✅How to remove InShot watermark🤔 Updated Guide 2023

If you have made videos for your Insta, Tik-Tok, or Snapchat using InShot, you might have seen a small watermark on the side to prevent any counterfeiting, and then you might want to know how to remove the InShot watermark

How to remove InShot watermark

it may not aesthetically appeal to you or hinder your creative process, whatever the reason might be, so here is a guide on how to remove the InShot watermark

Go when you are using the free version, the watermark will appear by purchasing, and if it’s your preferred app, you will also be supporting it. In addition, you can enjoy InShot pro with several features: – 

  • several video editing tools and effects 
  • impressive transition effects
  • advanced photo editing tools 
  • ad-free and watermark-free use and much more

with a plan of $3.99 a month and $14.99 yearly

Free versions

This version will tell you how to remove the InShot watermark. If you don’t want to pay for the pro version. You can install the InShot Pro APK version, which is a modified version that you can use free of cost with all the premium features of 

  • video editing
  • filters and effects 
  • addition of audio, voiceovers, music, or images
  • playback speed control
  • convert videos in different formats
  • ad-free and no watermark 

but there are some requirements for installation that your phone should have, such as

  • RAM – 3GB to 4GB
  • Operating system – Android 5.0 or above
  • Storage- 37 MB
  • Access to Gallery, Storage, Wi-Fi, microphone 

How to remove InShot watermark

How to install the InShot APK version 

  1. download the APK version, which can be found on different websites like modlovers.com, happydot.com, or any other 
  2. when downloaded-go to the folder 
  3. tap the file to proceed with the installation
  4. you need to delete the original version > turn on incognito mode in settings
  5. installation will start and be complete after a few minutes
  6. the app is ready to be used

Some other freeways

Other than this, there is also a trick to enjoy InShot without a few people’s watermarks. There are some simple steps to follow 

  1. Download and open Inshot 
  2. Click on the video bubble that appears on the first page 
  3. It will lead to a new page there tap the green ‘new’ tab 
  4. After that, you will be able to choose the desired video, or you can create one 
  5. The video will open on the editing page 
  6. Now turn off your Wi-Fi and Video click the watermark 
  7. tap on the watermark. It will show a remove for free options. Click that, and your watermark should be gone.


As for how to remove the InShot watermark, you can use the paid version and the free version without losing any of the quality and features of a pro. Video editing has become so advanced and widespread even among ordinary people that editing apps are a must, and a watermark shouldn’t hold it back. So, using this guide, create videos how you like. For more such information, please keep visiting our website now and then.