✅Best Calorie Counter Apps 2023 [ Updated List ]

Calorie Count Conundrum(Calorie Counter Apps): Are your fast-paced lives rarely giving you the time to keep track of your health? Want to shed off the extra kilos that you just gained from yesterday’s burger and fries? Do you find yourself at the end of the day failing to remember and record every bite, every piece of snack you devoured? 

Well, confused where and how to start from? Worry not! You’re just at the right place to find the solutions to all your problems!

Like all modern problems, technology has come to the rescue! Keeping a record of every place we go, everything we buy, everything we consume has just become a lot easier. Digital planners are no longer limited to daily journaling, gym workouts, and to-do lists. You can now have these applications which track your calories and overall health with variables, both intangible and tangible on your android phones. The best part of this? No need to take out your pens and maintain your lengthy notebook. Carry your progress everywhere and anywhere!

These super-intelligent apps calculate and take into consideration every little details from your daily lives and give you the best of results, suggestions, and advice. Why want a personal trainer when you have them in your pockets! Here’s a look at the top 7 apps that have made their way into our list-

Best Calorie Counter Apps


Best Calorie Counter Apps:

  1.    Calorie Counter-MyFitnessPal

      When it comes to fitness, counting calories alone cannot make you reach your health goals, and that’s exactly what MyFitnessPal takes into account. With almost 50 million-plus downloads on PlayStore, it’s one of the very best you can have. Its comprehensive approach allows it to view your overall health and not just count calories. 

MyFitnessPal has its database listed with almost 11 million food products so that none of the items in your menu go amiss! What’s more amazing is that it not only caters to packaged items but its ‘recipe import’ feature determines the nutritional statistics of your homemade recipes. 


 The recipe calculator calculates all the nutritional and calorie intake by your body from each and every meal. You can also check for order recommendations in the app to make healthy choices when ordering food. With this, you won’t forget to log in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because it sends you daily and timely reminders. 


  With this super-smart app, you can follow plans and recipes specially handpicked to cater to your needs, to help you achieve your dream goal, and to get you in the best of shape. It also lets you keep a continuous track of your progress by generating a weekly summary in the form of an easy-to-analyze report. 


 However, advertisements in the free version of the app interrupt free flow of usage. Also, many users have reported data missing while switching from one tab to the other. Considering all the factors this app surely must be one of your first choices when it comes to calorie counter apps! 

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  1.    Calorie Counter by Lose It! For diet and weight loss

LoseIt is one of the very few apps that give you all-around guidance to achieve your goals and get into your dream shape. The app plays the role of your personal trainer. Set your target weight, track your calories, and lose weight. Its illustrative analysis and depictions are a thing to experience. It breaks down your meals and provides a table of nutrients for the achievement of a much more balanced diet.

 A very interesting feature of it is you can set up your custom meals and recipes and add them every day instead of wasting time inputting the same old ingredients. The snap featured also lets you take pictures of the meals. You can also scan food labels and get immediate details regarding their nutritional value. One striking feature of the app is that it provides food suggestions that align with your genetic traits and match with your DNA.

It has a series of motivational articles to help you in your healthy path. This app also has many social groups where you can join and interact with other healthy and focused individuals and share your goals and insights among each other and help each other grow. Certain drawbacks include high battery consumption and overheating of the mobile phone in which it is installed. Also, users require premium membership to connect with Fitbit. However, LoseIt is one of the best calorie counter apps currently in use.

  1.    Calorie Counter by FatSecret

       Most of the calorie counter apps provide a few basic features but secure the best attributes for their premium members. FatSecret is a free app with all its features available to everyone! What makes it even more popular is its comprehensive food journal, a system with a variety of food products, and a weight chart. With over 10 million downloads in PlayStore, it’s extremely popular among health geeks. 

The app recommends various healthy recipes in case one is perplexed about what to cook. It has over 1million verified food items in its database in over 20 languages. With this, you can adjust the size of meals. Instead of 1 serving, you have the option to decrease it to 0.5. 

