7 Best Fingerprint lock apps for Android

Do you have children playing with your phone from time to time?Stressed about securing the personal information on your phone?Can your data be accessed by everyone?

Well!  Everyone has got smartphones and tablets and it has become a necessity nowadays.

This pandemic has furthermore made our lives dependent on mobile phones too

Technology is maintaining rampant growth and is reaching the sky.

So if you are stressed that your apps are not secured and anybody could approach them.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Stay tuned and know about the 7 best Fingerprint lock apps for Android.

Best Fingerprint lock apps

People invest their money in buying a desirable mobile phone but still, there are people out there who believe in buying a low budget mobile phone which may not have a fingerprint sensor. So to solve their problem here’s a list of reasonable Fingerprint lock apps.

Best Fingerprint lock apps for Android

  1. Norton App lock – Are you concerned about the intruders who pry on your gallery? No worries I suggest you Norton app lock for preserving your privacy like data and photos. This app is deemed as a relatively optimistic app for making it childproof. It prevents unauthorised access and even recommends those apps which should be locked. It is rated 4.4 stars for ensuring your private data. Add your fingerprints, password, or pattern to conserve information.

Norton respects your privacy and will never interfere with your personal information.

Features and Requirements –

  • Anti-Theft feature – It will capture the photo of the person who is trying to open your folder and fails to open it after three attempts.
  • Lock social Apps – It makes sure you are the only person adding social media posts and statuses.
  • Nurtures your sensitive data – it adds a security layer in case your phone gets lost or is stolen.
  • Virus-free device – It eliminates the virus from your device.
  • Ad-free – Best rated app due to no involvement of ads.

Overall the app is safe and secure for the users and it also contains other characteristics as well. But there is a saying you do not know the taste of mango until you savour it. Use the app and rate it according to your experience.

  1. App lock (by DoMobile Lab) –

Are you a teenager or in love with someone and want to hide your confidential information from your parents? So let me put forward to you the best App used for protecting your gallery. It supports fingerprint locks and sync with the cloud. It contains more than 40 languages. You can have more knowledge from Google play. Let me deliver you the vital advice.

The users have rated it  4.2 stars. It removes the trash and cools the phone.

Features and Requirements –

  • You can lock your app with a fingerprint, pin or pattern.
  • Vault where you can conceal your pictures and tapes.
  • Memory – it uses low memory.
  • Battery – It works in power-saving mode.
  • Take photos of the intruders of your personal space.

After you create the master pattern you need to use it whenever you access it. The in-app purchase for this app is Rs. 85 – 17,600.

You can make anybody stupid by faking a cover and add it to the locked app.

  1. AppLock – Lock Apps & Privacy Guard –

Do you have a nosy girlfriend who doesn’t respect your privacy?  Don’t worry this app will help you ensure to hide your data. This is gonna be a little tricky. You can use a PIN, pattern, fingerprint scanner, face tracking, or a gesture like shaking, blowing, or a lock message to unlock your phone. You can also hide photos and videos, avoid uninstalling apps, hide app notification previews, and much more. These features are also available on many high-end phones. If you don’t have a high-end phone, this app is a great way to protect it.


  • It does not have any in-app investments.
  • The app is not ad-free.
  • Saves you from your children purchasing apps.
  • Prevents others from checking your social media.

This app uses a small space but hides all your private data. This app is reviewed as 4.5 stars.

  1. AppLock (by IvyMobile) –

It is rated 4.4 stars. It has the same features as the others. But some unique features are listed below.

  • It can run foreground services.
  • Prevent phone from sleeping.
  • Themes are upgraded.
  • You can replace your app icon with any other inbuilt apps icon to hide its identity and it doesn’t look fishy.
  • It saves battery power by 50%.
  • It is completely safe as no one can peep into your phone and retrace your password as it is invisible.
  1. Smart Applock –

This app is reviewed at 3.8 stars. It exhibits itself as a lock screen so that the user thinks they are back on the main screen again.

Extra features include auto-start after rebooting. It delays app locking and gives break-in alerts. It also has fingerprint reader power but only for Samsung devices.

  • It contains Ads.
  • This app controls vibrations.
  • It Avoids your phone from dozing off.
  • You can choose the unlock animation


  1. AppLock – Fingerprint (by SpSoft)-

Do your friends share your secrets with others but you do not want to take risks with the app you are installing? This app is reviewed with 4.3 stars. This app is as friendly as your best friend. Even your best friend can betray you but not this app.

  • It provides you with the feature of creating multiple passwords for every other app.
  • It has 3Mb space it’s phone friendly too



  1. Perfect Applock –

It can be hard to find a perfect boyfriend but not a perfect app for the safety of your data. In addition to the fingerprint, pin and pattern it has got a gesture password too.


  • There is a screen filter feature to manage the screen brightness.
  • It can prevent your phone from auto-rotating.
  • Remotely you may begin this carrier through the SMS command.


The final verdict is that you rely on the things which are best and comfortable so why are you choosy in selecting an app based on your privacy. I have listed the best apps based on their performance level. Although the taste buds of every person are extraordinary. So choose what relies on you the most. But don’t leave your phone unsecured if you are a confidential person. For more details please go through the about of the apps on google play.