✅How to make stickers on Procreate🎨?

Juli was upset over a fight with Ani, her younger sister. She wasn’t having dinner. Ani, being a much mature girl, calmed down quickly. She then decided to appease her sulking sister.

So she went to her room and pasted a sticker of a Banana on Juli’s cheek. Juli was furious but went to see the mirror. She frowned, then laughed and then both of them laughed together. Stickers always lighten our mood. Procreate also helps to make stickers.

How to make stickers on Procreate?

The procedure to create stickers is:

  1. Produce Custom Canvas: First, open Procreate’ on iPad and then tap on plus in the upper right area of the gallery page. A menu appears. This menu has Canvas sizes. Make ‘custom canvas size’ below the menu. In the case of a kiss-cut sticker sheet using the ‘Cricut cutting machine’, we could make custom canvas dimensions 6.75’’ * 9.25’’. This is the maximum size for the ‘Print then Cut’ of  Cricut. In case of die-cut stickers/ using sublimation designs or creating quality products for the society six later, we should use a canvas of minimum dimension 10’’ * 10’’ @ 300 dpi and make a sticker per canvas. In the case of printable stickers with a home ink-jet printer, use CYMK as a colour profile. For digital stickers, RGB/ default P3 is good. Give the Custom canvas the name ‘Stickers’ and choose done. A novel canvas will promptly open up on the screen.  The canvas should be 8.5* 11 inches/ 850* 1100 pixels.
  2. Draw the stickers: Draw stickers to your heart’s content. These should fill the page to the maximum extent possible. It’s better to put all sticker drawings on their own distinct layer.
  3. Approach Brush library: It is located in the top-right portion of the toolbar. Under the sketching option, you would locate many brushes to pick from. To adjust the size of the brush, utilize sliding size on the interface at the left-hand side.
  4. Choose ‘Hard Brush
  5. Select the ‘Hard Brush’ in the Airbrush category in the Brush Library. 
  6. Select ‘White’ as brush colour.

Note: Keeping in mind that every artist plays with spectrums, Procreate for Windows brings an out-and-out suite of color control features, making it more comfortable for digital artists to master their color dynamics and harmony.

A novel layer should be opened by touching ‘Layers’ (overlapping squares), and, after that ‘plus’ in the corner. Layer 2 will be created. Move the 2nd distinct layer under the sketch layer by making use of tapping as well as holding to move it under Layer 1. Under the ‘brushes’ option,

choose a painterly style brush. For choosing a colour, tap a round circle located in the top right portion of the screen. The ‘colour panel’ will be opened. The ‘Color panel’ will be opened and permit you to fiddle with pellets and choose colours you would appreciate for the sticker sheets.

Keep creating layers while adding various media to sketch. Then merge layers by the process of tapping on the top layer and then choosing ‘merge down’. Keep following the process until you possess one colour layer and one sketch layer for the sticker design. Choose both of them by sliding to left across them and after that keep them in a group. 

Change the name of the grouped layer. White is traditionally the colour of the background on stickers and sticker sheets. That’s why we should choose ‘White’.

  1. The Canvas background shall be made Black. This is a short-term measure. This is done while filling the backside of each individual sticker.
  2. Give white background behind every sticker
  3. This will be the final sticker border after everything gets printed. Remember it after filling in it. 
  4. Make the canvas background transparent.
  5. Select Layer Panel> Background Layer> Uncheck the check-mark
  6. Save your artwork as PNG
  7. Settings> Share> PNG. If you save as PNG, your background would stay transparent. This is what should happen. The transparent background simplifies sending stickers to be printed/ uploading them to Cricut Design space as ‘print then cut’ type of image. 
  8. Import saved file to circuit design/ silhouette studio.

You Can Learn How to Group Your Layers in Procreate which will help you To easy use of this Application.

Procreate is a versatile app for all art lovers. From creating stickers to painting, it always comes to the rescue. There is a unique method to create stickers on Procreate. Of course, you have to use some artistic skills to make wonderful stickers. The procedure can be easily derived from one’s creativity and knowledge of ‘How to create stickers on procreate?’.