you to view your android applications on your laptop screen. You may be aware of the Android emulator named BlueStacks. This is our tool to download Google Duo for PC Windows.

You are a few steps away from conducting your official and unofficial meetings on your laptop with good quality! The steps are listed below.

  1. Download BlueStacks: First and foremost step is to download our tool, the Android emulator, BlueStacks. The download link for BlueStacks could always be found on the web browser. The Integrated Download Manager (IDM) will gift you some extra minutes by saving them from the installation process.
  1. Install BlueStacks: Once you are done with the download of BlueStacks, the necessary installation can be carried out by double-clicking on it. Selection of the installation location is an available option.
  2. Launch BlueStacks: After the installation, the next step is to launch the emulator. Do it by double-clicking its desktop icon. The task is not yet complete. One more step ahead.
  3. Download Google Duo APK: Hit upon the link attached as a result of this to download Google Duo APK
  1. Install APK in BlueStacks: Once the download of APK is finished, double-click on it to initiate the installation.  Or else the APK file should just be dragged and dropped to the screen of BlueStacks. This will do the download automatically.
  2. Done: It is always good to follow all the instructions properly. But, as now you have done so, you are free to use your Google Duo application on Windows PC!

Features of Google Duo

      It would be great work if you indeed went through these remarkable features of the Google Duo app. It will add to your knowledge and intelligent use of the application in the future.

  • Share your screen: Want to show the other person precisely what you see on your phone at the moment? Take advantage of this feature of Google Duo to share your screen. With its help, the person or the party on the other side will be able to see the contents that are visible to you.
  • Google Duo on a web browser: If you don’t have an app on your laptop, either get it by following our guidelines above or simply type in the search bar of your web browser on the computer. 
  • Make calls from the dialer app: Make a voice/video call on Duo directly from your phone’s dialer app. No need to end up on the Google Duo application every time.
  • Picture-in-Picture mode: This feature of Google Duo allows you to be multi-tasking. It will enable you to minimize the video call screen and make use of any other application at the same time.
  • Filters mode: Enjoy the filters, effects, and portrait mode. You can use portrait mode and effects during a video call. Filters and effects can be used in voice messages. A doodle is also an option during a video call.
  • Pin contacts on the home screen: Google Duo makes it so much easier for you to make calls. You can access your favorite contacts in no time, as you can pin them on your home screen as a shortcut.
  • Low light mode: By turning on this mode, the surrounding lights are automatically adjusted, which brightens up your face. 
  • Send messages: Instead of text messages, you can share voice messages, videos, photos, and notes with your contacts.
  • Data saver mode: If you are facing a problem with the amount of data available to you, switch on the data saving mode of Duo. It will compromise the quality of your video calls in order to save your data.

All the facts and features of this application sum up into an effective and convenient mode of communication with your contacts. The use of this wonderful app should not be restricted to a particular device. That’s why you must go through this article. Extend the use of this application to your Windows by following our steps to download Google Duo for PC Windows. In no time, you will see your favorite faces on a larger screen!

In addition to good quality video calls, Google Duo provides you with various features to help express your emotions with friends and family. It has also got features that are in favor of your mobile data. Your mobile data can be saved to some extent by lessening the quality of your video calls.