Here’s How To Download & Install SuperBeam For PC in 2023

Download SuperBeam For PC

Do you face problems in transferring a file to other devices through a PC? Are you reviewing ways to do this easily with additional benefits? If yes, then hit the start button of your PC and assemble yourself to download SuperBeam for Windows.

SuperBeam for PC has been developed to help you transfer files easily. You can consider this a thing now. If you have already used the SuperBeam application on your smartphones then you should be admiring its features.

Although it has been recently created by programmers, it has gained wide popularity. This is running a race to catch up with the other similar applications with increasing speed. For continuous use, you will have to pay the creators. But this shall serve you better than the price you offer. There are certain limitations on its free trials. So this means that the software will serve the best for the individuals who shall accept its terms and conditions to acquire great features.

Its unique features have made it worthwhile since it was created and shall also see success in the upcoming years. You will have to consider its benefits before looking for other similar applications. This includes all the required mediums necessary for transferring files. It uses the NFC feature to share files when all other ways do not show results.

Many reports say that SuperBeam allows you to share files at speed of 60 Mbps with direct Wi-Fi technology. But according to the reviews of many users, it only allows you to share files at 20 Mbps. Though it is a huge difference, this software has maintained its margin in comparison to other similar apps. If you want the action to be completed in a jiffy then download the app now and give it a try. For your convenience, we have penned all the steps to download SuperBeam easily.

About the software

  •       The actual name of the application is SuperBeam v.5.0.6
  •       It requires a space of 13.69 MB
  •       The application supports Windows 7/8/10 

Note: Only installing the SuperBeam application on your PC would not be enough to run it properly. To enjoy all the benefits, read the given steps carefully and act accordingly.

How to install SuperBeam on PC?

Here you will find two ways to download and install this application. Consider both the ways and prefer anyone to do so.

Using Executable File

  1.     Firstly, you will have to seek the official website of SuperBeam to get an installer. Create a new tab and head to the official page. Make sure you get a copy of the installer from the website.
  2.     The download would take a few seconds as the file is of very small size. Once it gets completely downloaded double click, to open it.
  3.     The SuperBeam window will appear directly if you have chosen the portable version. A Java programming tool is used to design the portable one.
  4.     You can either send or receive files through this software. So select the appropriate ones when this appears on the screen.
  5.     Click “Send” if you are about to send a file. But, make sure that the device to which you are about to send the file is connected to the same internet network.
  6.       Once a connection is established between both the devices, go to the files, select one that you want to share, and drag it to drop it down in SuperBeam.
  7.     Get the SuperBeam app on the receiving device and you would get an option to choose from scanning a QR code or sharing a key. The process of transfer would be initialized after this.
  8.     Choose the location to save the receiving file on the other device. Click on “Start” to complete the transfer.

Using Android Emulator

  1.     If you are unable to send a file due to network issues or do not wish to use the executable file of the application then this is the best alternative for you.
  2.     Firstly you will have to download an Android emulator. BlueStacks can serve well for this purpose. To download the installer go to its official web page. Remember, you have to use the updated version of BlueStacks.
  3.     This simulator would consume a space of 400 MB. The time it would take for installation would depend on the internet connection. To speed up the process of downloading use ‘Download Booster’. The time taken would be five times less than required.
  4.     Once it is installed double-click on the installer to open it and click start the installation.
  5.     Select a location to save the installed BlueStacks. Then double-click, to open it.
  6.       Provide your acceptance to the popup messages that appear regarding the proper use of emulators. Read them carefully and remember them next time you use them.
  7.     Now move to the Google Play Store, search for super Bheem and click on “Install”. As the size of the file is small it would take very little time.
  8.     Drag the downloaded application to drop it down on the main window of BlueStacks. Click on the icon of SuperBeam and press “Run”.
  9.       Now, follow the previous instructions to transfer the file easily.

Why should you install SuperBeam?

  •       You can experience speedy transfer of files especially when your device is connected to Wi-Fi networks.
  •       You can establish the connection between devices using QR code, sharing key, or NFC feature.
  •       Devices that are connected with the same broadband, will give quick results.
  •       You can share any type of file ranging from video files to large-sized documents.
  •       You can forward and receive multiple files at once.
  •       You can check the history later for the received files if someone has sent you without your acknowledgment.
  •       It comes with modernized tools and specifications.
  •       At your end, you can change the settings to use various themes.
  •       Give it a free trial of 14 days.

In a nutshell, using the SuperBeam application for Windows to transfer files would be an excellent option. You can rely on this to make your job easier. It is worthy enough to pay for it to enjoy its unique features. As it is still developing itself, it will have few loopholes. Consider the user reviews before downloading. If you find the information worthwhile, then do like and share the same.