✅FIX Windows 11 Upgrade Error 0xC1900101⚠️

FIX Windows 11 Upgrade Error 0xC1900101: Microsoft is keeping track of concerns.Installing the newest adjusted improvements or development versions on a Windows 11 PC is not as straightforward as anyone would reasonably assume. The design appears to be underperforming for some customers with defect 0xc1900101, and the program immediately rolls back to the first update without giving specifics on the cause of the problem.

The Windows 11 bug 0xc1900101-0x4001c does not tell the whole story about what is causing it, and a quick Bing search gives no information. Some belief the warning results from a clash between particular programs with Windows 11 or a flaw in one of the OS’s updates.

0xc1900101 is possibly the most common error message seen during the development of new Windows 11 upgrades. Despite complaints of numerous error codes when attempting to access Windows 11 updates, these make it appear to be the most often stated issue on the Feedback Forum.

FIX Windows 11 Upgrade Error 0xC1900101

FIX Windows 11 Upgrade Error 0xC1900101

The reason for the Windows 11 bug 0xc1900101-0x4001c is unknown, and a simple Internet search returns no results. Critics believe the notice is the result of faults and errors between some programs with Windows 11 or a fault in one of the operating system’s updates.

Consultants have almost the same issue here.

Microsoft confirms 0xc1900101 in Windows 11

Secondly, Windows has indicated that it is aware of the error code and is continually monitoring reports, but there is presently no solution available. It’s because 0xc1900101 is a normal problem being shown anytime an update continues to underperform, and the program seeks to repeal for some other reason.

Inadequate disc memory is another common problem. Therefore make sure that customers have enough accessible data capacity on the computer before actually executing the latest versions or trial builds.

If many users have tried everything and nothing has worked, one must try out the following actions:

  1. Formalized version as it runs only on preview builds like Windows 11 Build 22593)
  2. Then open File Explorer and navigate to the system disc.

Locate and run’system32.’

  1. Remove SecretFilterAP.dll from system32, which was left over from previous editions.
  2. Reboot and look for improvements again.


It actually remains to be seen how easy the Windows 11 upgrade process will be when Sun Valley 2 is released early next year for everyone, even those running the OS on unsuitable hardware.

Wrapping up…

0xc1900101 is the most prevalent error page encountered during the formulation of new Windows 11 upgrades (usually preview releases). While the team has received reports of different problem warnings after downloading Windows 11 upgrades, this appears to be the most often mentioned issue on Feedback Centre.

Windows 11 problem 0xc1900101-0x4001c does not disclose any information about what is triggering it, and simple research on Google yields no results. Others think that the message is the consequence of incompatibility issues among specific programs with Windows 11 or a fault in one of the OS’s upgrades.