15 Best Ford Sync Apps For iPhone & Android on 2023

Best Ford Sync Apps: Evolution is the best thing happening with time. But are just humans evolving? I don’t think so. 

Have you noticed the technology around us advancing to its best? look at your car itself I used to have Maruti Suzuki 800  in my house and nowadays wagonR or ford cars in every second house. Advancement at it’s peak. 

Ford is one of the good company for cars and have become one of the best cars selling company. The advancement of these technologies be like it allows access to all those who decide to take advantage of the range of all the available deals. There are other lots of mobile phone apps which can provide the drivers and passengers a great experience with amazing offers. 

This article will be dealing with 20 best Ford sync apps list which serves your car with the best and let you enjoy the ride happily. I have distinguished the apps in different categories each app serving for its own purpose. 

Ford Sync Apps

Apps for parking your car 

The first and foremost that is difficult is to find a parking place in the area you want to visit. Here is a List of apps which will provide you the free space where you can park your car easily. 

  • JustPark Parking 

For a long time, parking has been one of the most intense and challenging driving areas. As the number of cars on roads  continues to grow exponentially, today it is more important than ever to resolve this problem. 

JustPark is one of the most popular car parks currently available, and this is a very useful app designed to make the driver’s life easier by helping them to take advantage of underutilized  parking spaces.  The daily busy city center and crowded parking spaces competing for space are the biggest headaches for thousands of drivers every day. 

 “JustPark is a parking app designed to make parking easier, easier, and more labor-saving.- All drivers on each trip are free. You can explore all the options to find the most suitable option for you, and even book in advance and pay for guaranteed seats in more than 20,000 locations. This provides you with complete comfort and safety, and helps you save time, stress and time. 

This app also help to find your parking spot and book it with just one click. This app  also provides monthly lease contracts: no deposits, no lease contracts or obligations, no arrangements to charge your bank. 

All operations can be done in just a few clicks! Sign up for free in just a few clicks-all you need to do is enter your email address, license plate and credit card and you are done!OPnGO is completely free and does not charge registration fees or other fees-you only need to pay for the parking space. OPnGO features: • You can easily choose a parking space that meets your standards and parking requirements. You can add multiple cars to your account

 In this way, you can manage parking receipts or expense reports in the history directly through the app. Now also accepts Total GR cards! You can easily add it in the “Personal Account” in the “My Personal Card” section. • Finally, you can use one app to manage all parking spaces! 

Heres some apps which are all rounder and supports your car in many ways. 

  1. Android Auto – Google Maps , Media & Messaging 

Your Car Model Support With this app which can control maps , media and messaging with the Google assistant just by driving . As your Google assistant work with your voice and your command.  You cab sync it  with Google too. This app can be your best companion which won’t divert your mind and let you focus and keep on entertaining you. Common Ok Google or Hey Google to route to your next destination by the help of maps.

  • It can also check calendar and guide you the way to place you want to visit.
  • It can activate your do not disturb setting to avoid distractions.
  • Help you place a call and answer it for you. It can help you play music according to your mood. And also connect you to radio,  sports or news Whatever you like to listen. You can enable it by owner’s manual option and connect it via cable.
  • INFOCAR – OBD2ELM327 Car Scanner Diagnostics. 

Are you concerned about your car safety. Don’t worry This app will ensures you your car’s safety. It gives you your driving information and economical driving. It helps you detect abnormal driving. Like if your son has sneaked out with your car and drunk and drived it thoroughly it will be all updated in this app. It also helps you check data the performance of your vehicle like cooling water and the temperature of your engine and it also prevents malfunctions of your vehicle. It analyses your driving style to the algorithm used in the infoCar. It let you download driving log like when and where your card has been travelled? what was the fuel efficiency? and what were the situations that have occurred like Rapid acceleration etc. 

It is compatible with OBD2 Terminal. 

Convenience features like it also helps you ensure the parking location and the time at which you have parked the car in order to save it from the theft.  It also helps you maintain your car expenses and consumables. 

  • FordPass- Stay Connected 

Do you treat your car as your friend? So you know that a friend is someone with whom you have to stay in touch with and know there whereabouts and stay up to date with them.  Regularly asking about their health and etc. So why not do it with your car with the help of your phone. This app will let you stay upto date with your car’s health. You can control it with your phone. 

This app will let you start, Stop, lock and unlock your car and find yourself the dealers you are looking for and conserve the data needed for quick reference. 

You can have access to the search history and also schedule maintenance on your calender. 

All you have to upload your documents. And let you control vehicle from your phone within a range but. 

  • Pandora 

This app is used to monitor and let you control your car security system with the help of your smartphone.  App works with the help of telementary system named after Pandora. You can log in multiple car account in your phone. The telementary system includes the arming or disarming your active security to ensure your car from theft. It can also control your air conditioning and heater. It can automatically start and stop your engine parameters with the help of sensors sensitivity. This app can help you with advanced features like view about the current state of the car and its location to ensure its safety.  It also provides you with the details history of the whereabouts of your car.  It tell you the temperature of the car and outside temperature for your safety. Based on your preferences you can use it wisely. 

  • Slacker Radio 

Everyone likes to be entertained even while driving a car you like to listen to music news or whatever your prefer So that your journey is a good one. This app provides you the facility of Radio. You can restore satellite radios in your vehicles  through a radio sign sent from Slacker satellites and play whatever you want. 

