Best Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming Party 2023

Best Hamachi Alternatives: They were gone the days when multiplayer gaming was done on the Local Area network. The physical connection between computers helped us to establish a LAN party. The days of playing Counter-Strike 1.6 in hostels were pretty nostalgic.

Nowadays, we see multiplayer LAN gaming only in sports tournaments. With the room full of computers, the entire team would participate in the LAN parties competing. Those were the real days, and the LAN parties are real parties.

So, it’s way too better than the salty online gaming sessions. We have Hamachi as the best LAN virtualization software to relieve the nostalgia.

Best Hamachi Alternatives

With Hamachi, you can easily virtualize the LAN connections. With the Internet, you can create a LAN network with your friends living miles away. You can easily create a virtual LAN connection using apps like Hamachi.

So you don’t have to stay in the same room for LAN parties. Hamachi is quite good at LAN virtualization software. But the people are demanding the Hamachi Alternative. There are a ton of powerful competitors to the Hamachi.

Best Hamachi Alternatives

This post will discuss the best hamachi alternative on the Internet. We will list a few of the best Hamachi alternatives, which are better than the Hamachi itself. You’ll find more features and a compelling user interface with these LogMeIn Hamachi alternatives.

So, If you are interested in hosting LAN parties, here are the best Hamachi alternatives for Windows for you.

1.  Best Hamachi Alternatives Free and Paid for LAN Gaming
1.1 GameRanger
1.2 Radmin VPN
1.3 Evolve
1.4 Wippien
1.5 SoftEther
1.6 Zero Tier
1.7 NetOverNet
1.8 Frequently Asked Questions
1.8.1 #1 – Is Hamachi Still Free?
1.8.2 #2 – What can I use instead of Tunngle?
1.8.3 #3 – Does Hamachi have Viruses?
1.8.4 #4 – Does Player Me have LAN?
2 Final Words

Hamachi Alternatives for PC
Best Hamachi Alternatives Free and Paid for LAN Gaming
Hamachi is a powerful software program, but it has limitations. With the limitations of only five people per session, driver issues, network lag, and others, it’s better to look for alternatives to Hamachi. We’ve tried a few alternatives to Hamachi, and you’ll find them below.

game ranger alternative to hamachi

GameRanger is a feature-full Virtual LAN gaming software program. It creates a Virtual Network for Local gaming. It has a ton of useful features for lan gaming. With the GameRanger, you don’t have to worry about gaming lag. Also, there are no driver issues with this lan gaming software. You should expect very low ping between the computers, as GameRanger has the updated drivers for connection. There is no need to look for any alternatives to the counterpart.

This software program is free but has annual and monthly subscription plans. If you play games a lot with your friends, purchasing a premium subscription will improve the gaming experience. The silver membership of this software costs $19.95 per year, and the Gold membership costs $39.95 per year.

Radmin VPN
Radmin is one of the best VPN tunneling software programs. It’s great for browsing safely on the Internet. Also, it’s useful in port forwarding. With the available features, you can play online multiplayer games. The Radmin VPN app does not limit connected users. Also, the entire service is based in the clouds, so the port forwarding and the driver issues are non-existent. The biggest use of this tool is to attain optimum privacy. The connections created using this app are end-to-end encrypted.

Radmin VPN provides a connection speed of nearly 100mbps. So, there will be no issues in connecting with friends and playing the game without lag. It’s an all-in-one secure VPN tool that allows you to browse the Internet safely and play games.

evolve hamachi alternative
You may have heard the name of Evolve as the best tunngle alternative. It’s a great software that works just like the Hamachi. If you are looking for more features than the virtual LAN gaming, then you should download Evolve. It’s one of the best virtual lan software for Windows. Creating the virtual LAN network is pretty easy with the Evolve. This software is also known as This tool comes with in-game chatting, interactive user interface, and high performance.

You won’t notice the latency issues while using this too. as this software uses the proprietary drivers, you won’t face any network disconnection issues after enabling the port forwarding feature. Evolve developers are suggesting the users download the app from Even though the development has ceased, the older versions and the subscription is pretty reliable. Currently, the app is available free for personal use. But if you have the gamer party, then buying a $4 per month subscription will definitely elevate your gaming experience.

Wippien Virtual LAN software
Wippien sounds like a VPN in English. If you are looking for the lightweight virtual lan gaming software, then you should not ignore Wippien. It’s a great software program that works pretty well for virtual gaming parties. It creates a virtual private network for online gaming. With the inbuilt drivers, it uses the Internet to emulate the LAN network and allows others to join. Wippien is a lightweight hamachi alternative that does not have many features compared to the counterpart.

