✅50 Must Have Free iPhone📱 Apps You Can’t Miss

Free iPhone Apps: Apple iPhone is renowned for its innovative technology as well as a high-security alert. Due to its user-friendly and stylish design and technology, the iPhone has now become one of the most preferred mobile phones among people in business, entrepreneurs, and professionals. 

The Apple app store provides its customers with more than 1 million apps. It is a complex process to find the best suited, finding valuable and must-have apps. The list presents you with a few of the best 50 must-have apps for iPhones that you might not know. 

It includes iPhone applications for weather, games, productivity, news, photography as well as finance.

Free iPhone Apps

Free iPhone Apps for News/Weather:

  • Umao

Have a hectic schedule? No time to read? With Umao, one can listen to articles from renowned publishers and bloggers narrated by voice actors. Whether one is commuting, cooking at home, or working out at the gym, let Umano help you to enrich your day.


  • Prismatic

Prismatic is the jack of all trades for all types of interests. One can select their hobby and topics, and the Prismatic app will process and search for novels based on the acceptance of the post. One can also comment on your favorite novels or short stories, talk with friends, and send the articles through Facebook and Twitter.


  • Feedly

The Feedly app is considered the “de facto king” of RSS newsreaders if Google Reader is not there. One can download the Google RSS feeds into the Feedly app and effortlessly send content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ directly or through Buffer. The app also joins Instapaper, Evernote, and Pocket.


  • Effing Weather

Getting bored of the old weather apps? Well, download the Effing Weather app and get to know over a hundred humorous and jolly phrases that tell customers the present-day weather, such as:

– Are you kidding me?

– Why don’t you inform your comrades on Twitter how Effing hot it is


  • Accu Weather

A favorite weather app is chosen based on how one likes his/her information presented. AccuWeather also recently added a new hurricane tracker feature. Eric Floehr puts AccuWeather at the highest level for weather forecast givers across the globe.


  • NASA

The official app of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration includes news and marvelous images of the space and sky — from Pluto(the dwarf planet) in amplified color to Perseus and the Lost Meteors. One can watch videos on various topics, including NASA’s return to Venus and a tribute to astronaut John Glenn. 


  • Tides Near Me

If one is fond of boating, fishing, searching for shells, surfing, or merely wants to relax on the sand, it is essential to know the tide timing, the currents, and the weather forecast. It allows one to plan one day ahead. This also informs the hours the sun and moon will rise and set. Its data is received from above 5k+ tidal stations in the US and overseas. 


Free iPhone Apps for Social Media

  • TalkTo

With TalkTo, one is allowed to text messages to millions of regional businesses in the United States and Canada. One can also view answers to other shoppers’ questions and ask their questions.

  • Clubhouse

Clubhouse allows its user to chat with people from all over the globe. It turned the input audio into a new type of social media channel. Participants can form unique chat rooms and clubs with various topics of choice and hobbies. 

Clubhouse once began as an invitation-only but now is open to all, and many celebrities have already taken part. 


  • Meetup

Meetup lets one meet with people who have similar interests and can pair one with beyond 300k+ nearby and online groups and 100k+ weekly incidents. It helps users find a nearby book club, dance party, hiking group, or someone they would like to spend time with.


  • Nextdoor

Nextdoor is about one’s society. If someone needs a worker or a dog companion, they need to search for a missing pet and garage sales. If one has just recently shifted, Nextdoor can make it easy to introduce oneself to neighbors.


  • Glympse

Glympse is the easiest way to securely share and send the location with anyone in real life. Receivers receive a secure link that allows the people to see the location in time.


  • Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar is by far many’s favorite calendar app. It has fantastic features, including the ability to see the pictures of people they are meeting with the help of LinkedIn and the weather forecast according to one’s location.


  • Timehop

Timehop is all about digital reminiscing. Timehop shows the users all the posts from a mentioned calendar day to the recent years, and one can also send what they like in docs or on social media.


Fre iPhone apps for Food and Dining

  • OpenTable

It reserves tables at above 52k+ restaurants across the globe, filtering the search based on price, cuisine, rating, and the number of people. One could look at the menu and decide if I’d like to dine outside, at the bar, or at a counter. 

One can also order packed food in some cases. 


  • Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools

Yummly is noticed more in comparison with similar apps for its collection of 1+ million recipes. One can select all the favorite cuisines. One may also list diet preferences, such as pescatarian or vegan, and ingredients one I’d like to avoid.


  • Vivino: Buy the Right Wine

Capture a picture of a wine label or diner’s wine list in order to know its price, reviews, and food recommendations. Vivino has information on 10+ million wines from above 231k wineries.


Free iPhone Apps for Education

  • Duolingo

This language learning app provides self-paced, bite-size lessons and mini-games for more than a dozen languages, including German, French, Spanish, and many more. 


  • Khan Academy

One can take courses in subjects from math, sciences, and history to grammar, economics, and computer programs. Hundreds of collaborative problems and downloadable tapes are included, allowing one to continue studying even without the internet.


  • Libby

Libby is the portal to checking out free online books and books in audio from the library. Above 90% of the public libraries buy a minimum of some collection from OverDrive, the company supporting Libby.


Free iPhone Apps for Fun and Games

  • Fun Run

Fun Run is an online, real-time multiplayer game where the user can team up with a number of players at the same time. One can play with friends or get paired up with non-specific players from around the globe.


