Best Garage Sale Finder Apps 2022

Best Garage Sale Finder Apps: Every other person has got something they want to buy and get their hands on at a reasonable price and where to better find these than a garage sale! You might end up getting something great at a real bargain, and as the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! So instead of going out and finding the perfect garage sale for yourself, you might give that job to your smartphone. 

 Now you don’t have to go around town and look for signs of a garage sale. Just use your smartphone to find the perfect one for you. With a garage sale finder app, you can get to choose from so many different sales that you wouldn’t find using conventional ways! Here we will talk about top ten garage sale finder apps that will do your job with ease, so let’s dive into it!


Yard Sale Treasure Map

    It is by far one of the best garage sale finder apps out there! Also, it is the only app that has been licensed by Craigslist, so you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of it. One of the best features of the app is the fact that there are a number of ways you can find and look for garage sales!

    You can use certain keywords or look for specific areas in a mad to find the garage sale that suits your needs. Also, the locations provided by the app are trustworthy, and the response given by the users has also been positive. The experience shared by the users makes it pretty evident that this app is a must when you are looking for yard sales.


Garage Sale Wizards

    This app has something that some people might be looking out for, and it securely has something different to offer than the rest. Garage Sale Wizards not only includes yard sales, but it also provides you with moving sales, estate sales, auctions, and much more. The contributors put their ads on the app where you can find them, and then you are good to go!

 The app is free and provides you with a variety of options which you can choose and also has different kinds of sales so you can opt for any one of them which ponders you the most. The general review has also been tremendous, and users tend to enjoy this app a lot because of its multi-functionality. 


Yard Sale Watch

    One of the coolest and most exciting features of this app is the fact that you can link your social media profiles with it. This lets you have a lot of usability out of the app. The app makes you aware of any yard sale that has been posted about on Facebook or Twitter, and thus you get to have a broader domain to interact with.

 Even though this is a newer app in comparison to the others on the list, the response it has got from the users has been positive, and the updates have also been significant in fixing and kinds of issues. It is one of those apps that you should look for if you want something that is easy and has much more usability! 


Garage Sale Rover

    Another great app to get your hands on! The app tells you about the exact location of the garage sale on the map and not only that it provides you even with a feature to choose about the specific item you are looking for. If you are looking for clothes or some electronic elements, then this app tells you in which particular garage sale you can find them.  

 The app makes use of GPS, so you don’t have to worry about finding the way to the chosen garage sale. The app is also free of cost and has a very simple user interface that can be used by anyone. The reviews of the users have also been positive, and this is one of those apps that you can try!


Garage Sales Tracker

    If you are looking to host a garage sale for yourself and this is the perfect app you can choose. This app not only hosts garage sales for you but also does the work of finding the ideal sales from where you can buy stuff. Also, the app has a great feature where it notifies the user about any sale well in advance so you can be sure of where you have to go.

 The app also provides you with a list of flea markets, yard sales, and even consignment shops. It has also been reviewed very positively on the Play Store, and the users are quite happy with the service it provides!


Scrounge Around

    One of the prime features of this app is the fact that it gets daily updates and so you will always be provided with a fresh list of garage sales whenever you want them. It also has one of the largest networks of users; thus, you get to have more options as well. The app links your social media profiles so that you can have a better domain to look out for.

 The app has a vast user base, and thus it has been reviewed positively across all platforms and is something people tend to like a lot! 


Mercari: The Selling App

    If you either want to sell or buy any stuff, then this is the app that you should have your eyes on. Mercari has had more than ten million downloads, and people seem to love it. The app has been very positively rated, and the sheer number of downloads tells you that very well.


Private Garage Sale

    Private Garage Sale gives you the option to list your items on sale without having to host a garage sale at your home. Just like eBay, you list the items for sale on the app and the corresponding buyer can only look for them and pay you. Also, the app doesn’t charge you anything for this, so you get to have the full profit.

 You can use this as a companion app for other garage sale apps as well. The reviews of this particular have also been decent, and people are very fond of it. The profit you get to have with it is the sole reason people like this app so much! 


College Garage Sale

    The initiative of this app is probably the best among all of the ones listed here. With this app, whatever the buyer pays for a particular item, a part of it goes to a school chosen by the seller. Also, the items sold in such garage sales have a meager price, and people love to buy from these as it supports a good cause.

    Because of what the app works for, people love to use it. The reviews have been tremendously positive, and it is by far one of the best apps for such a purpose out there!


Garage Sales by Map

    The database of different locations that you get to have with this app is just crazy! It has around sixty thousand different yard sales options for you at any given time, which gets updated weekly. The app also has the keyword feature if you are looking for something specific. It also has sales listed on Craigslist as well, so you get to have the best. 

 Garage Sales by Map lets you access the entire country, so you try other locations as well if you want the ideal garage sale. You can use the app while you are traveling to a new place, and this lets you have a lot of usabilities. Also, the reviews have been great, and the users love it, so it’s a must-try for everyone out there! 



    These are practically the best garage sale finder appsthat you would find anywhere in the country! They provide you with the correct details, and you get to have the sale of your choice without having to try a lot!