✅10 Best Storm🌀 Alert Apps for Android 2022

Cannot keep up with weather reports on your television all the time due to work. Do you stay in a place where storms are more frequent than often and it cause’ a gigantic mess? Do you live near water bodies? Well, then here is the list of, “best storm alert apps for android.”

Why it is needed? Well, it is probably better to keep it because you do not want to get out when the weather is not nice and you need to prepare beforehand, isn’t it? You need to save up some food or water or electricity or if your house gets flooded with water then you need to prepare something, right?

If you have answered anything ‘yes’ then let us start with the list of, “10 best storm alert apps for android.”

Best Storm Alert Apps

Best Storm Alert Apps for Android

              Lightning Alarm Weatherplaza Application

Lightning Alarm Weatherplaza app developed by Infoplaza is a wonderful app that you can get on the Play Store. Let’s see the features, shall we?

              Features: –

  • It gives you the idea that where it is most likely to occur and whether it would strike your place
  • You can see the movement of the storm and its intensity and select a safe route or location as per your requirements
  • It would alert you two hours in advance
  • Based on your locations, it would alert you fifteen minutes beforehand before it begins in your area
  • It has some top-notch weather data and you can trust it for its accuracy

It is never too late, and if you live in places prone to storms, then you know you should download it.

Rating: – 4.7 stars out of 5



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Weather Radar Free Application

Weather Radar Free App developed by Accurate Weather Forecast and Weather Radar Map lets you acknowledge many types of weather like rain, storm, etc.

              Features: –

  • Huge information with real-time weather reports
  • As told previously it lets you know about any weather so you can keep an eye on occurrences like rain, snow, clouds, temperature, humidity, waves, winds, pressure, and current
  • You get to know about the weather forecast, every day and even hourly!
  • You can select any other locations and see the weather over there. If you have your near ones staying somewhere else, you can check the weather over that place.
  • You can set notifications based on certain weathers as per your choices. Not just for storms, but also another weather phenomenon.

Sounds like a good deal, isn’t it? 

Rating: – 4.6 stars out of 5

Enjoying the list of, “10-best storm-alert apps for android 2022” so far? Well then keep scrolling!


              Rain Alarm Application

Rain Alarm app developed by Michael Diener- Software e. K. is an app that stays true to its words!

But I cannot confirm you without saying about the features. So,  let’s go through them.

              Features: –         

  • It provides you with an easy map which makes it user-friendly
  • You can get to know about rain, hail, and rain, or snow based on your locations
  • It gives you a short-term forecast that would help you understand the forecast better
  • It would give you a notification which is set by you using the Settings
  • It has a widget and other functions, try it to get to know about the app more in-depth

Remember: more interaction with the app would help you to understand the same better. If you are living in an area prone to heavy rain, then you should probably try it.

Rating: – 4.3 stars out of 5


      NOAA Weather Radar Live & Alerts – Clime Application

NOAA Weather Radar Live and Alerts- Clime app developed by Weather or Not Apps, is one of the most efficient apps on this list of, “10-best storm-alert apps for android 2022.” Scroll to know the features!

Features: – 

  • It provided you with a very animatic map that enhances your interactions with this app
  • You can keep track of the weather which is happening around your place
  • You also get the privilege to set up multiple other locations if your near ones live over there or if you have the curiosity like me to know what is happening in a particular area
  • You can set some notifications for any specific unnatural weather patterns
  • This app, including many apps, can help you see the weather of far countries but it is limited
  • You can set the background and frames as per your requirements

Just try!

Rating: – 4.0 stars out of 5


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Custom Weather Alerts Application

Custom Weather Alerts app developed by Vazquez Software gives you a forecast with high accuracy. This is also an app which would give you information about different weather phenomena which happening around.

There are different alerts for wind, cloudiness, fog, temperature, and rain. But as usual, it gives you information about a selected few other countries. However, the information is based on the NOAA model, which ensures a trustful result.

It provides you with different services based on your location, but you can customize the alerts for the storms and other kinds of stuff, with an alarm tone that you can set by yourself. You select your location by yourself or use the GPS.

And by all these features it makes its way to the list of, “10-best storm-alert apps for android 2022.”

Rating: – 4.3 stars out of 5


              My Hurricane Tracker- Tornado Alerts and Warnings Application

My Hurricane Tracker- Tornado Alerts and Warnings app developed by jRustonApps B. V. is a mind-blowing app as it gives you a tool to track cyclones, tornados, and storms from the device that is a smartphone which you may use right now to read this article!

