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Watching movies and cartoons online is an expensive affair. You have to pay for the premium subscription or have to watch them for free on YouTube. But to watch cartoons online, that too the latest episodes, you will have to pay for the premium subscription of services. Well, there are a few watch cartoons online sites that you can access for free. They provide a plethora of cartoons and anime to watch for free. KissCartoon is one such amazing free cartoon streaming website. You can watch a lot of cartoons and anime on this site.

If you are willing to learn more about the KissCartoon, then you are in the right place. In this post, you’ll learn about the KissCartoon anime online cartoon streaming site. Also, you’ll get to know about the KissCartoon alternatives, to watch cartoons online for free of cost with alternatives to kisscartoon. Here, we are going to share sites like KissCartoon. So, you can visit the alternatives to kisscartoon to get access to free cartoons to watch online.

What is KissCartoons?

KissCartoons is the watch cartoon’s online website. You can find almost all kinds of cartoons on KissCartoons. With the huge database of over 5,000 cartoons on the website, we can watch any of the cartoon series, movies, or animes on this site. Well, there are actually more than 5,000 cartoons and anime series produced worldwide, but KissCartoons has only 5,000 of them. That’s why you should immediately look for the KissCartoons alternative to get access to remaining cartoons. If you think KissCartoons is not a legit website, then you are wrong. the site hosts only the cartoons that are legally licensed to KissCartoons. There is no piracy involved, so you don’t have to worry about any legal implications. In short, KissCartoons is another Kissanime alternative and a legal cartoon streaming website.

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Best KissCartoons Alternatives | Sites like KissCartoon

kisscartoon alternatives

There are numerous sites like KissCartoons. You won’t have to worry about watching cartoons online, as the KissCartoons alternative services will help you watch anything online. Here is the list of a few best KissCartoons Alternative sites that you should miss checking out.

#1 – KissAnime

kissanime alternative kisscartoon

KissAnime is one os the most popular anime streaming site on the internet. With the huge catalogue of more than a few thousand cartoons and anime series, you will never get bored. From the classic cartoons to the latest animes, you’ll find everything on the KissAnime website.

There are thousands of movies and TV series for cartoon lovers. Those who don’t understand the language will have access to the dubbed or subbed version. This means you can watch foreign cartoons in your language or also use the subtitles to understand the dialogues. KissAnime is a legal website that is being trusted by millions of cartoon lovers. KissAnime is the first one in the list of Best KissCartoons Alternative 2022.

#2 – Crunchyroll

We are talking about legal cartoon streaming sites on the internet. Amongst the tons of watch cartoons online sites, CrunchyRoll is the biggest one. It is one of the best cartoon streaming sites like KissCartoons. With more than a few thousand animes, cartoons, and films, CrunchyRoll are considered as the biggest database of the cartoons. It was the best cartoon streaming site in 2019. When it comes to the streaming quality, you’ll find Crunchyroll superior to the others. Crunchyroll offers free cartoons streaming online and also paid subscriptions for the latest cartoons and anime series. You can choose any option you want to watch cartoons online.

#3 – Cartoon Network Official

Ohh! Who Doesn’t remember Cartoon Network? It’s a TV channel that is in our memory, and millions of people still watch cartoons on the channel. Well, the online platform of Cartoon Network is pretty strong and content-rich. You can watch almost all of the old cartoon series that aired on the Cartoon Network channel. Be it the Tom and Jerry, Dexter’s Laboratory, Ben 10, or others. Also, the site hosts the country-specific content for people from different regions. Want to watch the latest episodes, the site offers the same of all of the visitors. Also, you can play fun and interactive games on the site, which is based on the famous cartoon characters. It’s a fully legal cartoon streaming website that requires no subscription for watching the content.

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#4 – 9Anime

9Anime is another fantastic website to watch cartoons online. We consider it as the strongest KissCartoons Alternative. If you are willing to visit the new and modern-day websites, then 9Anime is the best one for you. The site has the database of thousands of anime, cartoons, series, and movies to watch for free. 9Anime works just like KissCartoons. They offer free content to the users and show the ads in between. It’s similar to watching the TV while at home. 9Anime is a fully legal anime streaming website in 2022 that you should not ignore. The best thing about this site is that it provides recommendations based on watching history. According to the users, the recommendation algorithm is so accurate that the visitors enjoy watching multiple cartoons, one after another.

#5 – Disney Plus

Disney is the king in the production of cartoons. Walt Disney is considered as the pioneer in the cartoon industry. Disney productions have produced more than a few thousand cartoon series and movies alone. They have a huge plethora of TV series for cartoon lovers. The Disney Plus platform is made for the hardcore Disney fans. So, if you are a Disney Fan, then getting a Disney Plus subscription will be the best KissCartoons Alternative in 2022. Well, the service is paid, but you get access to more than a few hundred thousand movies, TV series, and cartoons. Not just the cartoons, but Disney Plus is a full-fledge streaming service, especially hosting the Disney Produced content.

Final Words

KissCartoons is a great Online cartoon streaming website. But there are more than a few great sites like KissCartoon that you should not ignore at all. We’ve tried to list the best legal cartoons streaming websites on this list. These sites are alternatives to kisscartoon, and you will find them very useful. Some of them are free, and some of them offer paid subscriptions to access the latest content. But overall, all of the sites will help you to watch cartoons online. If you know a few more alternatives to kisscartoon, feel free to inform us about the same in the comment section below.


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