10 Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android 2022

Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android: Ghost hunting is a blanket term for many activities that all fall under the same umbrella. It encompasses just about everything that regular investigatory and detective work consists of and includes other important factors such as monitoring and interpreting sensitive instruments. These devices serve numerous functions, ranging from communication with any spirits or ghosts to isolate their location, and in some extreme and costly cases, even trapping the ghosts.

Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android

However, if you know anything about ghost-hunting, you know that it’s an expensive business to get into. The equipment, the machinery, the expertise, none of that comes cheap. For anyone who’s just getting into the activity, it can all seem a bit daunting, and especially if they just want to get into this for fun, they may not want to empty their wallets. While professionals and more experienced and advanced ghost hunters may scoff at mobile ghost-hunting, the truth is that your phone has a lot of the same sensors as their expensive machinery.

Now, of course, their equipment is no joke. The sensors they’re using are a lot more sensitive, their devices can be appropriately calibrated and attuned to the required baselines. In a flat-out contest, of course, the device dedicated to the job will win. But with how advanced and capable phones are nowadays, you can get a fair bit of work done with nothing but a phone in your hand. 

A huge problem in the mobile phone ghost-hunting market is fakes and counterfeits that are just trying to scam some money out of this activity. Ghosts, spirits, and ghost-hunting are taken as a bit of a joke because of all the misleading media and terrible content just trying to capitalise on a genuine phenomenon experienced by millions. 

It’s a similar case to what happened to sharks, shark enthusiasts, and marine biologists. Ever since the release of Jaws in 1975, sharks have got a terrible reputation, and many people fear them for no real reason. Did you know that in 2020, there were a total of 57 unprovoked shark attacks on humans? That’s it, 57 for the entire year. Out of these, only 10 were fatal. For comparison, if we only take into account the particular state of California – not even looking at the rest of the United States, let alone the rest of the world – there have been 3,723 deaths due to motor vehicle accidents in 2020. These statistics are often shocking to the general public because of all the media hype and exaggeration around sharks. 

Comparing the media issues surrounding sharks to ghosts, who’ve had centuries of terrible content and media written about them, it’s easy to see why people have cemented this phenomenon as an easily dismissible hoax. Of course, ghost hunters know that even if the things we define as ghosts aren’t what these phenomena indicate, there’s still something going on that’s not quite right. While maybe not the most stable business model or long-term financial investment, ghost-hunting is still an enjoyable, eye-opening and exciting activity for anyone interested in urban exploration or who just wants to have some fun with spooky activities.

With that being said, let’s get into this compilation list of my favourite ghost-hunting apps, specifically for Android.

Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android

SensorLab by LP Ellis

Kicking off this list is an app that isn’t even explicitly designed for ghost-hunting purposes. SensorLab just lets users see the raw data interpreted by their device’s sensors, all laid out in appropriate presentations. Since this app isn’t specifically targeted at ghost hunters, it features an uncharacteristically clean and concise user interface design. A bonus is that the base app is free, although a pro version is available for relatively cheap.

Remember that more recent Android versions, from around version 10 onwards, might lose some functionality due to internal Android restructuring of how the sensors function and record data. Many users have emailed the developer, but until they update the app, some of the sensor information might be non-functional or incorrect. So, if you have an older Android lying around, you might want to use that instead.

SensorLab can be used to achieve many different activities and actions, and one of those is ghost-hunting. Now, of course, this article can’t fully encompass and explain the concepts of ghost-hunting itself and how you should read or interpret the data available to you. But, if your phone can gather any data from its sensors, this app will accurately tell you what that data is, and any further interpretation and actions based on that data are up to you.

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EchoVox by Big Beard Studios

This one’s more a collection of apps than just one individual app. If you have to pick one, I would recommend going with the EchoVox System 3.0, but many users seem to prefer the older 2.0 or even some of the other EchoVox versions on the Play Store under the Big Beard Studios name.

Big Beard Studios is an application development collective that has been around for quite a while and has also created one of the other apps on this list. They’re pretty well-known around ghost-hunting circles and have made a name for themselves by regularly uploading their YouTube channel under the same name. It’s a really interesting channel, even if the views are a bit low for these relatively well-known enthusiasts. On their YouTube channel, you’ll find tutorials and demonstrations of EchoVox as well as some of their other apps. They even have some developer logs and general ghost-hunting and exploration videos if you scroll a little bit through their catalog.


