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Geeni App for Windows 10/8/7 and Mac

Geeni app for Windows 10/8/7 and Mac: In the world of smartphones and smart TVs, why not get a smart home? Are your electricity bills touching the roof because you simply forget to turn off all switches before leaving the place? Tensed to leave your kids unsupervised at home? Planning on a trip but don’t have anybody to look after your house? We have the answer to all your problems in one single app! 

Geeni App for Windows and Mac

This single app will be your butler, babysitter, and watchman all at once with robotic excellence and trust that is unbreakable. Gone are the days of having to keep track and control your household manually. Bring home your “GEENI’’, because your wish is his command! 

Geeni is a software application designed and developed by Merkury Innovations. It has revolutionized the way of living, by providing effortless service and automation of daily activities. With Geeni, you can toggle all the devices that run in your house with the tap of a button. You can think of it as a simple switch but with premium features and capable of handling complex tasks. 

Have you always wanted to make your home a smart one, but don’t have the means to? Geeni is your one-stop solution to help you build a smart home that is both affordable and easy to control. With remote home control, you can make your home as intelligent as you are! A group of smart devices linked to an app can transform your home and take you to the future providing you with an affordable lavish lifestyle with the ease of access. 

The company has launched two versions of the app depending on the operating system preferred by the users: Windows and Mac.

To start with installing Geeni in your Windows or Mac, first, you need to install an Android emulator. An Android emulator is a software application that allows your mobile to mimic Android OS features into your PC or laptop. It simulates the various Android devices and applications in your PC, for you to develop, test, and satisfy all of your needs. 

Download Geeni App for Windows 10/8/7 and Mac

It works as a proxy, a replacement for an Android mobile. The Android emulator can mimic almost all the characteristics of an android device. It can maintain call logs, access apps, locate, and much more. The most popular Android emulators are BlueStacks, LD Player, MEmu, Ko Player, and Nox Player. You can follow the below steps to access the Geeni app from Windows or Mac on your PC or laptop.

  1. You can choose the best Android emulator for yourself and can download it from its respective website.
  2. After downloading the setup Android emulator setup file, click on it to complete the installation. 
  3. After the installation is done on your PC or laptop, open the Android emulator which you have just downloaded, and click on Play Store to open it on your emulator. 
  4. Search for Geeni, in the search bar and click on install. 

Now you’re good to go! You can now open the Geeni app from the App Drawer or the Home Screen. Go ahead and explore your Geeni!

With an extremely friendly and interactive user-interface and ease of voice command, Geeni offers you an array of amazing features that make your life a lot simpler, easier, aesthetic, and smart.

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This app is extremely simple and easy to use. The gamut of amazing features that it possesses is user-friendly and easy to understand. It provides easy on and off switches for your television, air conditioner, lighting devices, and all the Geeni devices in your house.

The great thing about this app, which makes it affordable for everyone is that it is completely “free of cost”. You just need the Geeni smart home devices and there you go! Download the free Geeni app and make your home smarter. 

You can perform all your simple daily tasks as well as control more complex operations with the Geeni app. You can change the hue of your light bulbs, control your TV and electronic gadgets as well.

The extremely fast connectivity and instant pairing of devices is one thing that adds to the ease of control without having your time wasted. 

Safety is a top concern for your Geeni. You can trigger certain alerts on your video camera or fire alarm for safety reasons. You can monitor your house 24X7 with live HD Streams being fed from your Geeni cameras. You can enable night vision and motion alerts for your security and privacy. You can also install water, flood, and leakage alerts that will send you real-time alerts on your phone via the Geeni app.

You can schedule when your devices turn on and off as per your requirements. In case you want to modify the scheduled timings, you can also do it via the Geeni app on your PC.

You can give others access to the app. You can share your accounts with your family, flatmates, and friends.

Every time you log in from a device, your personal data gets stored in the cloud. All the services are cloud-based and hence there’s no need to worry about your data. This app requires no kind of hub and can be easily connected to your wifi.

It can be linked with Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant to provide better synchronization with life.

Here’s a look at a few of the products that can be linked to the Geeni app:

  • Geeni Balance Smart Composition Wi-Fi Scale – This weighing scale can be connected to a wide variety of fitness apps too where you can track your progress and set goals with metrics such as BMI, weight, Muscle Ratio, and more.
  • Geeni Soothe Smart Wi-Fi Humidifier- It lets you control and set the moisture humidity levels in your home via the Geeni app. The pure mist it produces enhances air quality and soothes your senses. You can control this with Alexa and Google Assistant and also generate refill alerts on the phone. 
  • Geeni Wi-Fi Smart Surge Protector- You can protect your lamps, electronic devices, and other appliances, together or individually with the press of just a button
  • Prisma 1050 75Wlight bulbs – They are capable of changing millions of colours are simple to set up and can be connected by voice, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

These are only, but a few of the many devices and appliances that can be toggled and connected to the Geeni app, making your home a smarter and more intelligent one.

Now that you’ve seen the future and what it looks like, impress your guests with hue-changing fancy bulbs, energy-saving appliances, and smart wifi essential oil diffusers. Make your house smarter and your life easier and more lavish with smart air purifiers, intelligent switches. 

Beef up security at your home and keep an eye on your safety with the help of smart cameras and Wi-Fi sensors. All in all, transcend and build yourself a home for the future by living in the present, all with help of a simple free Geeni app. Just tap and zoom into what lies ahead! 

Create an unforgettable ambiance and smarten up your home sweet home, making it smart and intelligent just like you!