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Rainmeter Theme Download
Rainmeter Theme Download For Windows

Are you tired of seeing the same desktop every time you boot up? Do you want to have some fun with your load up screen and make it even cooler? There is a genie who grants all these wishes, and you don’t need a magic lamp to summon it. That genie goes by the name Rainmeter. It is open-source software that helps you customize your desktop, with many useful widgets, like clocks, and handy tabs that’ll work as you desire. Rainmeter Skins has a GNU GPL v2 license which means you are allowed to share and change it. Pretty cool right?

The only labour you need to put in is to find the right skins and everything else will be taken care of.

Rainmeter Skins Overview

So, what is a Rainmeter skin?

A skin in Rainmeter is a customized desktop theme designed by the user itself. Simply put, all the widgets you add (clocks, weather info, audio players, a slideshow display section, etc.) will be called a skin together. It appears over the default desktop given by windows and is dynamic and movable.

The best thing about Rainmeter is that it allows you to use third-party skins from anywhere on the web, which means, you have the freedom and complete authority to customize every bit of your home screen’s appearance for free!

Now, we’ve taken the liberty to collect some of the handiest widgets you can add on a Rainmeter skin, and they’re all assembled as a list below:-

  • Clocks
  • Weather details
  • Music players
  • Camera shortcut
  • Visualizers
  • Calculators
  • Calendars
  • Website shortcuts
  • Sticky notes
  • Internet speed indicators
  • Storage options
  • Application shortcuts and many more.

The next thing you might be thinking about is how to add more skins in Rainmeter, or how to download and load more Rainmeter skins. Don’t worry, we got you. The next section is all about that, so keep on reading.

How to download Rainmeter Skins?

Downloading skins is the easiest and the best part. Make your mind about what you want and how you want it, and you can probably find the exact thing on the web. Reddit and the other user-oriented websites can expose you to a lot of different themes and icons that can add a sober, vintage yet cool vibe to your desktop.

You just need to type Rainmeter skins in your browser and a couple of sites will come up. There you’ll need to select the ones you like the most and download them. Make sure the skin has a .rmskin extension and then install it. After installing it, Open Rainmeter and voilà, you’ll see the name in your active skins list. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the skin name and every widget that comes with the downloaded package will show up.

Rainmeter skins by default will be installed in the C drive, in the documents folder. C:\User\UserName\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins


Just adding the skin in Rainmeter will not make the widgets appear on your desktop. For that, you’ll need to load every widget by following the steps ahead:-

  1. ‌Click the drop-down arrow next to the skin name and double click the widget you want to see on your desktop.
  2. ‌A .ini file will show up under the widget as a nested list item, click on that.
  3. ‌On the right side, you’ll see a lot of options. Find the load button and click on it.
  4. ‌That’s it, you will see the widget working on your desktop.
  5. To unload the skin, follow the process. Find the unload button and the widget will be removed.

Creating your own skins

Some tech geeks design their own rain meter skins and you can do that too. For designing your own skins, you just need a normal text editor like Notepad or Sublime text. Other than that you need good image editing software. To add your own skin to the Rainmeter app, just simply follow the steps ahead:

  1. Look for the folder with a plus sign on it, which will be on the right side of the active skin tab.
  2. Click on that and you will see a couple of options with add folder being one of them.
  3. From there you can add your own made or a skin you got from a friend or even the web.
  4. Just load the skin and have fun.

The complete can be checked out on the link provided below



1.What are some of the best websites to download skins from?

Ans: Following links can be used to download the skins for Rainmeter for free. These links are verified and free from any kind of malware and uninvited guests for your system:

2.Can Rainmeter drain my battery faster and affect the system’s performance?

Ans: As long as you are not using visualizers, Rainmeter does not suck up a lot of battery. And using simple icons and complex widgets will not affect your system’s performance either. Rainmeter does not even take a lot of space as it is an open-source and small setup.

Uninstalling Rainmeter

– Uninstalling the Rainmeter application is as simple as downloading it. Just go to your control panel and then to the programs section and uninstall software. Locate Rainmeter and uninstall it. You can store the files in a different folder than the one your application was installed in to save your work and creations.

Wrapping Up…

Rainmeter is the answer to all your queries regarding making your desktop look cool and everything. But it covers a more important issue when it comes to the window’s default theme where you need to make a couple of clicks for doing something very simple. Rainmeter is the best shortcut creator as we see it. Whether it’s playing your favourite Spotify playlist or displaying the special memories that you are very fond of, Rainmeter got you covered. It Is highly customizable and that makes it very user-friendly, rest things we have covered above in our way.

Feel free to share your experience with us. Your suggestions are welcome in the Fantasy Ninjas comment section.

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