Best Adult Colouring Book apps for Android [ Updated Guide 2023 ]

Best Adult Colouring Book apps for Android: An Illusion of Rainbow. Art is a way to express yourself. Some are poets who use words to express themselves, some are Dancers, some play with the lyrics to exhibit themselves. And some by Drawing. Only a person who feels you can find out the hidden message in your Art. Be it aesthetic painting, well-penned poetry, or a flawless Dance on a synchronized lyrics. 


So who are you? How do you express yourself? 

Well, I know someone who prefers drawing to express and is so keenly interested in pouring her talents on a canvas. There are people who draw daily and if they are not able to they feel uneasy

Well, what do they do while travelling? 

And how do they paint when there’s no canvas or drawing book? 


There are parents who don’t believe in their ward’s passion so what do these children do.? 

If you are an artist do tell us about it. 


So I know a person related to this and what she does is carry a notebook together, a pencil to draw and some crayons as she loves to fill colours while travelling and when she reaches home she makes the same on her drawing book. 


Inspired by this I can also tell you a way perfectly fitting you and helping you with the drawings and colouring.  you may not be able to draw but you can color. 

In this. article I will be telling you the best colouring apps for adults. 

There are plenty of apps available on Android but here based on the reviews and ratings and personal beliefs I have listed down some free colouring for adults and even paid one too if you are interested. Well, you can always frugally download the paid ones. 

Adult colouring Book apps

  • Colorist : Adult Coloring Book 

If you crave for peace while you travel and there is a lot of hustle around and of course you are passionate about drawing so there’s where your peace lies. This app will let you unleash the artist in you which may be due to being a wallflower, and is afraid that people won’t like your art. Well an artist doesn’t care what people will think. He Draws for himself. With this app you can color any picture of any genre like flowers, animals, landscapes, patterns, mosaics by number or any fantasy from nature to mandalas whatever you like this app has got many things. And when you reach home just replicate it and ask people about their review’s as you can share it easily on any social media. Use Your finger as the tool,

acts like a paint brush. Your mother will be happy that you are not painting on her walls. With this app you can set your bars high and achieve heights. 


source of the image and download from here 


  • Mandalas Coloring Pages (200+ free Templates) 

An artist suffering from any mental illness should go for this app as the psychologists have proved that mandalas are for intense concentration which helps you to meditate which is reached by acquiring a state of mind by relaxing yourself and dwelling just in art. Mindfulness is your strategy where you just think about art. So this will help you attain strength to deal with your mental health. Plus this app also provides relaxing music which is like a cashew in your mango juice savoury at its best. You can use any color palette at any mandala you like. 

If you have no idea what mandala is, let me tell you. It is a Sanskrit word for circle Which indicates Hinduism and Buddhism. The universe is represented by the mandala.  The gaps are precisely filled and has improvement. Templates are set by different categories based on mandalas, geometry and nature. Your mental health and your passion are the two important things you should be worried about and cure it simultaneously. 

source and download the app from here 


  • Coloring Book Pro : Adult Coloring Pages to Relax. 

There are apps for color therapy which let you relax. This one was highly rated among them. You must have heard of aromatherapy and here’s one more that’s color therapy. The good thing is that there is no advertisement between your colouring page. You can relieve your stress with the help of this app as it has got not just the Mandalas but also different features you can paint. With the help of this app you can motivate other people by sharing your work. You can also remake the Art on your Canvas.  This app also helps you to create pallets over more than two thousands colors. Colour your life with these spectacular palettes. And the good thing is that you don’t need any sort of subscription for this, it’s completely free of cost. So why go to any psychologist when you can escape with your stress with this one. There are 1000+ photos which will help you relax and color and create outstanding aesthetic art with beautiful palettes and stunning effects and around 60+ collections. Motivate yourself and share it with your friends.

Source of the image and download it from here 


  • Diamond Number coloring. Glitter coloring book 


Glitters attract people the most.  You know that diamond is the most attractive of all and what’s more interesting than a colouring book made of glittering diamonds. Girls, this is a masterpiece like you. An art is also like a diamond unique in its kind. Sparkling pictures about more than a thousand. Multiple sorts of brushes available which are sparkle diamond, glitter,  heart of diamond and crystals shining. What’s more beautiful than a princess dress jewelled with diamond and that too you are the one to design it. How will everything in diamond look? you wanna know it? Then try this app out and tell the whole world about it by sharing it with your friends. You can also set an animated wallpaper with this one however ads are there. Instead of the brushes there are numbers and Letters to paint it. You can undo and erase with hide and show features on a template. Shine your art with this app. 


source of the image and download it from here 


  • CraZe 

Are you Crazy about your art and passionate about your craziness? Well you can add your cherry in the ice cream with the help of this app it will enhance your curiosity to draw and will help you to relax and make awesome amazing drawings with the effects and brush and push your imagination to your extent. You can set loose to your creativity and alter the parameters to draw unique pieces of art with the help of this app. Share your work so that others can see that in the app itself. Confused what to do while you stand in a bank line and it’s very big or irritated at the bus or bored at sitting home you can just use this app for the purpose.  From simple to making it complex by adding effects, symmetry, etc. It helps you create awesome ideas which didn’t stick in your mind at first but when you went with the flow it did. This app will take you to a world of symmetry, with mirrored axis and rotations with colorful experience. If you are into maths and arts then this is probably the app for you as it takes you to the world of kaleidoscope In algebra as a painting. Use this app for amazing drawing. 


source of the image and download the app from here 


  • Tattoo Pixel Art Color By number adult Paint Book 

Are you into Tattoos built on your body and want to become a tattoo artist but your parents won’t allow you to but still you can manage it with the help of this app as this app provides you the best tattoo colorings and paintings in which you get to fill the colors of your choice. 

You can make or replicate it on your own body and how amazing would it look that you yourself have to decide. From any animal or floral painting to mandalas, any design you can choose. This app colors by the help of numbers. Tattoo on your hand or the place you like 

Source of the image and download the app from here 


  • Paint Color : Coloring Games & Adult Coloring Book 

You can draw your own adult coloring book and paint color from a wide range of artworks and with the help of this app which provides swiftness and easily coloring books or sandbox coloring pages can help you with that. The puzzles are present in different categories like special characters, Animals , Flowers, landscapes and unicorns too. It helps you live in the fairy world of imagination through your There are different themes like Halloween theme, Christmas party and Thanksgiving themes all depending on your mood to paint. 

You can take help Or review by the help of watching short videos and you can with the help of your achievement get a bonus for your drawings. Have a good time with your art and place your mind in a good place. 



If you are an. Art enthusiast who loves to follow your passion anywhere anytime and everywhere then you have come to the right place. These Adult coloring book apps will improve your motor skills and make you from a beginner to a pro by the help of them. It will help you calm while being creative. I hope you liked this article and one of it helps you relieve your mental health. Lets you focus or keeps away your stress. Use what suits you the best and do tell us in the comments section which one of the following was your favorite. Have fun and entertain yourself with these apps. Have a spiritual time with brainstorming creative ideas. You have any query then you can always ping us. Have a great day and take care. Be safe and secure. Thank you 



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The coloring orders are based on the ratings and reviews. Be it Mandalas and these bring out the aesthetic artist in me. Continue reading to find out, what suits the best