Best 8Bit Music Maker Apps [ Updated Guide 2023 ]

Are you into music? Do you enjoy 8bit music? Do you compose as well? 8bit music is in trend nowadays because of its exceptional quality. People write their music, convert their favorite songs into 8bit music, etc. using 8bit music maker apps. These apps are the new love of the people who enjoy music. People usually don’t find apps that serve the purpose perfectly and gives up at the end. Are you among those who love to make unique 8bit music compositions, convert your previous saved music files into 8bit music, etc.? Don’t worry, we will help you out to find the perfect app? Here is the list of some of the useful and best 8bit music maker apps. Have a look: –

Best 8Bit Music Maker Apps

  • Tonepad: –


This app is for those who use iOS. You can easily make different tones and ringtones on it. The grid is 16*16 and allows you to select additional notes from the variable keys present on the screen. You have to compose a tone picking the notes of your choice, and VIOLA! This app is not complicated and can be used by anyone who wishes to form their ringtones set. The only thing that you might not like about this app is that the tones cannot be saved until to upgrade it to the paid version, which will cost you $0.99. 


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  1. RetroBoy Plugin: –


This app is straightforward and can be used by beginners. This can be used with Audacity to form 8bit music tones. If you are new in this field or even a pro at music composition, this app can still be useful. This app works nicely when you use it with audacity. 8bit music-making becomes significantly easy when you have some prior knowledge about Audacity and get this app as a plugin to form your music or tones. 


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  1. Magical 8bit plug: –


This app allows you to make fantastic musical sequences. It is a plugin and can be used with FL Studio, famous among music composers and lovers. This 8bit music maker allows you to use seven different wavelengths for a perfect tone composition. You can even use this plugin to add noise to make your tone more aesthetic and authentic. The best thing and the most noticeable part about it is that it is free of cost and can be used with different VSTs.


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  1. Piconica:-


This app is suitable for android users. It is slightly different from the same kind of apps as it doesn’t use the grid and keypad pattern for the composition and uses a keyboard layout for the composition instead. Even if it is different from others, you still can trust this app to create your tunes and ringtones as the quality isn’t compromised at any cost. It allows you to use square and triangle waves at different cycles for beautiful tone formation. There are 96 keys on the board which can be used for forming a tone. After the completion, you can save the file in WAV format. This app is free of cost and is excellent for those who use android and are interested in 8bit music. 


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  1. Nanoloop:-


This is the time to get happy for both iOS and Android users, as this is compatible with them. This particular app can be used for multiple purposes like sequencing, mixing, composing, etc. You get the flexibility at the highest level as it can be customized and even used by the beginners. This app is efficient for working at the professional level as you can form eight melodies on eight different channels with different patterns at the same time. You can add your stored tunes, make a fusion, do the mixing, and whatnot. The single disadvantage of using this app is that this fantastic piece is not free and will cost you around $3.99. 


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  1. BeeBox:-


This app is compatible when used on a web browser. Although it looks a bit complicated, it is pretty easy when you finally get into it. The layout of this app is a grid, and you can do a lot of professional editing with the tones here, like setting the tempo, reverb, adjusting the keys, adjusting the rhythm, etc. You can make your game melodies here using different waves. Except for the primary and preset waves like square, triangle, etc. you can use other instruments on this app. Tools include guitar, bass, etc. You can easily form your 8bit music quickly and save it in .wav, .json, and .mid file format. 


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  1. MusicLab:-


If you are looking for a super easy app for beginners, stop your research right here at this point. MusicLab is super easy and can be used on the web. Even kids interested in making music can use this to create simple melodies. You can easily choose the section of the grid you want to work on and switch the instruments in between as well. There are various instrument options like guitar, piano, etc. You can transfer the file from the browser to your PC in MIDI or WAV file format. Be rest assured about learning the 8bit music-making as it is quite simplified on MusicLab.


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  1. Can we use these apps for audio mixings?
  1. Yes, you can use a few of them for audio mixings as well.


  1. Can we convert already saved audio files into 8bit music using them?
  1. Yes, you certainly can.


  1. Are these apps paid?
  1. Some of them are, but some of them are easy in use and free. 


  1. Can we use instruments in these apps?
  1. Yes, you can switch and use multiple instruments for your melodies in the apps mentioned above.


Music-making is an art, and everyone loves to hear an artistic piece. If you are interested in making 8bit music, give your talent a chance and sharpen it using the mentioned apps. We hope that you will now finally be able to get a perfect fit as per your taste and device. Apart from that, we hope that we were able to remove all the possible doubts. Thank you so much for reading till the end.