Can GoodNotes connect to OneDrive? Updated Guide 2023

GoodNotes is a good app for writing and storing your notes. This app comes in handy for creating notes anytime and anywhere on the iPad. 

 It is suitable for those committed to keeping a journal or notes handy to refer it anywhere. GoodNotes provide multiple options; it feels like writing on paper in a digital set-up.  

GoodNotes can connect with One Drive ?

GoodNotes provide a dull set of features where one can edit, create and share documents. The app has some good paper and pen-based features. 

One of the central factors of this app is that a wide range of choices allows the app to fit according to the user’s needs. 

The app can be used to compile various documents for students and professionals. The user- interface is friendly enough to work on with a digital setup.  

The navigation process for saved folders displayed through the grids is easy to access and search.  The paper selections in GoodNotes are nicely assorted. 

Nobody wants to misplace their notes somewhere. Digitally making and saving notes has become feasible. Another desired feature that GoodNotes provides is to back up its documents. 

All notes can be synchronized with One Drive and Google Drive. Once the auto backup mode is switched on, storing the documents as desired becomes extremely quick. 

GoodNotes automatically saves the documents; even if the user makes any edits, the edit will be saved automatically. 

The user has to choose the destination folder, and the folder will be created, and folders can be saved there.  If the user selects the One Drive folder from the auto-backup option, the file can also be imported. 

In this way, OneDrive can be connected to GoodNotes, and required and important files can be stored in the destination folder per the user’s requirements. 

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