✅12 Best Private🕵️ Browser for Android📱 2022

Best Private Browser for Android:We can all unanimously agree that the internet is a very useful resource. We spent our daily hours on the internet more than ever now. The internet is a really fun place but you most certainly should be concerned about your privacy when you are browsing through the internet. Your privacy is your most valued possession when it comes to the world of internet. 

Concerned about your internet browsing privacy? Do you want your browsing history to be private and hidden from others? Want to know the best private browsers for Android? Well, you are at the right pace. In this article, we’ll discuss about the 12 best private browsers for Android.


Here is the list of 12 best private browsers for Android – 2020.

  1. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
  2. Dolphin Zero
  3. InBrowser – Incognito Browsing
  4. Firefox Focus
  5. Aloha Browser
  6. Ghostery Privacy Browser
  7. Private Browser and Incognito Browser
  8. Frost Private Browser
  9. CM Browser
  10. Brave Private Browser
  11. Cake Browser
  12. Tor Browser

  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

Duckduckgo Privacy Browser is one of the most well-developed web browsers for Android that is available out there.  Apart from being a good browser, DuckDuckGo also barricades all the third-party trackers that it can detect. DuckDuckGo allows you to hide your browsing history and it also has an app lock of its own so that, only the rightful owner can access the browser. One of the most amazing features that the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser has is that it analyses the websites and rates them in a descending order according to the reliability and the security of the website. Which you can use to further determine if the website is safe or not. Therefore, it is onE of the best browsers available for Android.


  • Dolphin Zero

If you’re looking for the best browsers for Android, one of the them is Dolphin Zero. Dolphin Zero is a mini web browser for Android that has a feature known as “Do Not Track”, which prevents the app from keeping a record of your search tabs and browser history. Dolphin Zero offers much more than just the “Do Not Track” feature, it also offers you different themes, controls and also ad blocking feature. The Dolphin Zero also has much faster loading speed of website pages than the other browsers available, making it one of the fastest Android browsers available. Moreover, it’s free and has a reasonably small download size. Win-win, right?


  • InBrowser – Incognito Browsing

One of the most trusted web browsers for Android is InBrowser. InBrowser is an incognito browser that allows you to browse through the internet without keeping any history or record of your browsing data. Each time you exit the app, your history, sessions, cookies etc. gets erased. When it comes to privately browsing through the internet, InBrowser is probably the one of the best browsers for Android. It is in private browsing mode always so you don’t need to make any specific changes for the same. 


  • Firefox Focus

When we list the most useful and reliable web browsers that are out there, Firefox certainly has its place on that list. But did you know Mozilla Firefox also has Private browser? Well-known as FireFox Focus: The Privacy Browser. FireFox Focus instantly barricades all the trackers when you surf the internet. It erases all your browsing history, that means, no passwords or cookies. It is also one of the fastest Android browsers that are available as the load time for websites are relatively lesser since all the trackers are automatically blocked by the browser.


  • Aloha Browser

Aloha Browser is another good example of a full-fledged browser that provides maximum security and privacy. It is considered one of the best browsers for Android due to multiple features that it provides such as ad blocking feature, free VPN, 360 VR player and download manager. Aloha Browser keeps your privacy safe and secure while surfing the internet.


  • Ghostery Privacy Browser

As the name suggests, Ghostery Privacy Browser is another browser for you if you want to keep your internet browsing confidential. Ghostery Privacy browser has been popular among the numerous users as it provides a lot of feature that a good browser must have. For example: Anti-tracking, ghost or private mode, inbuilt ad-blocking feature etc. It is indeed a very useful browser for Android, without a doubt. Due to it’s anti-tracking feature, Ghostery is among one of the fastest Android browsers for android that are available to all of us.


  • Private Browser and Incognito Browser

The name is more than sufficient to explain the features of this browser. Private Browser and Incognito browser offer anonymous and private browsing to its users. It is a very secure browser that keeps your privacy safe and intact. It is also considered as one of the fastest Android browsers. Apart from these features, Private Browser and Incognito Browser also has a feature of app lock in order to keep your browsing history and privacy double secure. 


  • Frost Private Browser

Frost Private Browser is one of the most useful multi-utility browsers that is available out there. Ii is a private browser that automatically erases all your browsing history, cookies and impressions before closing the app. Apart from efficiently keeping your privacy safe, it also provides multiple features. It has a unique feature of password guarded vault for images and bookmarks, image gallery and ad-blocker. Frost is arguably one of the best browsers for Android.


  • CM Browser

CM browser, also known as Cheetah Browser smart and secure web browser for Android. It is operational and functional for both mobiles and tablets. It is an ideal browser for those who want a light weight internet browser unlike Google Chrome. It provides security and privacy features to its users and also removes trackers to keep the browsing secure. It is also considered in the list of fastest android browsers but that also depends upon the load time of the website.


  • Brave Private Browser

Brave Browser is a free private browsing app that offers multiple features to its users apart from private browsing. It is an efficient private browser as it saves data and battery while the user is browsing through the internet. Some of the main features that Brave Private Browser provides are private browsing, pop up ad-blocking feature, syncing the bookmarks securely and fast & secure browsing.  Due to it’s efficient performance, it is one of the best browsers for Android that we can choose from the several alternatives available to us.


  • Cake Browser

Cake Browser is another browser that offers private browsing to its users.  The app has several features such as night mode, voice search and you can also change the icon of the app according to your will. In terms of privacy, Cake Browsers has a feature known as Do Not Track that helps its users with private browsing and also “HTTPs everywhere” for security purposes. Overall, it a multi-utility browser that is well developed and is very useful.


  • Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one of the best browsers for Android as it offers multiple features in order to provide its users delightful private browsing experience. It has features such as tracker blockers, multi-layered encryption and prevention from surveillance which all adds up to a delightful private browsing experience for its users.



Well, here you have it. The list of “12 Best Private Browsers for Android”. Internet is a fun place but also dangerous and creepy, if you overlook your privacy and security. Privacy is without a doubt, the most important factor when we consider your internet presence. And keeping it safe is not just the responsibility of browsers, websites but also majorly yours. Therefore, here is all you need to know about the best private browsers for Android that are available out there for you. We hope you found this article useful.