7 Best Free Compass Apps for Android Smartphones 2023

The natural magnetic poles of the earth give us a sense of direction. We know the South, North, East, and West. Most of our travel happens due to the direction. We are going in a direction even when we are aimlessly wandering. Well, this is one of the most important parts of our life. All of the navigational aids use the Compass for correct directional orientation. Compass is an integral part of navigational aid devices. Almost all of Android and iOS smartphones do have compass apps, that help you understand the direction. There are many best free compass apps for Android, which are useful in finding the right direction.

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If you are going for a jungle safari, hiking, or solo camping or anything adventurous, then you need a compass app for Android. It is essential to know the right direction with the help of a compass so that you won’t lose your path. Carrying a physical compass is pretty useful, it is quite inconvenient when you are doing adventurous stuff. That’s why we are suggesting you use the best free compass apps for android smartphones in 2022. So, in this post, we are going share some of the best compass applications for Android, which you should install before heading out for the camping, hiking, travelling or doing anything adventurous.

Best Free Compass Apps for Android

There are thousands of best compass apps for android without a magnetic sensor. All of them work with the help of a magnetic sensor. Some of them use the internet to capture GPS data and orientation. But as you have a lot of choices, you always get confused. That’s why I am sharing a comprehensive list of the best compass apps for Android. All you have to do is to find the best compass for android without ads and start using it for your needs. Here are the top 10 apps that help you identify the north pole and the south pole of the earth.

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As the name suggests, Compass is considered as one of the best apps for Android. It is the best compass apps free download for android. If you are looking for the feature-packed app for your device, then you should not forget using the Compass app. The app will show you the compass itself, altitude speed, sensor state, slope angle, magnetic power, and many other things. In short, it deserves the first place in our list of the free compass apps for Android. You can download this app from the Google Play Store.

• Shows Longitude Latitude
• Magnetic Sensitivity
• Altitude speed
• Slope Angle


Digital Compass


Digital Compass is one of the most popular apps for Android smartphones. It depends on the Magnetic sensor. So, if your phone does not have a magnetic sensor, then this app will not work. As it uses the magnetic sensor, it provides us with accurate details. While using this app, you can check out longitude, latitude, magnetic strength, orientation, direction, and many other things. If you love simple apps, then using Digital Compass is the best thing you can do. This app is available on Google Play Store for download.

• Simple user interface
• Magnetic Sensitivity
• Slope Details
• Orientation
• Longitude and Latitude

Download Digital Compass App

Accurate Compass

accurate compass android apps

As the name suggests, Accurate Compass provides accurate information. You don’t have to worry about the authenticity and the accuracy of this app. it will show you the precise direction to the poles. The app has a simple user interface, that you’ll definitely like. If you have the GPS enabled, then this app will show you the longitude and latitude information. Also, you can check out the magnetic strength, slope level, true heading, and the calibration settings. It’s an amazing compass app for Android that you should definitely install on your device. You can download this app from the Google Play Store for free of cost.

• GPS support
• Longitude and Latitude Information
• Magnetic Strength
• Slope Level
• True Heading
• Calibration Settings

Download Accurate Compass App

Just a Compass

free compass app for android

Looking for a dashing and smart compass app for Android without ads? Just a Compass is the best app made for compass needs. It has an interactive interface, which shows detailed information about every aspect required for accurate navigation. The app is not limited to showing the compass information, but it shows much more information. If you are connected to the internet, then it will show the additional information like the Longitude, Latitude, Sunrise, and Sunset times, and even the wind direction. If you ask me about the basic features, then it shows very much detailed information. The app has two compasses, one shows the geographical north and the other one shows the magnetic north. It is a must install if you like feature-packed Compass apps for Android in 2022. The app is free to download and available on the Google Play Store.

• Accurate Navigation
• Ad-free
• Longitude and Latitude information.
• Sunrise and Sunset at the location
• Dual Compass with Geographical and Magnetic Poles

Download Just a Compass App

Compass Galaxy


Compass Galaxy is a fancy name, but the app is pretty simple. It’s one of the best compass apps for Android in my opinion. I usually like minimal apps that don’t ask dozens of permissions. I mean, why do compass apps need to access my contacts? Compass Galaxy only accesses the GPS and the magnetic sensor in your device to show you the coordinates and the orientation. Well, it’s a great and free compass app without ads that I really like. The app is developed by Szymon Dyja and is available for download for free on Google Play Store.

• GPS Support
• Non-Magnetic Sensor Smartphones Support
• Simple User interface
• Basic Orientation Data

Download Compass Galaxy

Compass by NixGame

compass app without ads

Compass by NixGame is sixth on our list. We are listing this app, because of the feature set it provides. This app has the simplest user interface. So, anyone would love using this app to know the geographical and magnetic north pole of the planet. Well, the app allows us to change the compass from the Geographical pole to the Magnetic pole with ease. Compass by NixGame utilizes the GPS and other location aids to provide accurate longitude and latitude details. So, you’ll find it useful for your travelling and adventurous activities. Compass by NixGame is available for Download Free of Cost on Google Play Store.

• Multiple Features
• Shows Magnetic and Geographical Poles
• Elevation, Longitude and Latitude Details
• Magnetic Sensitivity
• Slope Level Indicator
• Speed Tracking

Download Compass by NixGame

Compass Steel

Compass Steel App for Android

For those who love to use the ad-free compass apps, the Compass Steel is one of the best apps. It’s a great Android compass app that you can install on your device. While getting the direction, you won’t see any annoying ad but can focus on the direction where you are travelling. This app utilizes the inbuilt Compass and magnetic sensor to find the direction. With the use of inbuilt sensors, it provides much accurate details to the users. With this Compass Steel app for android, you get two tracking modes. The first mode is the True Tracking mode and the second is the Magnetic Tracking mode. The best thing we found about this best Compass app for Vastushastra is that it comes with the Sun and Moon direction. So, if you are willing to travel or locate the sun or moon, then it will show you all the details.

  • Magnetic Tracking mode
  • True Tracking Mode
  • Sun and Moon Direction
  • Vastushastra Compliant
  • No Advertisements
  • Accurate Tracking data

Download Compass Steel App

Smart Compass

smart compass for android

As the name suggests, the Smart Compass app is one of the best compass app for Android. With the smart features, and the build in magneto-meter, this compass app for Android gets the headings and directions. It’s a fixed directional compass, which means it will show the direction regardless of the phone orientation. If it’s vertical or horizontal, it’ll not change the directions. For the vastu shastra and Feng Shui experts, this is the best compass app. With the Smart Compass, you can open the camera and compare the premises with the Vastu shastra or feng shui compliances about the directions. It’s a great compass app for vastu shastra designing.

  • Fixed Heading
  • Uses In-build Magneto-Meter
  • Suitable for Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui Experts
  • Supports Google Maps and GPS
  • Augmented Reality support

Download Compass Steel App

Final Words | Best Compass Apps For Android 2022

Carrying a Physical compass device everywhere is not possible for many people. But everyone carries a smartphone with them for communication. Fortunately, these best compass apps for android ad-free are a great replacement for the compass. We’ve worked hard to compile this long list of the best compass apps in 2022. You can download any of the apps from the list and get full functional compass on your smartphone to find the north pole of the earth. If you are facing any issues with the download or have some doubts, make sure to use the comment box below and we’ll be there to help you.