✅Can you use GoodNotes📝 without an Apple Pencil✏️ A Step By Step Guide

GoodNotes is an excellent app that allows the user to create notes digitally. Its various features allow creating notes in a feasible and accessible mode. 

Can you use GoodNotes without an Apple Pencil

The app works on iPads and therefore comes in handy with the device. In this article, we will discuss whether GoodNotes can be used without an apple pencil? 

Can you use GoodNotes without an Apple Pencil?

There are many variations to this question and this article would illustrate both the propositions that could be possible.  

Well, GoodNotes comes with various updated versions, but if we talk about the GoodNotes 5 version, the suggestions fall in the proposition that the app cannot be used without an apple pencil. 

Whereas, GoodNotes 4 version, does support some other styluses to work with. Therefore, the version determines the effectiveness of the use of apple pencils.

Another proposition develops on whether the iPad supports the use of Apple pencil or not. Well, it is believed that every iPad available on Apple’s site for sale supports the Apple pencil

The 1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencil works smoothly on GoodNotes 5 and ensures effective results. It has been recommended by the other users. 

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However, If in case, the iPad doesn’t support the use of an Apple pencil, the user can opt for any other good pen or can operate it with the fingers using the pen tool available on GoodNotes. 

With a pen tool, the user can write using fingers as well and can adjust the writing and thickness according to their needs and expediency. 

The pen tool encompasses various options for pens, such as fountain pen, ball pen and brush pen.

 Accordingly, the sharpness and sensitivity of the pressure can be adjusted to make notes, even to draw. 

The user can beautify the handwriting by changing how the ink can be generated.  For instance, English characters would look better with a pointed stroke pen. 

The user-friendly GoodNote app allows the user to write with or without an Apple pencil. However, The use of an apple pencil may provide a more robust grip on the screen. 

In case, if the user finds the pointers being written by them not clear, they can use the option to convert their writing into text and can easily save and organize it. 

The answers still revolve around the propositions and this should be taken into consideration that the answer to this depends on varied factors such as the version of the app, the model of the iPad and the requirement of the user. 

In this case, if the user has to take down the notes immediately and has forgotten to get the pen, the user can write with their fingers to take down the notes on GoodNote in a quick call. 

Keeping in mind that the possibilities are varied, we can conclude in a way that GoodNotes can be used without an apple pencil, a normal pen and hands can be used to write or to draw and serve other purposes as well with GoodNotes compatible features. 

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