Best Android OS for PC 2023

Best Android OS for PC 2023: What is the OS installed on your PC/Laptop? Does it fully satisfy you? Is it more amazing than your android phone OS experience? Are you not satisfied with your OS? If these are the questions of your interest then you ended up at the right place! Here you will have all your answers. Just catch up with us till the end.

Best Android OS for PC

OS comes in a variety of versions separately for PC/laptops and phones. It could be android, windows, or mac! These might be the ones that you surely might have come across whether or not you are a freaky tech explorer. Ohh! Think of the last time you met a friend buying a new device and flaunting the features, especially the OS. If you would have felt jealous, you would have kept it in mind but for the rest reasons, I guess you would surely remember him mentioning it! Isn’t that so? 

Haha… Well, next time do ponder over the OS he mentions! For now, let us continue.

Since we have a huge number of android users here waiting eagerly to get over their queries we will be discussing it in their favor. Sorry mac users, better luck next time with a forum of discussions for you guys!

But why are we discussing having an android OS for PC/laptop when we have the windows/linux/unix and many more PC/Laptop compatible OSs available? Surely you might wander over this. Actually, it’s quite simple, little tired Einsteins don’t put that pressure on thinking too much when I am here what’s to worry dear? Android users, you surely love your phones with such a user-friendly interface, isn’t it? They are fun to use and work upon with ease of doing your own business.

So that makes an important point of discussion for us introducing the android OS in the PC/laptop. But not every ice cream flavor has got the same taste! You will surely have one at a time if you are a normal dude. So either android or windows at a time. The experiences vary for both.

And you will also come up with some issues. Some applications of the desktop might not be compatible with the android OS. That’s certain to happen! Well now let’s dig into the 12 best android OS for PC. 

Here is the list of the 12 best Android OS for PC for 2023. Let’s sneak a peek into them one by one!

Best Android OS for PC 2023

  • Bliss OS For Android
  • Remix Android OS For PC
  • Android X86 OS for PC
  • Phoenix OS
  • Chrome OS
  • PrimeOS Android For PC
  • Lineage OS
  • Fyde OS
  • Bluestacks
  • Nox Player
  • Genymotion

These are the most suitable ones you will enjoy installing and using on your PC/Laptop. Let us understand the features of all of them one by one and then you can make your choice. 

Bliss OS For Android:

This is one of the first and foremost options on our list and you surely will love it. It was released in the year 2017 and is still creating new wonders. 

This tried and tested open-source OS is a great opportunity to experience the awesome android phone experience you get on your smartphones. Being marked as the best of android OS systems, it is worth a try for your PCs/Laptops. 

The latest Bliss OS released currently supporting variants include the Bliss OS 11.x and the Bliss OS 12.x. For your daily deeds Bliss OS 11.x is the best option for you, while 12.x is still in the beta state. 

It surely comes packed up with a variety of compatibility features with ARM and x86/x86_64 apps that make you experience a user-friendly work environment. Gaming enthusiasts, you will surely love it. Bliss OS provides a whole new range of gaming features like never before.

Remix Android OS For PC

At the beginning of 2016, JIDE company pinned up its name to the exciting new android OS range series for PCs/laptops. It provides a fantastic experience to its users. 

Based on the Android-x86 it is available totally free of cost to download. That’s great right, isn’t it? Just visit their website and download to cherish the android experience. Wow! That’s easy and amazing, don’t you find it so? 

But there is disappointing news for you. It is compatible only with Intel-based computers. The software keeps getting smaller regular updates so the company keeps a track of its product and resolves issues effectively. That makes it clear, it is one of the best options for Intel users.


A joint venture of Tsinghua University, Tongfang Co., Ltd., and Emindsoft Co., Ltd., all together launched an Android-x86 desktop Operating System in September 2016: the Openthos. For users with the habit of streaming millions of online applications simultaneously, this is the best-suited option. 

It provides the feature of multitasking and multi-window operations. That means switching from one window to another is quite an easy task for you. Once you mess up with this multi-tasker I am sure to say that you won’t wish to get out of this stuff. 

Well! Well! Currently, the website is down for the new updates. But in the recent future, the launch of newer versions is sure to happen. 

Okay, so did you find your flavor yet? Yes? That’s great! Oh, some of you still haven’t, I am able to sense your longing for the rest of the options to be put forth. No worry as there are still 9 more options that we will peep into, and you will make a perfect choice for yourself by the end for sure.