      You can also sync this app to Fitbit, Google Fit, and Samsung Health. It comes with a few pop-ups and advertisements. You can also keep a small, minimized FatSecret tracker window on the home screen of your android phone in case you want to keep a continuous track. Coming to the downsides of this app, its simplicity fails to provide a more overall fitness assessment and the database lacks non-American food items.


  1.    Calorie Counter -MyNetDiary, Food Diary Tracker


     My net diary provides an in-depth nutrition analysis and an accurate food data bank. It contains more than half a million food products in its database which it digs into, every time you log in and tracks your daily meals to count the number of calories you burn. In addition to counting calories, it counts your steps too and keeps a track of your water intake, regularly reminding you to replenish and rehydrate yourself. 


It allows users to make custom food recipes and meal preparations. The appealing graphics make for a worthy experience. In this, you’ll also find space to type down your daily notes. One amazing feature that this app provides is it keeps track of your cholesterol, hemoglobin, and blood glucose among quite a few more. To boost your journey towards your goal, it provides you with weight loss articles, success stories, workout plans, and many more. 


One drawback of this app is the inability to share meals with other users of the app. However, research revealing sometime back, that MyNetDaily users had lost 12lbs in only 7 months just goes on to indicate why it is one of the most popular calorie counter apps with over 10 million downloads in PlayStore.


  1.    HealthifyMe (Calorie Counter, Diet plan, Dietitians, Trainers)


Catering to the needs of the Indian masses this app surely has diversified its database with almost 100,000 Indian products and is rightly regarded as India’s largest and most loved Health and Fitness App. Its ‘HealthifyStudio Live’ helps you keep in shape with top coaches and the best yoga and exercise classes from the comfort of your home. 


HealthifyMe accurately counts your calorie and provides diet plans and recipes keeping in mind your favourite Indian dishes. To be kept in mind, at times pop-up advertisements that break the flow of documentation.


 The app also includes no-equipment home workout videos for both men and women. It provides you with tailored immunity boosting plans. Adding to its amazing array of features is ‘Ria’, the world’s first AI-powered nutritionist driven by over 200 million gym logs, which gives you 24X7 personalized health and weight loss suggestions. What more could you possibly want? Download it and experience it for yourself!


  1.    Lifesum- Diet Plan, Macro Calculator, and Food Diary

Lifesum gives an analysis of the full intake of your nutrition including sugar intake and lifestyle. The extremely attractive graphics with complementing colour schemes and animations make a tedious activity like food logging enjoyable and fun. 

The food rating guide helps to set your priorities and makes choosing between products so much easier. It easily breaks down your meals into protein, carbs, and fibers. Meal and macros trackers are accurately built to generate good and accurate calculations. The app not only scans the barcode of products that you have, but it also saves the recent ones so that you don’t have to scan them again. 

Are you guilty of being a foody? Well, no need when you have this app! This app lets you eat anything without making you feel the need for dieting, by just controlling the size of portions and keeping track of macronutrients and micronutrients. In addition to these, it also provides you with an extensive list of exercises to pick from. 

However one of the flaws of this app, is the push notifications don’t work at times and the range of food items is fairly less as compared to other apps.

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  1.    Cronometer- Nutrition tracker

Cronometer app is very accurate in calculating calories, macros, micros, and much more. It works well with generic foods and one can create quick and easy recipes. It has a very simplistic and minimalistic interface with an overwhelming amount of nutritional information. It also caters to diabetic suggestions such as net carbs which regulate your blood sugar levels. It also identifies areas that are not getting certain nutrients and modifies your diet accordingly. 

The biometric and image-to-text analysis uses information on the package by scanning the product to add the details automatically. In addition to this, the app provides a wonderful feature whereby you can track your fasting period with the In-App Fasting Timer. This app can also be connected to the Samsung Health app for Samsung mobiles. Just to keep in mind, this app suffers from greater loading time and can develop bugs sometimes.

Now that you’ve got all the right tools for your assistance and can choose the best one for yourself, what more are you waiting for? Go shed off those extra inches and get into your dream shape. Whether you use these apps for weight loss, meal preps, food journaling or just to ensure a well-balanced diet; you do it for your own unique needs. Customize them according to your comfort and count those calories!