SGK1 and SGK2 – Ghost Hunting Kits by Spotted: Ghosts

Spotted: Ghosts, the app development group, has many apps on the Google Play Store, and about all of them are related to – you guessed it – ghost-hunting. These developers have a lot of experience, and when they say that these kits have all the tools needed for ghost-hunting, I trust them. These are fantastic multi-functional apps that will take you very far into the hobby just by themselves.

The user interface might turn some people away since it can be a little garish, and there are ads when you start a session. Still, it has a comprehensive library of sounds and snippets that mean nothing on their own but can be compiled by ghosts or spirits to communicate. That’s essentially also how a spirit box works, in case you were curious.

As for the differences between these two apps, there aren’t that many, per se. They look almost identical and function essentially the same way, but they have some backend differences and changes that might pick up on something different that other individual apps may not on their own, so you might want to run both the apps on two different devices for higher accuracy.


Ghost Tracker by LaxTon Ghost Sweden

This app is probably by far my favourite on this list. However, right off the bat, you’ll notice that it is paid. It does do quite a lot for such a simple and small app, though. The most significant advantage it has over most others on this list is that it portrays information in a very concise, clean, and professional way; it’s not cluttered, it’s not hard to decipher. These factors may not seem like substantial selling points, but they matter a lot when you’re ghost-hunting, and every second counts when you’re in the field.

LaxTon Ghost Sweden is formed by two individuals who produce many different types of content and currently run ARG (Alternate Reality Game) when writing this article. They also have a website, a YouTube channel, and a podcast. They’re heavily invested in this business and know a lot about it. I trust this app and think it’s definitely worth the price tag, even if it is relatively expensive for what it seems to be.

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Sono X10 Spirit Box

Before we even get into the section for this one, I need to mention that Sono X10 Spirit Box is no longer on the Google Play Store. However, this does not mean that you cannot install this app on an Android phone. You just need to use a workaround. You’ll have to install a ‘.apk’ file. If you’re uncomfortable with that or don’t have any experience with .apk files and would rather not try this one, feel free to skip this section.

For the rest of you, you’ll just have to find an “apk” file of the Sono X10 Spirit Box. Even if the UI might be a little dated by modern standards, the app itself is pretty good. It’s free since you won’t be installing it from the Play Store, and it brings a lot of utility in a unique method. I recommend trying it out, and if you’re inexperienced with .apk files, it isn’t that difficult. 


Ghost Hunting Tools by Weasel

Yes, I know this is just supposed to be a simulation and for entertainment purposes. It’s not on this list because I thought it was real, no. It’s a handy and helpful tool to help train beginners and amateurs. And if you’re already a professional, this can function as a relaxing, familiar functioning simulation, but you’ll be secure in the knowledge that it’s not real. I don’t have a lot to say about this one, but yes, if you’re looking for something real and functional right off the bat, then this is not for you.

SV-1 and SV-2 SpiritVox by Big Beard Studios

Another couple of apps by the aforementioned Big Beard Studios, the SV-1, and SV-2 SpiritVox, are beneficial spirit box/voice analysis applications that work through a similar audio-snippet functionality as the SGK Ghost Hunting Kits. Keep in mind that the SV-2 is paid, while the SV-1 classic has a free and ultimate paid version edition. They’re both outstanding, but the free version comes with some predictable downsides and missing features. However, at the very least, it provides an easy point to playtest and see if you like using the base app and might want to upgrade.


Ghost Detector – EM4 Sensor by Talgame Ent.

While at first glance, Talgame’s app may look similar to Weasel’s Ghost Hunting Tools due to the various disclaimers not guaranteeing accuracy and the clear statement that the app is only for entertainment purposes, this is all only done to avoid legal consequence and legislation. The actual app is a fully functional EM4 detector that will detect the electromagnetic disturbances left by spirits and ghosts. The developer seems to discourage use in serious work actively, but that’s once again only because of legal obligation.


I hope this list was able to help any newcomers to this highly exhilarating and fun activity. However, even if you’re not a newcomer, this list is still an encapsulation of some of the best ghost-hunting applications that I’ve been able to find and use for Android. Regardless, I hope you’re able to use these apps to their full extent and have some fun with the actual experience of ghost-hunting before you spend a fortune on types of equipment just to discover that it may not be the right activity plan for you.