Why Is Spotify Better Than Apple Music? Apple Music Vs. Spotify

Hey there! Music lovers! Do you love to hum a tune or sing a song? And you love listening to music? Oh, even me. Songs are soothing to the mind and soul.

Music can influence your mood as well as your emotions. It can extract the deeply hidden feelings and suppress the recent fear, hate, and something that bothers you. Music is something that takes you into relaxing peace, therapy for all your mental stress.

Why Is Spotify Better Than Apple Music

You play your favourite song. And boom!!! You are at the highest peak of your desired emotions. That’s what music and songs feel like to music lovers: filled with every emotion and feeling like a life.

So, where do you listen to your favourite tunes and songs on your device? Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Jio Saavn, Gaana, Wink, etc., or any other choice?


Well, that’s all good. But the most common apps for music, and I can say the best ones are Spotify and Apple Music. You might be a user of the same or would wish to choose between the two, isn’t it?


Spotify has a 50 million music library, while Apple has 60 million. Wow! That’s a big deal worth discussing.


So that is what we’ll look at and see if we can assist you in determining which one is best for you: Apple Music or Spotify! Why is Spotify considered better than Apple Music?


Let’s start the show- Apple Music vs. Spotify.



Apple Music is, of course, a piece of renowned on-demand music and video streaming platform by Apple. While Spotify, some of you might know, is a Swedish-originated digital platform for streaming music online. Well, that’s nothing of choosing some information that you might not have known!

User Interface

The same feature that we look for in our music apps is user-friendliness. You might have noticed while using Spotify the approach of easy navigation with lots of varieties of sections to make choices.


Most importantly, these sections are displayed on the home page and attract the user’s attention with a lot of content just like made for you, more like, recently played, etc., adding value to your music. These sections make this app more appealing to the users.


While for Apple Music, you will have the Library tab as the home screen. Here, you will get categories of albums, songs, downloaded music. That is how Apple Music insists upon you working yourself to search for something new to listen to from the thousands of songs and music.


Unlike Apple Music, Spotify has both the Home page and library tabs separately and makes new suggested playlists automatically for you.

Now, what do you opt for as a choice? Well, Spotify has a better user interface than Apple Music. It is easier to use and more user-friendly. That is why Spotify is unique! But why only one feature?


Let us explore more!



Oh well, this is more of a feature you might wish to discuss. So, you want to know who leads?

Well, Spotify offers a more significant number of device connectivity features if you upgrade to the premium version of the application. Is not that awesome?


Connecting a more significant number of devices in the single premium pack is the deal you are never going to miss but grab it! Apple Music does not offer a large number of connections you see.


That is yet another lead for Spotify over Apple Music!


Music Library

The most awaited part of comparison for Apple Music vs. Spotify is here! The collections of an endless number of songs and music. Wow, is it eternal?


Well, that is not true! But neither a lie with a large number of songs enlisted. Like Spotify has 50 million music libraries while apple has 70 million.


Amazing, this would take me more than a human life span to complete. The passionate guys are going to have their way ahead of me completed listening to all of those. Is anyone there? Such a case?


So, the number game is won by Apple Music, getting ahead of Spotify with 10 million points.



(https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F549791067010605450%2F&psig=AOvVaw1iznz6N3lCmxRLBixUbNZY&ust=1619843446419000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=2ahUKEwijoP-akaXwAhWEA7cAHegXBdIQr4kDegUIARDVAQ )


Do you love podcasts? And can sit listening to it for longer durations. Then here, let me tell you podcast fans.


With over 700,000 podcasts currently available, Spotify does offer a vast number of podcasts availability. And it makes recommendations to you as well. In contrast, Apple Music does not provide any podcasts, even with subscriptions. Listening to songs and music is all that you get to do here.


That is why Spotify is unique! Another lead for Spotify over Apple Music! Music plus podcasts. Nice deal!


Exclusive Content Access

So, here is something special. The exclusivity of content is to be accessed. So, who is going to lead now? Spotify or Apple Music? Spotify. Is that what you said? I suppose you might be wrong this time.

Apple Music has got the advantage of early releases and exclusive content. You will have access to the contents before anyone else! But for that, you must have a subscription. It is not a feature accessible to all but only to the subscribers.

Apple Music provides you with exclusive content access. The fresh awaited contents and concerts are what you will have access to and knowledge of Apple Music. But Spotify does not own such a feature.

That adds another point of preference to Apple Music for those of you who want exclusive content.

(https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F481322278904701874%2F&psig=AOvVaw1wFQ6-7EesTzQDPOuKhdiK&ust=1619843564912000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=2ahUKEwjCvb_TkaXwAhXU3HMBHet3CxQQr4kDegUIARDlAQ )

Free Content

Want to listen without subscribing to the music app? Well, then Spotify is a better choice for you. Spotify users have access to a free ad-supported tier. Spotify has a significant advantage over Apple Music in this category!


That means you can freely access and listen to the music and your favourite songs. But there will be ads popping up in between at times. Watching or listening to an ad will give you a 30 mins ad-free listening to music.


Apple Music contains only paid content. Most of its features get unlocked only when you own a subscription. At the same time, it offers you to listen to any device downloaded audio or music and songs.


But if you get annoyed with ads, then you need to subscribe to Spotify as well. No other choice. It also prevents you from downloading songs unless you subscribe.


Well, for those who want free listening without a paid subscription, Spotify is the one for you.


Music Recommendations

There is yet another feature that makes Spotify superior to Apple Music! Spotify helps you quickly find the music of your taste.


It recommends you playlists and songs or even podcasts regularly as per what you have listened to previously. Is not that a nice feature available without paid subscriptions? Oh yes, it is for sure.


Apple Music does not make any such recommendations but only the library with your playlists and favourite songs to listen to whenever you wish. It is you who has to find your choice and not me! That is what Apple Music says to you.


Subscription Price

A monthly subscription to Spotify premium service has numerous plans to choose from:          the Rs. 7/day or Rs 25/week premium mini-plans, starting at Rs 129/month for an individual, premium duo at Rs 165/month, family plans for Rs 199/month, while the student plans for Rs. 66/month. All these have a free one-month trial option.

Apple Music has three subscription plans to offer and choose from: the Rs 49 per month is ideal for students, while Rs. 99 per month is for individuals and single subscriptions, and if you want a family pack for multiple accounts, go for Rs 149 per month family pack. All these also have a free one-month trial option.

If you want a cost-effective service, go for Apple music while enjoying the podcasts as well, then head for Spotify. Both are worth the features and differences that you have seen by now.

(https://slaysonics.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/ezgif.com-optimize-1.gif )

So, which one is better for you: Apple Music or Spotify? Now, you must be able to make a choice, and that is Spotify!


Spotify gives you a better user interface, music recommendations, auto-generated playlists. And all of these with a large number of device connectivity features at a price lesser than Apple Music. That is the exact answer to why Spotify is considered better than Apple Music!


Now, that is obvious. But get your tunes ready with Spotify. Unplug the music of your mind and listen to your soul with Apple Music. Your playlist is waiting for you. You got to go now! Fetch it all that you wish to.


Also, do not forget to mention to us your experience with the two; of what you felt about the two! Which one is better for you: Apple Music or Spotify? Drop it down below!