  • Your Extra Life

YourExtraLife is like a lifelike game. Players can move forward by completing challenges in nightlife, cooking, romance, altruism, and culture. The app is prepared with a set of challenges. To complete a challenge, one must submit a picture as proof to be later verified.


  • Revel

Revel is a multiplayer, real-time photo scavenger game. It is where one needs to search for and photo objects, scenarios, and people. When one gets 5 in a row – they win.


  • Find a Way, José

Find a Way, José is a good puzzle game where one has to move blocks to make way for the prime character, José, to his tequila.


  • Lumosity

Designed by neuroscientists, Lumosity trains your attentive character as well as memory. Used by more than 40 million people all over the globe, Lumosity creates Individual specialized training that keeps your brain always active.


  • Chess Play and Learn

Chess.com’s Chess Play & Learn lets one have a game with a PC or players from across the globe at the chosen level.


  • Jeopardy

Jeopardy follows similar rules, except the answers are in the form of multiple-choice. One can pair up against the PC or other users.


  • Psych! Outwit Your Friends

Psych! is a group game in which one tries to deceive other participants into choosing wrong answers to the asked nonsensical questions while trying to reach the correct answers yourself.


  • Words With Friends 

This is a popular mobile as well as PC game where the challenges challenge others to a wordplay. It has a Smart Match feature that pairs players with similar skill levels as yours. 


Free iPhone Apps for Health and fitness

  • AllTrails

Are you interested in backpacking, camping, bird watching, horseback riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, and snowshoeing? This app helps you find such activities. 


  • Charity Miles

This app changes one’s isometrics into currency for charity. The miles you bike, run, dance, or walk are tracked by this app and calculate a donation amount to be donated to a charity. 


  • Daily Haloha

Daily Haloha delivers a similar thought-provoking prompt every day. Your Haloha answer is arbitrarily sent to some other user. Halohas that inspire you can be shared and saved to a scrapbook.


  1. Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder

The app convinces users to take their daily medicine with creative message technology. This app also prevents the handling of dangerous extra doses.


  • Insight Timer – Meditation App

The app contains music and ambient sounds, a great meditation that helps you deal with anxiety, stress disorder and sleep better. One can learn from any meditation teachers worldwide and have notifications when they produce new content. 


  1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal helps you count the calories of each food item as it has an extensive searchable database of all types of foods. It also allows the user to join communities with similar people. This app also helps you keep track of one’s weight and workout routines.


Free iPhone Apps for Home and organization

  • Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor

It helps you design more expert photographs. Adobe, the company heading Photoshop, gives one a set of tools in the Lightroom. One is allowed to edit photos and adjust an image’s luminance, exposure, saturation, texture, and shadows.


  • Bitwarden Password Manager

Since you are a free user of the app, you can synchronize passwords with every one of your devices, store them in an online memory and generate a password yourself.


  • Craigslist

This app helps its users find roommates, upload résumé, post pictures to sell things and hire contractors. But if you want to sell cars or employers posting job offers have to pay the price as a fee while others are free.


  • Houzz – Home Design & Remodel

Houzz has 20 million photos that you can access, which are filtered by room, design, and location. It also has a sketch feature, where you can draw and search accordingly. A 3D feature helps the users imagine what a center table would look like besides the sofa in the living room.


  • PhotoScan

PhotoScan is an app made by Google Photos that lets you scan and take photos of printed photographs or drawings that one would like to have in their online collection as an addition. 


  • What’s it worth on eBay

It isn’t easy to know how much should be charged on eBay or somewhere else to sell. This app gives the user an idea of the average price rate based on eBay’s previous week’s prices and auction prices.


  • Zillow Real Estate & Rentals

Zillow has a huge list of houses and apartments that customers can scroll through one by one and also know about the community. Zillow also has agents to choose from after viewing their profiles. 


Free iPhone Apps for Music and entertainment

  • Audacy

Formerly known as Radio.com allowed one to tune live and local music, sports, news, talk, and comedy FM stations as well as podcasts. Now here, one can listen to live radio from 24 hours before. Themed music stations are also available on Audacy. 


  • IMDb

IMDb is owned by Amazon, which is short for Internet Movie Database. It is an online review site of celebrity, movie, and television facts, including awards, cast info, box office data, famous quotes, reviews, plot summaries, showtimes, trailers, etc. 


  • RadioGarden

Radio Garden, which is Amsterdam-based, lets one have access to live radio stations worldwide that broadcast 24/7 in a day. It provides a 3D globe where you can tap on a green dot that represents a city station broadcasting from that area or search a particular country, city, or station in the search box.


  • Shazam

Shazam can find you the title or singer of a song in a matter of seconds. It can recognize maximum songs on the TV, musical performances, radio, or even recordings at a party. 


  • Spotify

It has a collection of over 70 million songs, including around 3+ million podcasts. It also arranges recommendation playlists, and you also can make your own. 


  • Tunity

Tunity helps you hear what is going on a muted TV through the sound of your phone. All you need to do is take your camera toward the TV, scan it, and then start to hear the audio as soon as it recognizes the TV station. Tunity does not work on all stations, only on live TV.


Free iPhone Apps for Travel and transportation

  • Airbnb

The app helps its users search, book, and pay for staying in a host’s house or extra room worldwide. It also allows you to list a place to rent, which becomes some source of income. Airbnb charges fees for booking a location for both hosts and people.


  • Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

The app is Google-owned, a navigation app that helps you plan for trips and avoid traffic. You, or any other person in your car, can report accidents, dangers, and overcrowding along the route.

These were the much needed 50 must have apps for your iPhone you cannot to afford to miss.