All you have to do is refresh your radio and  enter the VIN or Radio ID. You can hear the melodies and comics you love via this app. 

The app will require you to attain the radio frequency. Different music stations as per the melodies and your genre. Play music listen to news and cricket headlights with the help of this app. 

  • FordPlay 

Most of the cars have got a monitor and you can cast your phone on it. 

Control your Ford Play for your family entertainment system through the exciting new Ford Play mobile app. Stream multimedia content directly from the mobile device to the system monitor, or you can share the content currently playing on the monitor with other mobile devices to Equip elsewhere in the vehicle. No matter where you are, the Ford Play mobile app will bring fun and excitement to your entertainment system! 

The Ford Play mobile application is compatible with selected smartphone platforms and can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Message and data rate can be applied to the monitor and help you Pick incoming calls and let you call through it. 

  • Glympse :Share GPS location

 Glympse is a fast, free and easy way to share your location in real time with your family, friends or colleagues using GPS tracking! Let your friends and family know about Glympse you are on the road. 

 To help the family reunite, please create a Glympse group. People sharing with you can view your Glympse from any device connected to the Internet without registration! Download Glympse now for these amazing Application features with Simplicity and No registration required plus it will provide Security. 

Your Glympse runs automatically. Share your location in real-time via a dynamic map. 

 With Glympse, you can coordinate gatherings with friends and let your closer ones know your estimated time of arrival when you get home from get off work. Tell your family to be safe when running or cycling. Meet friends at the music festival. +

If you are stuck in a traffic jam this app will inform you the estimated time of arrival. And Share with you the charity route. Emergency services or travel personnel will quickly help you. 

  • Hungama Drive 

Who doesn’t like to listen music while driving? 

Listen to songs in in many languages you prefer for free.

All set with Hungama Drive, an app which will help you stream music to your car stereo, 24×7. 

Specify MP3 songs by digging into the Hungamas music library, which includes multiple genres: Bollywood, Regional, Pop, Rock, Rap, Bhangra, Religious Music (Bhajans and Arti), Gazelle, the latest and best English song. , Celeb Radio, the new DJ mix and the best in all other rankings. 

 Do you want to have fun?Do you love to have fun in the rainy season? Let your mood depict  your music. 

 mood function and other feature can provide the best music according to your mood. Just tell what your mood is. Is it happy, sad or romantic, maybe relaxed. 

The music combination of your choice which can be perfect. It also help you to sing and feel your favorite songs. You can Get the lyrics you want to hear and more interesting little things. View music from more than 500 playlists created by our music experts, or browse Celeb Radio, Festivals, Party, Retro, etc. For those who just want to relax in music, this app provides live radio stations for you to choose your music from. 

  • Mapmyindia Move : Maps, Navigation and tracking 

Do you love to travel around to the outlet and Mall you can add all these on this map and the single touch you can let the map take you to your destination. This app will let you rate and review a place according to your liking. And you can report an issue related to maps and roads traffic. This app will let you know about the traffic and will guide you a smart trip to your destination. This app also provides you the feature of telling you the distance remaining and your average speed while navigating.  Also find nearby places like metro station public washroom or a food outlet according to the reviews and this map  will guide you to that place. More amazing features like find your phone and share your location having an amazing ride share it with your friends. 

  • AccuWeather- 

Planning to going on a vacation with your family or your friends. All you need to know about is the weather and your car condition is alright and you are all set to go on a longtrip  or a short one.  AccuWeather is a weather tracker app for you. Most importantly, you can control the types of weather alerts you receive through our new personalized notifications. Enjoy your trip in a shiny clean weather. Badluck if it rains 

Is there gonna be Rain, wind, sun, or even snow? whether you want to know all about local forecasts, or update yourself with the climate or simply want to check what is the temperature with AccuWeather you have got everything you need.

I assume you are using an iPhone and looking for that category here are some apps to be downloaded on your iPhone. 

  • Gas manager 

You can maintain your gas with the help of this app. Helps you manages records and data about the services and maintenance of your car. It helps you save money as it calculates your expense on the gasoline and other fuels. 

You can keep your track of refuellings to financially support your car. The total cost and MPG are provided based on the average distance per fill- up 

  • Car Manager 

Everyone like their things to be managed systematically. Same goes with your car maintenance. Other than gas you can manage your whole car via this app. You can access the whole information of your vehicle on this app.The details about when and where the last service was done and schedule another service all by the help of this app. 


Well this should have been the first app because everyone loves to listen music and Spotify, not just for cars,is also known best for music in phone. Well it’s not a car app but it can be linked with your Ford. You can connect it via USB and this can play songs regarding your mood. This is well available on both iPhone and Android. The amazing song recommendations is my favorite feature of this app. Well have a great journey. 

Wrapping up…. 

Our cars have got enumerous features which can become messy to understand and if you are sitting on the passenger seat then well maybe you don’t know how to use them. You can connect your car with your phone and do multiple things. I have listed the best known app according to the Ford sync feature with your phone yoy can access a lot. you can browse more about ford from here  . What are the apps you use and which came out to be the best app for your car do tell us in comment section. If you have got any query regarding any section above feel reee to tell us. Signing of for now be Safe and see you in the next article. Thank you