✅How to add text in Procreate🎨

Have you recently explored Procreate and started creating different artworks on the application? Learn to add details and use various features to make your artwork more attractive and intriguing.

Don’t know how to add text in Procreate? We have got you covered.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to use text in Procreate.


How to add text in Procreate Integrating text into Procreate artwork can make it exciting and enhance its quality.

How to add text in Procreate

Want to learn a simple way to create artwork with text? Just follow the procedure, and you’ll have artwork with a text at the end of it.

One of the newest Procreate features includes adding text to your Procreate artwork.

This article will take you through how to mask some texture into your text and apply a layer mask to put some script lettering on top of it.

Open a brand new canvas or screen document of your desired size to start with the process.

Now to add text, click on the wrench button, which is the leftmost in the upper left corner. Hit the add icon and choose “add text.”

Once you do that, you get a textbox, and you can type in whatever you’d like. Now you can hit edit style on the right side of the keypad. You can directly change the fonts or the bold feature. You will see a myriad of other settings and can adjust them too. You can toggle the all-caps option lying on the right side if you want. You can change the size of the word using the size slider.

With the help of your fingers, drag the word onto the right side to expand it and then apply some tracking. The difference between tracking and Kerning is that tracking applies it to all of your letters at once. It’s the same amount of gap between all the letters. While kerning is used to adjust the gap between some letters of your choice.

How to mask it?

Now how to put some texture and to mask it. Hit the wrench button in the upper left-most corner, click on add, and click again on add file. Choose the texture you would like to use. Tap on the textures layer, and you will see it appearing above your text layer.

Now choose a clipping mask. You’ll see that the texture should fill the text. The selection tool can be used to resize or rotate as per desire.

So once you’re all set, you can integrate regular lettering. Create a new layer right on top using the brushes, grab any color of your choice, and write on top of the text.

Suppose you want to make it look like it’s intertwined with the texture. To do that, you need to apply a layer mask.

Come over to the lettering layer and choose masks. Make sure you’re not choosing clipping masks but masks.

Now when you paint on top of your lettering layer, it will hide those areas.

If you want to mask only in the areas where the text is, select the textured text in the layers. