Best Makeup Artist Apps 2022

So, you are looking for some makeup artist apps?Makeup in today’s world is given importance mostly by the female section, but it is equally important for both male and female. To create an application that will give thoughts and ideas about makeup, is pretty difficult. So, we will share some makeup apps that are created by people who have good amount of experience in makeup or you call them makeup artists. 

Some apps have the potential to turn a normal-looking picture with no picture into a professional picture with some small touch-ups.

You are probably here to get to know about the best 9 apps for makeup artists on the Google Play store. So, from here the list begins…

Best Makeup Artist Apps

Best Makeup Artist Apps

                Makeup Photo Editor Application:

Makeup Photo Editor Application is developed by Best Photo Apps. Without wasting more time, let’s get a good look at its features

              Features: –

  • It is user-friendly
  • It has different fashion accessories like lipsticks, eye-shadows, hairstyles, foundations, blush colours, and eyelashes
  • You can change the background of your selfie as per your choice
  • The feature that puts an automatic touch-up after you have taken a selfie, makes it more user friendly

The above were just the highlights, try it!

Rating: – 3.3 stars out of 5
App Link 

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              Makeup 365 Application:

Makeup 365 Application is developed by Oshihar Apps and again let’s dive into its features! Or else how would you choose?

              Features: –

  • It has a professional touch for virtual makeup
  • Including the faces, you can also experiment with the fashion statements as per your requirements
  • You can once again get the make accessories like lipsticks, colours, eyeliners, and brushes. Apart from this, you can also try out wedding makeup looks in this application.
  • It also has some flattering filters
  • You can also apply some pimple remover shades

Do you know, when you use an application for the longest, you get a good hold of it? Well, the same goes for this one. Try it!

Rating: – 3.3 stars out of 5
App Link: – 


              Beauty Makeup Editor Application

Beauty Makeup Editor Application is developed by Lyrebird Studio. So, all online makeup artists, here are the features:

              Features: –

  • This has some mind-blowing stuff like if you click a picture, it will automatically give an AI touch-up. This makes it user friendly.
  • It has beautifying eyes, whitening teeth, skin smoother, acne remover, lip sharper and hair colour changer
  • You can also customize your makeup look
  • It gives you some top-notch filters, effects that automatically resize your picture, and more
  • It also has a photo collage maker

You just need to download it from the link which is mentioned at the end!

Rating: – 4.1 stars out of 5
App Link: – 


              LOOKS-Real Makeup Camera Application

You got the LOOKS?! It is developed by SNOW, Inc. Read along to know the features of this flattering name!

              Features: –

  • This app makes the selfie look natural
  • You can also look beautiful with or without makeup look
  • You can add different makeup material onto your face
  • You will find different updates which only improve your work

To all the budding makeup artists, try it!

Rating: – 3.9 stars out of 5
App Link: – 


Beauty Photo Editor, Pretty Makeup & Selfie Camera Application

Face Makeup Camera and Photo Editor developed by Astralwire Studio is ‘perfect’ for those virtual makeup artists who want some high-quality outcomes.

              Features: –

  • It has many of the features that are available in Photoshop like the face makeup and makeup plus which are free
  • Features like ‘one-touch make’, ‘skin editor’, and ‘skin detector’ makes it more user-friendly and makes the picture look top-notch
  • You can approach a professional-looking touch-up and output.

It can be one of the best makeup artist apps, then why not try it?!

Rating: – 4.4 stars out of 5
App Link: – 


              Perfect 365-One-Tap Makeover Application

Perfect 365 by Perfect365, Inc. is one of the best apps for virtual makeup apps. Without wasting more time to fix that eye-liner, let’s jump into the features!

              Features: –

  • You can change your face and hair as per your choice with the different options that are provided in the app
  • It also has the one-tap makeover feature, so it stays true to its name
  • There are a lot of options that are created by the professionals in this artistic field
  • You have infinity custom colours to experiment with
  • There are about 200+ pre-set hot styles, you can try out only by tapping that install button
  • There are tutorials from many YouTube Makeup artists who show how to recreate the virtual look on your face

The app gives you daily tips on makeup and fashion along with recommendations of Beauty and fashion products to help you

Rating: – 4.3 stars out of 5
App Link: – 


              Face Beauty Makeup

Face Beauty Makeup is developed by Opeslink. Let’s stop beating around the bush and read the features, shall we?

              Features: –

  • It does not allow you to open up a camera rather uses the pictures from your album or gallery
  • You get all the primary features and accessories that apply to makeup like eye colour lens, hair colour shades, hats, and many more
  • Apart from that, you can use some basic jewelry like adding a diamond ring to your ears
  • You can also add some girl quotes in your pictures
  • They also got you covered with some filters too!

You will never get to know fully about the app until you download it on the phone!

Rating: – 3.5 stars out of 5
App Link: – 


              Pretty Makeup-Beauty Photo Editor Selfie Camera Application

This app developed by Photo Editor Perfect Corp. It would be one of the best apps if you are looking for an app that would give you some top-notch quality pictures. Enough, Blah Blah Blah… If you have read up to this, then why not read the features?

              Features: –

  • It has an auto-recognition feature so it would make your makeup look natural, eventually making your picture look more beautiful
  • It also has real-time beautifying effects and filters, and also ‘one-touch’ beauty effect
  • It has different makeup tools like hairstyle colours and accessories like eyewear to offer you
  • You can get some good motion stickers from it too!

Give this app a try; all you have to do is just download it and you can experience true awesomeness

Rating: – 4.4 stars out of 5
App link: – 


              Makeup Camera

Makeup Camera is developed by Photo Editor Perfect Corp. Before starting with the features, let me tell you that you are really into makeup art if you have come along this much. Means a lot! Keep scrolling to know the features!

              Features: –

  • You can reshape any portion of your face as it offers you the reshaping feature
  • You can add brushes and puffs just like traditional make-overs
  • You can remove eye bags, dark circles, and acne
  • You can also turn a dark eyebright

So why sit idle? Give this app a try, will you?

Rating: – 4.2 stars out of 5
App Link: – 


              By the way, which one are you choosing?

For real, you can pick whichever you want, it is subjective cause’ the moment you open an app and experiment with it, you will either like it or dislike it. Once you are truly comfortable with an app and its interface, you cannot deny that you would stick to it for the longest.


So, this was the list for the best 9 apps for makeup artists, and YES, it is a real thing. And once you get a good hang of it eventually your traditional makeup skills will improve. To make it happen, download it and be creative! BYE!