Best YouTube Apps for Windows 10 – Updated 2022

Did you open YouTube, today?

YouTube is a video-sharing app that is brought into existence in the year 2005. It allows free video-sharing among people. We can also upload a video on YouTube today. After our account is activated, we can enjoy various types of content like entertainment, documentary, so on and so forth.

 Okay, enough with the definition, we all know that we binge watch some of the playlists and spend time to entertain ourselves. Starting from listening to podcasts to watching YouTube movies and comedy. YouTube is a marketing platform that gets profit from the videos that are being uploaded and it also markets those videos.

Just take a quick note that none of the following apps are created by Google for YouTube. Are you feeling that you lived under a rock for a while? Then throw that rock cause’ that confusion of yours will vanish in few minutes. So, here are the best YouTube apps for Windows 10.

Best YouTube Apps for Windows 10

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Best YouTube Apps for Windows 10

  • Perfect Tube

 You know that some terms are self-explanatory! This would be the best example to be given. Perfect Tube is PERFECT for a YouTube app for Windows 10. It got new features and the creators are always one step ahead to improve the quality.

Fascinating design! The layout is simple and easy to use. In short, the layout is user-friendly. This makes this a ‘must-have’ as a YouTube app for Windows 10.


If you think that it only works on Windows 10, then you are on the wrong track, buddy. You would be excited to hear but this app also supports Windows Hub, HoloLens, and Windows Phone.


It is also designed for Windows 10 touch screen users. As told previously that this app would be user-friendly, so the interface allows you an easier look at the trending topics and popular videos.


It will support the miniplay so it is easier for you not to miss the watch time. Usually, the mini player will play the video and you will watch at that time or the current video.


Please take a quick little note that this app is free and all types of users would be able to download it. Due to this reason, features like the paywall cannot be used, for that you would likely have to buy it.


Speaking of the layout, if you open the app, first you will see some popular videos followed by videos of the content creators you have subscribed to, your profile would be shown on the right-hand corner of the page where you can log in or log out


There would be a feature named the ‘hamburger’ which would help you find the perfect video based on your genre.


  • myTube

Our tube, your tube, everyone’s tube- myTube (Not… really good at pick-up lines). This is another app that would fit as a good YouTube app for Windows 10.

Mainly that the YouTube video which you would get in this app would be new and not out-dated. It also has the picture in picture mode activated so you can finish your assignments or any tasks which are left out while listening or seeing the YouTube videos from your favourite creator.


Unlike the official YouTube interface, you won’t get much distracted from this interface. You would get a good user-friendly vibe through its carefully designed interface.If you want to watch a specific film or movie or anime or anything in general with any of your friends or family it has a feature named ‘room’ where you and your close ones can spend your quality time. You just need to create a room and send the password to those whom you want to watch with.


However, you need to purchase it ($0.99). But it’s worth giving a try with all these sick features so go ahead and give it a try. Anyways, if you are lucky you can get it for free, it depends from time-to-time.


  • Tubecast

Again, this is one of the best YouTube apps for Windows 10. If you are looking for any apps that would help you to cast YouTube videos on any other devices, then you would be amazed to hear that this would fit you the best. It is a good fit for various types of apps where you can cast, starting from Smart TV, AirPlay, Internet box, DLNA, Chromecast, Google Tv, Amazon Fire TV including Xbox One & 360 and PS4 cause’ why not!

We can download it to our local disk and easily watch a 360p video. It also supports 4K videos and would play the audio even if the device is been locked.

You can go and download it if you are looking for a perfect fit to cast YouTube. However, it is not free, and have to purchase it for $2.99, but you will get a 7-day free trial so make the most of it.


  • iTubeGo

If you download a lot of YouTube videos and get tired of the number of times you just need to download the video ‘one at a time’ Then would you be happy if I tell you that iTubeGo downloads the videos you want in a batch and also supports 4K? This is great for YouTube apps for Windows 10 if you download a lot many videos. Bonus tip is that it works with our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc, and supports 10000+ websites.

  • Awesome Tube  

It is again one of the best YouTube apps for Windows 10, for its uniqueness. It is a free app so anyone can download it. The options which we need would be logically and nicely arranged.

The creators put in lots of effort to make this and they are constantly updating it.Some of the big features include picture-in-picture mode, download to our local disk. There are separate pages for your subscriptions feed, trending YouTube videos, and also your library. You can also pin a video which makes it even more interesting and while doing that you can browse the app. It also enables you to support live streams and chats.It also includes a background player.

The app also supports the 21:9 ratio which is very handy as there are longer displays of monitors, phones, and tablets.It contains a lot many ads as it is free, if you purchase it then the ads will be removed. The payment is $14.99, it is a one-time payment and all those ads will be removed for good.


  • Pro Tube

This would be one of the most lightweight Windows 10, which contains a countless number of user-friendly features.It has a minimalist interface which makes it more user-friendly, and bonus tip to it is that it would not show any distracting options.

This app would give you a lot of information about the videos, and it has separate local history, subscribers, and views.This would give you the utmost pleasure to download it without any second thoughts as it is free. 


  • 4K Video Player

This is again a self-explanatory word. It makes sure that all the YouTube videos you watch are of high resolutions meaning that all the videos must be 4K. Watching a video in its highest resolution is fascinating. And 4K is a pretty nice resolution to have. To tell you more, you would not get disturbed by any sort of advertisement while watching your content from your favourite content creators. You can also play a video in your background as it also has the background playback feature.

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How YouTube changed the world ?

YouTube is a vast video-sharing platform where you share anything you want. Make sure that your YouTube videos must not be too long nor too short. 

Make the videos with a good ratio that both the children and the adults can understand. It is a platform where videos of different genres are shared and everyone from different parts of the world acknowledges the knowledge given by it. 

And sometimes you just need to relax a bit and for that also YouTube got you covered with the number of entertainment videos it has.

So? What are your final thoughts?

 Well, you can go with myTube as it is spread across the globe or Tubecast if you heavily focus on casting. But if you want to experience a ‘YouTube app for Windows 10’ then sure go ahead with any of the free ones.

Here is everything we covered and choose your YouTube app for Windows 10 as per your wish.