It is one of the best apps on this list of, “10-best storm-alert apps for android 2022.” Here’s why- 

              Features: – 

  • The is set into its minimalistic way for not to overwhelm and confuse the user with an enormous amount of information and you can customize as per your requirements
  • It will notify you whenever there is any storm based on your locations to ensure your safety
  • The satellite imagery assures you of more well-grounded information

If your safety and if you do not want another mess in your house that happened during the previous storms for not being well prepared, then you should check it out!

Rating: – 4.6 stars out of 5


You are halfway through the list of, “10-best storm-alert apps for android 2022.” If you picked an app then great! If you did not there are 5 more to look into!

              Storm Track 5 Application

Storm Track 5 developed by Sinclair Digital interactive Solution is a mind-blowing app that gives you the privilege to acknowledge forecasts from weather station content. Let us see why it is in the 10-best storm-alert apps for android 2022. 

Features: – 

  • You can see the predictions of weather that are provided in this app with a high-quality resolution of a 250-meter radar
  • You can check out the weather forecast of multiply locations and save them so that you can keep track of them
  • The app is updated frequently to make you aware if there is an abnormal weather pattern
  • You can set it up for notifications, and the information is given by the National Weather Service

It is truly trustful and check it out!

Rating: – 4.2 stars out of 5


              Rain Radar Application

Rain Radar app developed by Simon Hocevar is a wonderful app, as it provides you with information on any heavy rain. To know the reason why it is on the list of, “10-best storm-alert apps for android 2022.” Scroll down

              Features: – 

  • It gives you the information about any rain which would happen in your area with a couple few clicks
  • It is updated frequently so that you would not be when you know about the rain
  • It is available in a selected few cities
  • It helps you save some extra battery juice as it does not drain your battery life and your data usage that much as compared to many others

You would not find it if it works for you until you! It is all trial-and-error methods until you come across the right app.

Rating: – 4.3 stars out of 5


              Today Weather- Widget, Forecast, Radar, and Alert Application

Today Weather- Widget, Forecast, Radar and Alert app developed by todayweather.co gives you a forecast with high accuracy in your cities by using beautiful imagery. Making it one of a kind in the list of, “10-best storm-alert apps for android 2022.”

              Features: – 

  • The focus point in this app is to provide you with a good forecast with beautiful imagery for your better and clear understanding and not to confuse you.
  • Many types of weather are represented by different saturation levels and the time of the day is realized over there.
  • The forecasts are updated hourly with different weather parameters like wind speed and direction, humidity, probability of precipitations, and more.
  • To get an in-depth knowledge of the forecast, you need to swipe down, and to change the geographical location you need to swipe from left to right.
  • It would notify you if there is a change in the weather and also alert you during any tornado or a storm.
  • It will allow you to keep an eye on the weather without even opening the app.

There are so many features that the app offers, and you can get it all by just downloading the app.

Rating: – 4.3 stars out of 5


              Storm Radar: Weather Tracker Application

Storm Radar: Weather Tracker app developed by The Weather Channel provides you with high accuracy and detailed forecast. Making it one of the best apps in 10-best storm-alert apps for android 2022.

              Features: –

  • You will get a highly detailed map with the weather forecast for the next eight whole hours. After knowing that, if you find anything out of the place, then you should probably prepare for that.
  • There is a feature called “Track the Storm” where you will get to know when the storm is approaching, how strong and long it would be, and if it will be along with hail, wind, or tornado
  • You can get to know more about tropical hurricanes, their duration and how fast it is or their speed
  • You can get a forecast on various parts of the planet just with a couple of clicks
  • It uses GPS to locate your location or you can just type it down
  • The interface is user friendly

All those goods with just a click! Sounds like a perfect deal!

Rating: – 4.5 stars out of 5


With that, we come to an end of the list of, “10-best storm-alert apps for android 2022.”


All the mentioned apps are having a decent amount of ratings, making it one of the reasons to add them to the list of, “10-best storm-alert apps for android 2022.” As said earlier, it is all trial-and-error methods. So, once you get comfortable by using a specific app along with its interface and features it offers, you may go ahead with it.

This is what we covered in the list of the best 10 storm-alert apps for Android 2022! Let us know in the comments if we have missed anything and your thoughts and opinions.