✅5 Best Free Android Spy🕵️🕵️‍♀️ Apps for Cheating Spouse😍

Spying, huh? Modern times, isn’t it? We are always on the look out whether our significant other is truly being honest and loyal to us. This confusion begins with misunderstandings that can easily be talked out.However, as many are shy and do not dare to just speak it out or for any of your reasons, then comes the birth of free android spy apps for a cheating spouse.

Android Spy Apps

 Do note that these are the apps that would make your viewpoint stronger but do get a little bit of those guts and speak it out later.

Best Free Android Spy Apps

Please strike the drums for the first APP!

  • Spyera 


Well, let’s go off easy, if you think that your significant other is cheating on you then you can understand using this app as it uses GPS to find his/her location. This app would make you aware that your significant other is not aware of your spying. 


If you find that he/she is not cheating, you can confirm using this too and pardon yourself for your misjudgement.


             Features: –

  • You can listen to live calls and record them
  • You can spy on the IM chats
  • You can be aware of his/her surrounding (or ambient) and also record them
  • You can track their current locations, check through emails, and know their password. And also, you can get a good hold over the VoIP apps (it means voice over IP, which is used to describe calls through the internet).
  • You can also get a good hold of the app activities and even his/her camera activities

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  • Mobistealth 


It is genuinely one of the best apps for spying on your partner. If you think that your partner is cheating on you then sure, go ahead if this one as it would again fulfill all your requirements. You can keep a good track of his phone calls, IM chats, and a lot many apps like that. 


It supports Blackberry, Android, and iPhone devices. The customer service is always open, so you can reach out to them at any time without calculating the difference in the time-zone.


The golden egg for this one would be that it will be in stealth mode in a perfect manner.


             Stop beating around the bush and get into the features.

  • You can record calls, get to know about his locations
  • You can see his/her logging into videos, pictures, Gmail, and text messages
  • You can get to know if he/she has changed the SIM, then get to know about his/her call details, contact details, and web history
  • You can monitor him/her over WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, and apps relevant to that
  • You can also get to know about his/her application list
  • It is specially designed to listen to his/her surroundings. It will also be helpful when anyone you want to talk to is not answering the call. You can become aware of his/her surroundings. Do note that you will get to acknowledge the surroundings of the place where the phone is kept.

  • FlexiSPY


This is in the ‘must-have’ genre in this list of, “free android apps for a cheating spouse”. All you have to do is to manage to get this app installed on your spouse’s phone. He/she will not get to know about this cause’ it will be hidden.


At first, you can listen to his/her calls and if you find any cheating activities you can record them and show them to him/her. If you think that it was your fault for misjudging him and he was not cheating in the first place, please console your spouse at the very moment.


             Features: –

  • You can spy on calls, IM chats, over the internet, messages, and GPs
  • You can spy remotely, know his/her passwords and this app is easy to use in general.

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  • Highster Mobile


It will make sure that you get all the texts and messages of your significant other. Users generally use this for the amazing features it has to offer and above all it is user-friendly.


             Let’s dive into the features, shall we?

  • You can check all their texts, emails, get to know about their web history, get to know about the call logs plus review their IM chats completely
  • You can get his/her mobile contacts, see his/her pictures, get to know where he/she is using GPS features
  • You can also lock or unlock his/her phones and get a good grab over the control panel.

  • mSpy 


You might hear the sentence ‘save best for the last’ or something like that, right? This is exactly like that. It is one of the best spying apps. If you want to make sure that your spouse is cheating on you or not, download this app today itself!


It will always work on incognito mode and get the goodies from it. You are free to work remotely and keep track of the activities on the targeted devices.


It comes in various variations based on the users which makes it user-friendly. So feel free to pick the ones you require.



    • You can read emails and texts on WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and apps relevant to that
    • You can receive and send SMS, keep tracks of calls, calendar activities, internet history, and its usage 
  • Get their current location using GPS 


The Key logger feature?

Remember when I said that the best is in the last, then here is the highlight for these apps. Keylogger feature means that you can get to know all things that he/she types on the keyboard, in short, the inputs. 


This can help you get the passwords and ids which would help you to perfectly keep track of him/her and confirm your doubts.


Conclusion: –

It is wild to think about what we can do with a phone. We can use the phone to spy in a manner which did not exist only some years ago. Technology is improving day-by-day and so it is essential to find a partner whom you can trust and share your feelings with him/her without having a second thought.


From the above apps, you can select anyone who fits all your requirements. Remember if you do not find anything suspicious then immediately console your partner for your misunderstandings.