✅ Download DU Recorder📼 for PC💻 (Windows 7/8/10 ) 【FREE】

DU Recorder for PC (windows 7/8/10 ) –  Free Download: Dear user, if you search for an excellent screen recorder to deliver the best HD quality screen captures with premier sound quality, you have come to the right place.

You might have heard about DU Recorder’s best screen recorder app for Android mobiles; it is hard to find such an alternative app for PC which deliver such excellent results. Unfortunately, the developers of DU Recorder did not open out the version of the PC app. Don’t worry; we are here to direct you on downloading DU Recorder for PC (Windows 7/8/10).  So stay put with this post till the end as we provide you the app for free.

Before downloading, let’s learn about the app.

About DU Recorder:

DU Recorder is a screen recording app launched and inaugurated by Beijing Xiaoxiong Bowang Technology Co., Ltd in 2017. The app is specially built for high-quality screen recording. The app has over a million downloads and has an overall rating of 4.5 stars on the apple store rated by thousands of people. Being easy to use, it is everyone’s handy tool when it comes to mobile or PC screen recording. DU recorder provides various useful features such as editing, live broadcasting, multiple tools in click go, etc., within a single software which makes it shine superior to other similar software. This app is really a time saver for several YouTubers, gamers, tutors, etc. This app doesn’t require any kind of internet connection. Let’s discuss in detail the outstanding features of this app.



Supreme quality outcomes- The app enables you to record HD quality videos with premier sound to give out the best results. 

  1. Noise cancellation– The app can remove some background noises to improve sound quality. You can readily get rid of unnecessary disturbances with this app.
  2. Quick toolbar – you can comfortably access the app on-screen with a notification bar. You can take screenshots, pause, stop the recording easily.
  3. Editing video with colors and sound effects– you can modify your screen recordings within the app itself so that you can turn your live video call recordings into beautiful memories.
  4. Trim, merge, and sound effects– the app helps to capture and modify your perfect gaming moments ideally.  
  5. Live Broadcast on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter

           With the support of this app, you can make a video tutorial that you can upload later on or live broadcast on several social platforms. Thus the app comes in handy for educational purposes and keeping updates.

Once you have acknowledged the outstanding features of this app, let’s see how to get this app.


How to download/ install DU Recorder

Like I said before, the company didn’t launch a separate app for PC. It is a mobile app, so in this post, we are going to use an Android emulator to install and run this app. Android emulator is used for installing any kind of apps on the operating system of Windows.  You will require 2 GB RAM and 4 GB Space on your PC for the proper running of the Android emulator. Your PC also should have the latest framework as Android emulators create a virtual system on your PC. Bluestack Player, Nox player are two of the best Android emulators used most commonly. Here are two methods of downloading emulators. 

The method I: Install DU recorder through Bluestack Player.

You can easily use this emulator without any prior knowledge, as Bluestack is a really straightforward and responsive app.

  1. Download Bluestack player from its official website
  2. The next step is to install with primary installation procession, and it will do all the process on its own, follow their guideline for more information.
  3.  Now open bluestack from the desktop by double-clicking its icon.
  4. After launching the application, open the google play store.
  5. Signup with your Google account
  6. Search for ‘DU Recorder’ in the search bar located at the home screen and choose the best matching results.
  7. Now download the application, and after downloading, install it on bluestack.  
  8. Open the app after completing the installation process and start screen recording.

When the condition is all right to move forward. Once you are done with the installation of the app on your computer. You will be able to enjoy duo audio, video screen recording, live streaming, and social interactions using a DU recorder depending on your internet speed.


Method II:

There is a possibility that you will find a glitch while being up with downloading the DU Recorder app by making use of the play store, so here is another method to install the app. We are going to use the apk file of the DU recorder app and install it onto the emulator.

  1. Download, install and open the Android emulator Bluestack and complete all remaining steps.
  2. Skip the Google sign-in process as we are going to use apk file of DU Recorder to install the app
  3. Next, search for the DU recorder apk from any internet browser. Download the app file.
  4. Drag and then put the file into the Android emulator to initiate the installation.
  5. The installation will begin on PCas we install the app on our Android devices.
  6. Once you are done with the process of installation, you are free to use this screen recorder app on PC.

  You may have to use this method due to recent restrictions made upon this app on the google play store. One of these two methods will surely help to download and install the app on your PC.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here I managed to cover some frequently asked questions and doubts that you may have over downloading this app or using it on your PC.

  1. Is DU Recorder safe to use?

Ans- With the recent restriction put up by the government of India on this app, the app is not provided any security. We can say this app is safe to use by its popularity and ratings.

  1. Can we record video calls on this app?

  Ans- Yes, as this app can capture every screen movement, including external audio, you can record your video calls.

  1. Is the DU recorder available on the Microsoft store?

  Ans- No, this is not available on Microsoft or apple store.

  1. How long can DU recorder record?

  Ans- There is no limit of recording time limit in this app. So you can record for how long you want to.

  1. Can Snapchat detect a DU recorder?

  Ans-  No, as Snapchat is unable to detect third-party system recording apps, it cannot detect DU recorder. 

Now you are up with the process of how to download and install one of the best screen recording apps for PC. Hope this post has made you able to get the necessary tool you should have. This post is brought you by https://www.thefantasyninjas.com/. For more amazing content and tutorials follow this page. That’s it guys if you have been facing any problems regarding the post or have some suggestions, make sure to let us know by commenting down in the comments section.