✅How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously? Guide 2023

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously: Hide and seek with Instagram!

Of course, you might be kidding around if you say that you haven’t heard of the name IG or Insta abbreviated for Instagram unless you are

aged above 60  but no offence you won’t be reading this article if you haven’t heard the name of Instagram.

Well, it may be that you don’t have a certain idea of how to use Instagram. Well, frankly speaking, everyone is an amateur in something or other and it’s not that hard to learn to use Instagram.

Instagram is a social networking site after Facebook. Nowadays a child having a mobile have an account on Instagram. People are self-obsessed and post so many photos of them in one day. Just like tangerine is not an aghgfijv.

Jorange, you are not someone else but well human nature is to copy what others are doing!!!

How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously

Before I move ahead to discuss with you

How to watch Instagram stories Anonymously

Let me describe to you the basic characteristics of Insta. I am not bluffing Stay tuned guys!!

Features of Instagram

  • Reestablishing lost connections – Lost contact with your friend/classmate after school? You can find your long lost friends stay connected with them. You can chat, video call and know their whereabouts through their stories.
  • Room service – Naah! it’s not a hotel room service. In this feature, you can video call anyone who doesn’t even have an IG app.
  • Live facility- you can talk to numerous amount of people at one time by going live via Instagram. The people who follow you will get notified.
  • IGTV – you can upload a video you want everyone to watch. You can upload the live on IGTV to save it.
  • Reels – Update possess a new feature in which you can add a 30s video.
  • Home – This icon consists of a news feed where you can see the posts shared by the people you follow.
  • Posts – You can add your photos poems and even do marketing by adding photos blogs and videos and can even promote your work through instagram
  • Stories – You can add posts you like, temporary photos for 24h (which will be archived after that and is visible to only you), on your stories. And besides that, you can watch other stories.


Were you involved in a quarrel with your best friend, colleague or pal? The argument was so heated that it reached the degree of unfollowing each other on insta but not up to the hat extent of blocking? Now you regret it but you have got an ego you won’t follow him/her. But you are curious to know about her/him. So you are saying you want to stalk the person without their acknowledgement.

And you find it a Lil tricky. Don’t worry we have got you covered.

 Download Google Home App for PC

Here are several ways to remain hidden –

  1. Get it done via airplane mode –

Indian people and cunningness go hand in hand. We never fail to teach people the innovative cheap ways to do any work referred to as ‘jugaad‘ in Hindi. We never fail in frugal creation. So here’s a parsimonious way to anonymously, stalk the instagram story of your crush without them knowing you exist.

  • Open the instagram app and let it refresh the feed
  • Search the person you wanna stalk wait for few minutes let the story get loaded
  • Turn ON the airplane mode and then click on the story and then you can view their story
  • Go back and clear the Instagram app from running in the background.
  • You can turn OFF the airplane mode
  • This is helpful with private accounts

You can have it both ways! relax you have got it done easy peasy. Drink your juice while peeping into their lives.


  1. Storiesdown –


You don’t have an instagram account but you are curious about knowing other people lives.

You wanna update yourself with what’s going on in others life but you wanna be a wallflower. So this Storiesdown is meant for you.


  • Respect that you’re a reserved person. It will not tell the person that you are viewing their story
  • It helps view stories without accessing any account.
  • Tired of going to this site, again and again, it will help you save, share and download instagram videos and photos in high quality.

Read your books peacefully without telling others about them. Storiesdown has covered this for you!


  1. Story saver app

It is an app meant for both Android or iOS. It helps you watch multiple account stories. When you are an Android phone user you can download this app but for iOS download story reposter. They both are identical apps and works just the same.

Features –

  • It asks for access to your instagram account but it will not tell the buddy that you are stalking.
  • It permits you to repost share or save their stories without them knowing
  • It is meant for only your active followers and those who have a public account.

Peep a glance while munching your burger. Who got to worry when you are being Incognito.


  1. Web browser extension view

Tired of watching stories of others on your mobile phone? You wanna stay mysterious and watch them on your laptop or computer. Web browser extension has got you covered. It is a Google Chrome extension for viewing stories of your friends on your desktop.

  • Click on Ig stories for instagram
  • Login and watch the story it won’t mention that you have viewed their stories.
  • If you are watching on firefox then download Storieswatcher Which do not asks for logging in to your id
  • If you don’t wanna install the extension no worries download the stories on your computer from its website.

It is as easy as peeling a banana. So take a chill pill,  eat your banana while watching the videos.


  1. Siri shortcuts –

You are having an iPhone or an iPad that uses iOS 13.  When your interest is so high, why go for frugal innovation. Looking for a better app, go to the app store and download the shortcut app.

  • open the app and in the column where you are asked about the insta id enter it or the URL.
  • It will show you the file and ask you whether you want to download it.
  • You can directly click on the share button to save it on your iPhone

why be satisfied with a toffee when you can get chocolate. This will help you continue with your status as you have iOS.


  1. Online instagram stories viewer

It is another website meant for the same to view the story of people you are curious about.

Same as others you can download it and preview their story by being hidden. You can watch their story that was uploaded long ago with the help of instagram stories data.

Only public accounts stories can be accessed.


  1. Create another account on Instagram by concealing your identity. This can be your rescue if you don’t want to be found but carefully because if you are found mischievous you can be blocked. Otherwise, you are free to make numerous id to stalk others!!



Be mysterious in the eye of everyone even it is on Instagram. We understand this thing that curiosity is a human instinct. When chrome provided the facility to stay incognito with the sites you use. So here are some tricks you can use to stay incognito while glancing at the stories of others. Let us know in the comment section which of the above ways you found reliable. Let us know if you have any query we will answer them.  Signing off for now!!