✅9  Best Ab💪 Workout Apps with Zero Investment 2022

 Imagine you’re lazily lying on your couch, watching your favourite Netflix show with a pizza slice in your hand. Just then you hear a ting sound on your phone.
You check it and find your long-awaited crush accepted to go on a date with you.

You nervously look at your belly.

It felt like a sucker punch.

“I wish I had a little more time, I’d have exercised a bit…..”


But on the other hand, you would have to go through a strenuous time period in a gym
with all those equipment and exercises and
have a backache while returning home, right?


Guess what you can start maintaining your shape right from your cosy home.
No equipment, no investments – nothing.
And this is where we come in!

Today we are bringing in a list of 9 Best Abs Workout apps for Android which aim at providing a well-structured and organized plan for losing belly fat and building rock-solid abs.
These apps are tailor-made with scheduled routines, tracking records, customizations and many more.

So, without further ado, let’s get right to the list.

Best Ab Workout Apps

1.Six Pack in 30 Days – Abs Workout

Rating4.9             Developer – Leap Fitness Group

Downloads – 10Cr+

Size – 13 MB



The numbers speak for themselves. With over 10Cr+ downloads and a 4.9 rating, this app is undoubtedly the top-grossing app in the “Abs” department. With unique level-based workouts, a 30-day routine, along with seamless video guides –  sculpting abs have never been this easy. 


  • A well-designed 30-day abs workout routine followed by professionals
  • Easy adjustment of workout intensity to ensure everyone is at their pace
  • Quick workout reminders to never miss a routine
  • A step-by-step guide to starting your daily workout routine today


  1. Abs Workout

Rating – 4.6                 Developer – Arbor Ltd

Downloads – 10L+

Size – 12 MB


Description: This app provides a flexible routine for any beginner to cope up with their goals. No equipment, no investment – just a 7-minute workout routine can transform that belly fat into ripped abs. The methods mentioned are effective in their way and are claimed to be scientifically proven.


  • A wide range of demo videos from professional coaches to exercise efficiently
  • A built-in calorie tracker to help you keep track of your intake
  • Proper guidance and tips on diet, posture correction and many more
  • Level of ranging difficulties to start working out anytime and anywhere


Link – Abs Workout – Apps on Google Play


  1. Daily Ab Workout – Abs Trainer



Rating – 4.6                 Developer – Daily Workout Apps, LLC 

Downloads – 1Cr+

Size – 12 MB


Description: A lightweight personal trainer app to build your abs in no time. This app   
    focuses on a 5-10 minutes-a-day workout routine for both men and women. With
    efficient methods, demonstrated by professionals, one is sure to have a very simple yet
    powerful routine to rely upon.

Features – 

  • Two different abs workouts are set for a period of 5 to 10 minutes
  • Organized a series of high-quality videos for easy demonstration
  • Inbuilt timer with instructions running along
  • Offline, hence no issues with connection or internet





  1. Abs Workout – Daily Fitness




    Rating – 4.4                 Developer – Passion4Profession Apps

    Downloads – 1Cr+

    Size – 33 MB


    Description: A step-by-step personal guide that has helped millions of users across the
    World. Building abs is easier with  3D demo videos from professionals. New free
    contents are launched every month to keep you well-updated and pumped up. 

    Features – 

  • Organized plan with dynamic workouts 
  • Fluid-like intensity mapping to level up your workout
  • Instructions and 3D previews of every movement


Link Abs Workout – Daily Fitness – Apps on Google Play


  1. Six Pack in 28 days – Abs Workout at Home




    Rating – 4.5                 Developer – fitzeee.com

    Downloads – 50L+

    Size – 16 MB


    Description: This app revolves around workout routines that focus on strengthening
    core and abdominal muscles of the body. A very simple UI is coupled with effective
    methods that help to understand the movements better. A range of traditional as well as
    modern exercises are mentioned along with videos to help you keep that routine.    

    Features – 

  • Different difficulty levels like easy, intermediate, hard
  • A detailed record with intervals and calendar
  • Demonstrative workout videos and audio guides


Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fitzeee.menworkout


  1. Abs Workout – 7 mins 




    Rating – 4.8                 Developer – Simple Design Ltd

    Downloads – 10L+

    Size – 13 MB


    Description: This compact app aims at shorter yet intense workout sessions. A
    well-prepared 7-minute routine to keep you at the peak of your health and work towards
    your abs. The app has a very clean UI along with structured methods.

    Features – 

  • Easy adjustment of intervals and rest time
  • Google Fit is supported
  • Voice guide along with unique animations
  • Notifications and alerts during scheduled sessions


Link Abs workout 7 minutes – Apps on Google Play


  1. Abs Workout




    Rating – 4.8                 Developer – Easy Health

    Downloads – 1Cr+

    Size – 12 MB


    Description: This is one of the best abs workout apps for android. It provides scientific
    and effective methods to tone the core muscles helping in building abs. A well planned
    30-day routine is packed within the app to help you get those abs in no time! 

    Features –

  • Updated workouts daily
  • Well explained videos and guides
  • Tracking calories exchange

LinkAbs Workout – Burn Belly Fat with No Equipment – Apps on Google Play


  1. Six Pack in 30 Days – Abs Workout at Home




Rating – 4.6                 Developer – Takalogy Fitness

Downloads – 50L+

Size – 65 MB


Description: This home workout app has made a large number of people achieve their
    abs goals. These workout sessions are made to lose belly fat efficiently and replace them
    with abs. With varying levels, working out has become way more rewarding. 

Features – 

  • 3D animations with high-resolution videos
  • Autosave training records
  • A huge variety of abs workouts for different levels



  1. Abs Workout for Women – Lose Belly Fat Exercise




Rating – 4.5                 Developer – OHealthApps Studio

Downloads – 5L+

Size – 11 MB


Description: This app is modelled with workout exercises exclusively for women. These    
              workouts aim at getting flat abs fast for both beginners as well as advanced exercisers. It
    provides a detailed description of the workout plan as well as its duration.

Features – 

  • Powerful methods for lower abs workout
  • Daily reminders to never miss a session
  • Proper workout without any equipment


LinkAbs Workout for Women – Lose Belly Fat Exercise – Apps on Google Play