How To Lock WhatsApp With Pattern Or Password On Android?

WhatsApp is widely used by almost all of us right now. Isn’t it? A widely used platform for conversation and connectivity across the world.


But do you like it when everyone has access to your WhatsApp conversations without your consent? Perhaps there is anything that has to be kept private? Or some private chats that you might not feel ok to be seen by others!


Or want to prevent any invader from peeping into your WhatsApp chats? Whatever it be, it is ok about your reasons. But the question now arises how do you do that and what to do?


Thanks to WhatsApp! It provides the feature of locking the application using a fingerprint. You may also accomplish this via your smartphone settings. Now let us not take that too long but start with the methods to apply. Here, we go! Read till the end.


Locking WhatsApp With Phone Settings

You can try locking WhatsApp right from your phone settings. To do so, follow the steps below. Here, I share examples from a Samsung smartphone for reference. Almost the same procedure might apply to android users. So, here we get along with how to lock WhatsApp in Samsung.




Go to your smartphone settings. And there, head to the Lock and Mask Apps as for Samsung smartphones. It could differ for your phone but would mean the same.


So, head to Settings> Lock and Mask apps. You will find the Locked Apps option here, where you can see what apps are currently locked.


Or you can also click on the App Lock type to set the unlock methods of the locked apps.






In the App Lock type, you will find lock/unlock method options. It is your choice to add a Pattern, PIN or Password as the security.


It will apply not only to WhatsApp but also to all the applications that you lock. You can also add the Fingerprints lock. It will ask for your fingerprints when you click that button.


Put your finger on the sensor so that it will detect your fingerprint to add it.











Heading back to the Locked and Masks Apps, now you click on the Locked Apps option. You will see the apps that are locked. Especially the WhatsApp that we wish to lock over here.


If the app is not locked, you can do it using the Add option displayed on the top right half of the screen.













Clicking on the Add button, you can now select the WhatsApp Application radio button to add it to the locked apps if it is not locked.


Once you have made your choice, click done to finish the task.










Now, go to WhatsApp on your phone and open it. It will show the same as the picture shown beside. Here, you will find the fingerprint and pattern lock now added. You are free to make your selection based on your personal preferences.


Also, to mention that this feature of locking the app does not disregard the notifications. That means you will have the message notifications visible on the phone even in a locked state.



Also, WhatsApp gets locked only when you turn off the phone screen. If unlocked and the phone left without turning the screen off, WhatsApp will remain unlocked.


That was all about how to lock WhatsApp in Samsung or any other android phone using phone settings.



Locking WhatsApp Using WhatsApp Settings

Another way of locking WhatsApp is through WhatsApp Settings. It is a more sorted and suitable way of locking WhatsApp. Let us see how.


Locking WhatsApp in its settings allows the WhatsApp to be locked up immediately after every usage and closing of the app. Follow the following steps to lock up WhatsApp.




Open WhatsApp and further the Settings in WhatsApp from the top-right corner menu options.


You will see several options right here. But we choose the Account option since we need to add the lock to WhatsApp.


So, click on Account and proceed to the next step below.





In Account, you will find the several options as shown beside. Click on the Privacy option.


Remember these steps we are mentioning here will be the same for all android devices. That is because it is a feature of WhatsApp itself.


Isn’t it convenient to do? Yes, of course, it is!












When you click on Privacy, there is another window appearing on the screen with further new options.


But what we need here is the last option: Fingerprint lock. That is to lock WhatsApp.











Now enable the fingerprint lock by clicking the button. You can see the feature descriptions over here.


It means that only the chats remain confidential while you can answer calls even if WhatsApp is locked. Only WhatsApp gets locked, and you need to unlock it whenever you wish to open it.











To enable the lock function, you will now prompt up to authenticate your fingerprint.


Touch the sensor on your phone with your finger.  And it will be discovered and detected automatically by the phone.


Make sure that the sensor and your finger are clean when you place them for detection. It will confirm the fingerprint.





The automatic lock feature is now unlocked. Now, several new options come into the picture. You may specify how long WhatsApp remains locked once the app window is closed.


Setting it to Immediately will lock WhatsApp instantly as and when you move out of the app. The same follows for the other options as per their mentioned durations.


You can also turn on the notification visibility, or else the sender and message would not be visible in the new notifications.










Now, close WhatsApp and instantly try reopening it. You will see the window open as WhatsApp Locked. It will ask for your fingerprint to sense it.


That is how your WhatsApp is now locked and secured.











Now, you see the notifications will notify you about any WhatsApp message come up with time. But it would hide the sender and the message until you enable the preview of sender and message texts in the fingerprint lock settings as discussed above.















That was all about locking WhatsApp and how to lock WhatsApp in Samsung. The same would go for the rest of the Androids as well.


I hope this helps you. Try out on your smartphone both ways and let us know was it satisfying to you or not? Feel free to share any issues that you might face while locking the WhatsApp or if you did not get something.