Even though it does not have many features, it still works well for creating a private network for LAN gaming. Unlike another alternative to Hamachi, Wippien is available for free. It’s based on the open-source code, so there are no subscription fees for the same. You can download Wippien for all operating systems from the official website.

SoftEther logmein hamachi
The software programs with the simple user interface are quite powerful. There are many powerful VPN tunneling software programs available for all operating systems. But nothing matches the features of SoftEther. It’s a powerful SSL-VPN tunneling software, which works great for virtual gaming. Be it the latest Valorant or classic Counter-Strike games; you can easily set up the LAN party virtually.

If you are looking for end-to-end privacy for your online games session, then you should definitely install SoftEther. It’s a useful tool that keeps your LAN connection private. As this is the web-based service, you won’t face any latency issues while gaming. As this is the VPN program, you can use the same to browse the Internet safely. In short, it has multiple uses and is worth installing. SoftEther is available free of cost on the Internet. There is no limit on the usage and the number of connected users.

Zero Tier
zerotier hamachi alternative
You may not have heard the name of Zero Tier. It is one of the newest private network software. It acts as the VPN and port forwarding software. You can use Zero Tier for browsing the interface safely and avoid unnecessary government snooping. Zero Tier is available on all of the computer operating systems, including Android and iOS for smartphones. Configuring Zero Tier is pretty straightforward. With the interactive user interface, the users get the guided setup for the LAN parties.

You can create a virtual network, add new friends, or allow friends to join your party. After configuring, you can start playing any one game you want to play. Unlike Hamachi, it does not require any driver and does not throw random ping issues. Zero Tier is free for limited use. The basic plan costs $29 per month, and a professional plan costs $100 per month. It’s quite expensive, but a worthy alternative to Hamachi.


NetOverNet is one of the most popular solutions to replace Hamachi. We’ve seen many alternatives, but there is nothing powerful than NetOverNet. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful solution for your LAN gaming sessions, then you should not ignore this tool. NetOverNet is a simple VPN emulator program, which utilizes virtual private network technology. You can use this tool for virtual gaming, as well as secure web browsing.

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NetOverNet provides great functionality to the users. It allows you to directly access the connected computers. Yes. It’s a great TeamViewer alternative that many people don’t know about. It allows you to remote control the connected devices and initiates the data transfer. In short, it’s a multipurpose software tool, which you should immediately download on your computer. NetOverNet is available free for personal use with limited features. But you can buy the basic plan for $5 per month and the premium plan for $10 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions
Having questions in mind is a sign of having a healthy and sound mind. Well, people get millions of questions while choosing the replacement for the virtual lan software. Here are a few questions that you might have in your mind. We have answered some of the frequently asked questions about Hamachi software and others.

#1 – Is Hamachi Still Free?
Yes. Hamachi is still free and is available on the official website. It works pretty well with the free plan. As it’s a freemium program, it has the paid plans available for subscription. So, It’s free with limited features.

#2 – What can I use instead of Tunngle?
If you are not interested in Tunngle, then you should consider using replacement programs for Tunngle. There are hundreds of virtual private network software programs. I would recommend you using NetOverNet, LogMeIn, and Zero Tier instead of Tunngle.

#3 – Does Hamachi have Viruses?
Hamachi is a port forwarding software used for multiplayer games. It is a legit software program and does not have any viruses. You should avoid downloading any software from untrusted sites to avoid the viruses.

#4 – Does Player Me have LAN?
Yes. supports the LAN feature. The old Evolve LAN has merged with the So, you’ll get all of the features of Evolve with You can play online games over the Internet and create LAN connections virtually with

Final Words | Hamachi Alternatives for PC
Using Virtual private networks and software programs for online games is pretty useful. Also, recreating the nostalgic LAN parties is a great way to relive the memories. Hamachi is one of the finest virtual LAN emulator program. But the limitations and lack of features are forcing the users to look out for hamachi alternatives. There is nothing wrong with looking for alternatives to Hamachi. As there are hundreds of such software programs, it is important to choose the best one.

In this post, we tried our best to list the best alternatives to Hamachi. From all of the available options, we’ve shortlisted only a handful of options. Now, it’s your duty to check out all of them and choose the best one that suits your needs. You can download the free versions of almost all of the listed software programs. Also, you can subscribe to the premium plans of the software programs if you are going to use it for bulk jobs. I hope you’ve learned a lot about the virtual LAN networks and also the hamachi alternatives. If you are facing any issues with the provided list or have some doubts, make sure to use the comment box below so that we can help you through the comment section.