Best Quilting Design Apps 2023

Quilting is FUN, try it!

Isn’t it funny how you can create various designs, shapes, images and so many other creative things with just fabric? If you answered with a “YES”, which is a high-chance cause’ dude, come on, you are reading this article because you are influenced by the creativeness of quilting or you are into quilting and want to learn more in-depth! 

We got you covered, Do not worry! All you have to do is a scroll on your phone and absorb all the information into your brain cells and try out! That should not be hard, right?

To those who are new to quilting, quilting is a form of art where you create some excellent designs, patterns using at least three layers of fabric and some other tools, and turn them into wonderful piece.

Nowadays, it can be considered as a trend but a good quilter can turn a boring piece of cloth into something more exciting.

Let’s start, shall we?

Best Quilting Design Apps

Quilting Design Apps

  1. Quilt and Patchwork Design Application

Quilt and Patchwork Design App developed by pictdroid is a free application that gives you value by showing you high-quality patchworks and from where you can learn. It makes sure that patchwork is art that could increase your creativeness and can create value.

It is solely based on this and will tutor you through the process. You can create outstanding works from it, so try it. And now, let’s read the features of this app.

              Features: –

  • You can effectively use the rags that are in this app
  • You create both basic and high-profile stuff using the same method what matters is your skills to do it
  • You can get to know the basics and some expensive stuff using the same method

Give this app a try! Cause’ this is where your skills will improve. Remember that without skills nothing can be achieved.

Rating: – 1.9 stars out of 5
App Link

  1. DIY patchwork making sewing stitch patterns application

DIY patchwork making sewing stitch patterns developed by Prangel Technology is a perfect app for those quilters who want to learn from home.

Through step-by-step tutorial on how to turn your most nomadic-looking object in your house into many other kinds of stuff, and you will learn it all.

Give it a shot! Hmm… Let’s dive into the features of this app!

Features: –

  • There are uncountable designs that are provided in this app and you will get to learn a lot. 
  • All the graphics provided in this app would give you an excellent taste of what you want to create. 

If you are a homemaker, check this out! May you be a beginner or a pro, skills can always be improved.

Rating: – 3.4 stars out of 5
 App Link

  1. Patchwork and quilt ideas application

Patchwork and Quilt ideas app developed by Bonibon is where you learn by acknowledging all the steps that are needed to make the outcome. It also allows you to learn in the offline mode where you can get the pictures in your gallery and learn from them. 

You can share your works and they update this app with new designs weekly

              Features: –

  • You can get quilt patterns for beginners, and some good quilt patterns, in general.
  • You get to see some GOOD quilt magazines
  • You can get free recommendations, quilt ideas, and so on

Give it a shot!

Rating: – 3.8 stars out of 5
App Link

  1. Patchwork DIY application

Patchwork DIY app by FreeAppsLaborator will help you to create some exciting designs. It allows you to create your original creation by referring to hundreds of pre-loaded creations.

They help you teach you the basics like bags, cushions, and more!

It gives you the perspective of not throwing that extra fabric and use it to create something beautiful!

              Features: –

  • In this app, you will get to acknowledge some videos of bags, cushions, bedspreads, and gifts for your near ones (it can be anyone) and there are a lot more that will not get burned out for not having ideas.
  • It helps you to recycle the stuff which you thought of throwing

If you could save some stuff then why not try it, huh? 

Rating: – 4.1 stars out of 5
App Link

  1. How to Quilt (Guide) Application

How to Guilt (Guide) App by Expert Home Studio is an app if you want to learn to quilt in-depth. The app will take you through all the initial stages from selecting the right fabric to being a quilting expert. The journey of you being a beginner to pro should be very interesting, won’t it?

              Features: –

  • It will make sure that your first try at quilting would be less horrible. And I tell you, if you look at those designs after some serious learning of quilting after months, you will just feel bad for yourself and think, “What was I doing?”
  • Even though you would think of it like that after months, what matters is to start. The projects will be broken into pieces to make you easier to understand and do accordingly.
  • After completing a few of the basic projects, you will think of quilting as a less complicated form of art.

Everything becomes easier with practice. And same goes for quilting, so why sit idle? Check it out!

Rating: – 4.5 stars out of 5

  1. Quiltspace

Quiltspace developed by Konnect Industries is a distinctive app. Here you can get a community that has the same interests as you. You get to learn from workshops and other people. You can build a good connection with tons of people with the same interest. That would be cool, right?

              Features: –

  • You can create a safe community with people who are alike from all around the globe. Talking with people helps each of them as one can have the knowledge which the other individual might not, and vice versa.
  • It keeps you updated related to workshops, which is a great help for you to learn!

Learn and grow more with all the people with the same interests!

Rating: – 4.8 stars out of 5
App Link

  1. Quilt Cat Application

Quilt Cat developed by Quiltmatic is not like any other quilting apps. Here, you just need to draw the design and the application itself will do the math or the calculations for you. You do not have to waste a tear for that!

              Features: –

  • There are many in-built materials for you to try out!
  • You can customize your blocks and save them in specific genre or categories

Rating: – 4.0 stars out of 5
App Link

  1. Quilting Tutorials by MSQC Application

Quilting Tutorials developed by Missouri Star Quilt Company teach you about quilting from Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company easily that is loved by many people. If you are a beginner or a pro you can always check this app out because it is fun to use and there is always room for improvement!

              Features: –

  • The tutorials are updated frequently, and guess what, It is completely free!
  • You can get some cut out fabric at a cheap price
  • You can check out and get the best deal to ever exists. There are many discounts, so check it out!

All you have to do is download and welcome to the world with over-flown creativity. 

Rating: – 4.9 stars out of 5
App Link

  • Quilting Calculators Application

If you are bad at maths like me, you should probably check this out. Quilting Calculators developed by Handmade Interactive is designed for quilters like us. So, it does the math for you.

It is designed by expert quilters that give you value by choosing the right tools to have and the right amount of fabric which you would need in various kinds of techniques like Corner Triangles, Battling, Square-in-a-square, borders, backing, and also set-in. 

              Features: –

  • Helps you with the calculations that are mentioned above techniques
  • It uses the metric measurement

Can you imagine not doing that math to get the right amount of fabric, and then you see that you either got less or more? Why not give a bit of relaxation to our brain cells and download it to experience yourself? 

Rating: – 4.6 stars out of 5
App Link

Which one you are going to choose?

If you are having difficulty picking anyone from the above, I would advise you to try all of them and then analyse that which was the app you were comfortable working with? Comment and let us know if you choose any of them and why. Let’s us know incase of any querry that you’ve in your head. 

But for serious reasons, have a quilting calculator, please! 

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