✅21 Best Email Apps for iPhone📱 and iPad🍎

Best Email Apps for iPhone and iPad: With the world’s quick-shifting and expanding, an online shift has evolved, and an email is now an essential tool in our daily routine for both private and professional connections. The never-ending threads may rapidly become a crowded brain whacking mess, and your inbox can quickly become a cluttered disaster. 

Unhappy with your iOS’s less than ideal email app? So, here is a list of some of the most incredible email applications (both free and paid) for your iPhone and iPad. Check out all 21 of the best email applications for iPhones and iPads to keep up with the times.

Best Email Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Email Apps for iPhone and iPad

  1. Air Mail
  2. Spike
  3. Outlook
  4. Yahoo mail
  5. Twobird
  6. Edison Mail
  7. Blue Mail
  8. Spark
  9. Apple Mail
  10. Gmail
  11. Hop
  12. Mail pilot
  13. Dispatch
  14. Molto
  15. Mail Deck
  16. Alta Mail
  17. Inboxcube
  18. Lightmail
  19. Proton mail
  20. Polymail
  21. Triage


Air Mail

Airmail consolidates all of your personal emails under a broad platform, allowing them easier to handle in a streamlined layout. You may indeed add emails to your schedule as appointments or task lists, postpone emails until late, encrypt emails with Fingerprint Sensor, undo sends, ban mails, and perform a variety of other things. 

It features an outstanding feature set and a straightforward user interface.



Spike is different from Gmail as it shows the emails as text messages, more of a WhatsApp-like experience. Spike features a group chat option that leverages your email and consolidates all chats and files into a single group, in addition to the texting-like interface. 

The inbox prioritizes important messages and puts low-priority ones to the side.



Microsoft’s Outlook program is a unique application software on its own. You may also add non-Microsoft email accounts, such as Yahoo and iCloud. You may also use Outlook to access the calendar. The software’s main feature is the inbox, which prioritizes all emails deemed relevant, such as those sent from people with whom you have the most contact. 

If this function, as well as the app’s “organize by thread” option, becomes too bothersome, you may disable it. Cloud storage accounts can be established to distribute and preserve data.


Yahoo mail

Yahoo Mail is an internet email tool that provides features such as quick search, picture and recordkeeping, folder customization, and many more. You also have a variety of unique swiping choices from which to customize your email. 

If you get a lot of emails with large attachments, the Yahoo Mail app is a decent option to look at.



The program functions similarly to any other email service, but it also includes useful note-taking features. You may start by creating notes, but you can also create checklists, add comments to previous notes, and connect contacts to notes. 

Following that, you may share your notes via email or by providing a link to the note, which can subsequently be made public. Use the built-in calendar as well since it makes it extremely easy to communicate and plan with your connections.


Edison Mail

Edison Mail’s Spam Blocker feature seeks to reduce the overbearing email “clutter.” It just stops emails from unknown senders and is different from spam functions. Other handy functions are customized notifications for specific senders, fingerprint and face unlock, delivery tracking alerts, and an authenticate sender module that warns you of a possible phishing email.


Blue Mail

Blue mail is an email application that can handle an infinite number of email accounts. It enables both smart push alerts and group email. It may be used to mark messages for later processing and establish reminders. It is possible to use it to access calendars and plan events. 

There are several themes to pick from. It also keeps track of unread emails and allows you to delete starred emails from your inbox. It protects data by encrypting it.



Spark uses a clever unified inbox, consolidating all emails from all linked accounts and reorganizing them into numerous categories. It also has quick responses, scheduled emails, smart alarms, configurable swipes, cloud service integration, a smart search, and many more features. 

Its subscription features include 10GB of storage per team member, an infinite number of email templates, and unlimited collaborations. 


Apple Mail

Email program pre-installed on the iPhone and iPad. Simple to use with full iCloud support. It is highly secure and safe. It is fully compatible with Apple’s iCloud storage and allows you to transfer files up to 5 GB in size quickly. 

Another advantage is the simple search feature, which will enable users to access multiple IMAP, Exchange, and iCloud accounts all in one place, allowing you to find emails even if your inbox is full.



It is part of Google’s range of services. Access your Gmail account from your iPhones and iPads, as well as other accounts such as iCloud, Yahoo, and others. You, too, can modify linked data directly in Google Docs, distribute files through Google Drive, and handle timetable appointments through the Gmail app. 

Google Meet is also integrated inside the app, allowing you to video conference without having to download a separate app. Threaded email, Siri shortcut integration, and more features are also available. 



Hop is a revolutionary change in email. It essentially converts emails into an actual chat session with people you know. It turns email exchanges into chat dialogues and includes features like real-time messaging, file sharing, voice recording, video conferencing, alarms, etc.


Mail pilot

Mail Pilot is an email service that allows you to see your inbox as a checklist, with messages that may be marked as complete, assigned a due date, or arranged intuitively to match your workflow. 



Responding to emails on the go is made simple using Dispatch. It lets you discard emails by sliding, respond fast with extracts, and process emails with other apps.

Dispatch is an activity-based email that allows users to save links to Pocket, archive messages to Evernote, and set reminders. Many other helping apps are also supported.



Utilize an utterly new inbox that allows you to see more of your emails at a glimpse. Experience new, user-friendly email features that make it easier to explore your mailbox. It is software that works with most major email services, such as Yahoo and Outlook.


Mail Deck

MailDeck saves you time by going through your emails and picking the most critical ones from the lengthy list. You may also personalize how you view emails from different online accounts and retrieve documents from any account.


Alta Mail

You can control your inbox with AltaMail by establishing rules. You may set up an auto-reply, auto-delete, auto-filing, auto-archive, and other functions. Other features also include the ability to build mailshots and templates, synchronize email accounts and settings across several devices, and many more.



Inboxcube organizes all of your emails, documents, pages, and websites into a pictorial stream. It has themes that can be customized, swipe email conversations, a rapid bar, real-time notifications, social media connection, and offline email access, among other features.



LightMail has features such as support for numerous email accounts, automated account configuration, push alerts, a quick-viewable chat thread, and many more. It also allows you to manage attachments and view emails in portrait or landscape mode.



ProtonMail is an encrypted email service. This iPhone email app offers an easy-to-use, secure email service with end-to-end encryption. Best privacy support app.



Polymail is an email application that offers detailed information about how and when your emails are viewed. It provides you to design and share your personalized email templates. It also connects to other chat platforms such as Slack and Salesforce. 

It can also set email follow-up reminders. I can also schedule emails for a later time and many more.



Triage is not a complete Mail replacement since it does not strive to provide all the features that most would expect from an email. Instead, it’s a productivity tool that allows people to remain updated on email. When you have a few minutes to spare, open Triage and rapidly read all new emails, which are presented as a stack of cards that you can swipe through. 

A fresh take on email handling. It is compatible with the vast majority of internet message protocol-enabled email systems. 



Emails are an integral part of one’s life, so substitutes for email apps in iPhones and iPad are a basic necessity. With the online shift, new apps are getting handier and more futuristic than old or other ones. I hope this helps you out with what you were looking for. Also, save more time with many features.