Download Airmail for iOS – Get Your Email Assistant [ Updated Guide 2023 ]

Get Your Email Assistant: Airmail for iOS: Are you looking for a fantastic service that would be looking after your mails? Are you getting anxious to deal with a massive pile of mails pinging at regular intervals? We are sure that you must need a mail assistant to manage your workload. Airmail is an advanced email client which optimizes your mail without interventions. It has been specially designed for your latest iOS system with all the modern facilities installed. This mail service saves your precious time by being responsive to new ways. 

Airmail for iOS

Airmail for iOS organizes your mail and gives you the option of a lot of better and ultra-modern amenities. In this article, we would take a deep look at Airmail for iOS, knowing more of its marvelous features. We would certainly look out for the steps to be taken to set up your email account in iOS so that you can get modern assistance too.

Features in Airmail for iOS

Let’s talk about the impressive features one receives on their iOS once they download the Airmail.  

  • Perfect Inbox: Though no one is perfect, we bet that Airmail has got its perfect inbox just for you. Since mails remain piled with a ton of messages, be it spam, newsletters, etc., Airmail’s inbox makes sure that you don’t get tensed on seeing a lot of them. So what does it actually do? It just filters out the spamming and unimportant messages so that you don’t miss out on the essential and urgent ones. This is an intelligent feature you must ponder while getting Airmail for your iOS.
  • Option To Send Later: Since it is self-evident that at times you may need to send some of your messages later, Airmail brings you an unbeatable attribute of placing your mail to a particular recipient at your scheduled time. You can plan and set the time for a specific mail, and it will just reach your client’s mail at your preferred time.
  • Mode To Lighten Your Eyes: Every 21st-century app or device comes with a dark mode feature, and so does Airmail iOS. It protects your sensitive eyes by reducing strain. This is another remarkable quality held by Airmail, which you will love to use.
  • Smart Notification Bar: Having a notification bar from where you can contact or interact easily is yet another smart point for the smart generation. You can perform the required activity to a mail through notifications only. Delete, archive, or reply to a mail without any trouble.
  • Security: Security is the first thing one searches for while doing anything online. With Airmail iOS, you receive utmost safety as it has added Face ID and Touch ID features. This is extremely crucial so that your mail is not accessed by anyone else rather than you.
  • Add Attachment: Attaching media or files to the mail certainly enhances the quality of it. With Airmail iOS, you can easily add any of the attachments from anywhere on your system. You even get the integral option to resize your photos before sending them.


Setting Up Your Email to Airmail iOS

Creating your email in Airmail via iOS is an easier way. But before that, you need to be familiar with IMAP and POP generic as they would cross your path in setting up the account.

IMAP: It is recommended to select this option if you have accessed your email accounts on several devices. In this, if you read a particular mail, it would be marked as read in your browser-based inbox also. This happens because the marking of reading is taking place on the server.


POP: In this, the mails get downloaded on your device, which in turn does not show the edit on the server.


Now, you can do the setting up of your email account to Airmail iOS by executing the mentioned steps:

  • Open the Airmail.
  • Tap on the Settings option.
  • Select IMAP (or POP).
  • Type in your name, email address, and a unique password.
  • Choose add button.
  • Further, you need to fill in the particulars for the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server.

Note: In case you don’t have this information, contact your email provider.

  • Select on ‘done to finish.’

Note: If the incorrect information is filled in, you need to edit them. In case you cannot set up from your side, connect to your email provider for guidance.



So we see that Airmail iOS has certain unique features in-built for you. We have also stated the steps of creating your email account to Airmail iOS. This has undoubtedly succeeded in proving itself intelligently capable of being a part of this modern world. Moreover, with such innovative assistance, you will really enjoy your mailing sessions. Happy mailing!