Does Procreate Drain Battery Life – 5 Tips for Saving Juice

I hope you have created illustrations or drawings on a background where you need work hours to make it look good. And, just when you give a little rest to yourself and see the battery life, damn! Let’s just say you dislike it very much. And trust me, no one would enjoy that view. 

Does Procreate Drain Battery Life

So, what do you do? You plug it in, right? Even if you have it nearby, after working for hours on a single background (cause’ that takes A LOT of time), it might disturb the flow a little. So, here is the key question: “does using Procreate enhance the drainage of battery life in our iPad, or do we just think it that way?”.

Well, procreate drains your battery life a little more than average. A friendly suggestion would be to plug in your iPad for the entire duration you use it. You can turn off the time-lapse if you do not need it. This is the cause’ that would reduce some numbers in your battery!

Now, if you are using Procreate for a long time and want to know some methods of saving the juice, let us start with the basics. 

 What is the amount of drainage that Procreate does?

In short, if you only use Procreate, how long will your iPad be dead? Or you can also discover that Procreate is not the only app draining your battery life. It varies from one iPad to another.

You can go to your Settings, click Battery, and check out your average battery drain by selecting the last 10 days.

Then, check each day on how much you have used; depending on what you are creating or if you have a bad creative block, it will vary.

So, since the basics are done, let’s get into the actual part of the deal!

How And why Procreate drains battery life

  1. Lower your brightness

This is sort of natural, but if you lower your brightness to where you can see the screen. But this would vary from person to person. Being a person who sits in front of the computer or any other screen for more than half of the day, I like to keep it to 0% brightness. (Yeah! I get questioned a lot)

Lowering your brightness helps to save battery life.

  1. Make sure that ‘Time-Lapse Recording’ is off.

Whenever you open Procreate and start drawing, it is an in-built function that the time-lapse recording will start without you wanting it.

If that’s the case, turn it off by clicking on your iPad settings, scroll a bit, then click Procreate. Then you will see a slider where it says, ‘Disable Time-Lapse’. Use the slider and disable it.

You do not want a bunch of videos sitting on your iPad without knowing where you create your guidelines, do you?

If you want to make a tutorial or just a simple time-lapse, you can re-enable that by clicking on the Action Tab in your Procreate, then after that, you click on the Video options and again use the slider to enable it.

  1. By the way, how long have you been using this tablet?

An older version of the iPad may not give you much support for using it for a solid 6 to 7 hours to something. However, you may look at the newer versions of the iPad and spoil yourself along the way.

But it is not compulsory; it is up to you to see whether you can work with the number of hours your iPad provides.

  1. Are your Procreate and your iPad updated?

It is really important to see if you have the latest versions to reduce the drainage of the battery. It is always best to get the software which you are working on in its latest version. Not only does it help you by getting the new updates, but it may also help you save that juice on your iPad.

  1. Make sure that you are only using Procreate.

This option goes if you are using two apps at the same time. Then, of course, it is going to take your battery life!

However, most of the time, we think we are only using a single tab when two more tabs are open, and one tab is a video of seal farting on YouTube…

It may vary depending on which app you are using in your background. Some take more of your battery life, while some vice versa. But it takes a tiny piece of your good battery life. So cross-check it!

  1. Make sure to plug your iPad.

This one is going to be simple to understand. Listen, it would be for your sake if your iPad is plugged in for the entire duration while you work.

But this is optional; if it is impossible for you, you may avoid it, but it would be for your good. It is better, you know? But if you cannot, it is also okay.

It is better because you do not need to worry about your battery life; you can just plug it in. And do not, I repeat, do not forget to switch it on after you plug it in. It happened to me many times while charging, and it is not a wonderful experience.

Wrapping up…

Well, these are the things you may try out to get some extra battery life. Let us know in the comments if anything is wrong or something is missing. And your experience and thoughts. Keep creating, keep exploring!  

Does Procreate Drain Ipad Battery?

Procreate does not drain the energy of an iPad! This fabulous digital art creation app is very efficient in energy use – it has won multiple awards for its low battery consumption compared to similar applications.

It only runs when needed and turns off when idle, so your device won’t overheat quickly or run the battery down while using Procreate. In addition, all of the artwork rendered by Procreate is compressed, so it takes up less storage space and reduces power consumption. Now that’s something to get excited about!

Although if still your iPad gets out of battery very soon and you blame procreate for draining your battery, it maybe is the time to go to a certified repair shop and get it checked and sorted out as soon as possible.

Why does Procreate drain the Battery?

Ascending to the throne of creative tools, procreate has brought artists unprecedented power on the go. Yet, despite its impressive arsenal of features, no one is immune to its icy grip.

With performances that can almost make the bravest artist tremble, with Procreate draining battery like a relentless storm sucking away all hope of ever getting one’s art in time, never relenting until every last drop of power has been consumed.

Indeed, it is a waking nightmare for digital painters and illustrators who require reliable energy sources — drained batteries are not the most conducive to creating masterpieces!

But thankfully, there are solutions if you have a complaint of “My Procreate Drains Battery.

To maximize battery life while using the app, several settings can be adjusted to reduce energy consumption. Start by eliminating unnecessary background applications and enable airplane mode.

Additionally, setting the canvas to use a low-resolution instead of a high-resolution image will help decrease battery drain. Reducing the frame rate will also save energy.

Turning on background auto-lock or manually locking the screen after being inactive can improve battery life and increase security.

Finally, pause Procreate when taking breaks from working on projects; this will ensure all associated processes are stopped until resumed, thus conserving power.

Why does Procreate use so much battery?

So Does Procreate Use A Lot Of Battery: Procreate is a powerful and feature-packed app that offers a range of tools and features to help artists create digital art. However, using such features and tools requires a lot of processing power, which can drain your device’s battery life faster than usual.