Android X86 OS for PC

Here we arrive at the next stop, the next best in our list: The wondrous Android X86 OS for your PC/Laptop. Well, I won’t verbalize a lot but would leave it to your tech instincts to decide. Run the software on your PC/Laptop and the results you see. It is certain to deliver you a fantastic experience. 

Oh but let me make it clear only those with the AMDx86 or Intel x86 processors will have the compatibility to experience this. That’s the demerit for other users. Well last to point out. The software helps you keep all your apps and settings aligned so well without major issues that it is worth a try.

Phoenix OS

Now there comes something better than usual. An RTOS! Did you get that? Oh wait let me tell you that Phoenix OS is a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) developed by Beijing Chaozhuo Co.,Ltd. The first version was launched by the company as a beta state in December 2015.

If you are yearning for bigger fun with games you surely are the one to be excited with this OS. Phoenix OS enables you to use all sorts of peripherals with your PC to make an awesome gaming experience. Who does want to feel the real PUBG battlegrounds? Awesome dude! 

Phoenix OS comes in two versions for now. The first is the default version for PC users, and the second one, an ARM version goes for certain adapted table models. 

It is a suited option for gamers also it comes with a variety of apps that come free of cost such as MS Office. It is a highly efficient software with much easier handling.

Chrome OS

The chrome OS has got one of the well-known developers, Google. It is basically designed for Chromebooks with hassle-free handling for any type of user. Google did acquire Neverware- the company behind the smooth functioning of the Chrome OS on old Windows PCs. 

Google is surely reliable, right? You use a variety of applications from Google. But for this, Chromebook users have a way over others for sure.

PrimeOS Android For PC

It is the Indian-origin Android OS developed by the Indian-based Floydwiz Technologies Private Limited. It is different from the common Android OS versions in that its android emulator functions separately from windows and does not run on top of Windows. 

Okay that’s really different, isn’t it? Of course, it is! Its main aim is Education and Technology. 

Prime OS is quite close to the windows experience but has the factor of being an Android OS. It is a full replacement for windows on desktop PCs/Laptops. Those fond for the two-in-one flavored ice-creams here’s the right choice for you. 

Lineage OS

This one is a free and open-source operating system. It is based on the android mobile systems platforms and is compatible with a variety of devices such as smartphones, PCs/Laptops, and Set-top boxes that support the android systems environment.

It comes with a promising feature to customize and personalize preferences as per your own wish. That’s cool! Your own customizable OS makes you ready to stand apart from others and make a difference.

Fyde OS

Originating from China it is one of the latest Android OS for PCs/Laptops. It is another Chromium OS after the Chrome OS. It was mainly designed for students but to the add-ons, it is even effective for office works with supporting features for applications like MS Office. 

Want to coordinate studying and your job simultaneously? Here’s your choice ready. However, there’s a limitation for the users. You can only use it over your 64-bit computer and not a 32-bit computer for smooth functionality and a better experience.


This fastest-growing high-end gaming performance OS has been developed by a team of 3 intelligent individuals. It’s the most popular, fastest, and safest android emulator. 

This is again a great deal for gamers. Not only that, but it can also run multiple gaming windows simultaneously. It’s a high-performance delivering OS, making it a strong point of consideration to be on your tryout list.

Nox Player

BigNox has entitled success to its name with the creation of a free android emulator: the Nox Player. It is yet another choice for gamers with faster and more stable functioning compared to Bluestacks. At the same time, is similar to it as well.

It comes with compatibility for Windows as well as Mac users. So Mac users willing to work in the usual android systems environment can use this option. Users are capable to key mapping and enjoy various accessible functions like location, volume adjustments, and more of such type. 


It is a fast and easy-to-use Android OS simulator. And is also an effective alternative to the Bluestacks and Nox Player. So it becomes a good gaming experience OS.

If you are a security concerned person, then this suits you too. Genymotion provides you a secure virtual environment to run any application of your choice safely. Also it enables the features of keeping an eye on background performance. 

This testing tool also allows you to record screens and webcams simultaneously. That’s quite amazing. It seems like your detective instincts have been embedded inside the OS. Sherlock will certainly unlock all the mischiefs of the town! 

Okay, so we completed all of 12 of them. We discussed a range of Android OS for PC/Laptop for all the latest ones available in the very year 2023. All of them are super-duper OS systems to try out. So now you surely got your choice, so what are you waiting for? Get along and enjoy your flavor of Android OS. Not the ice cream this time. For More Information Visit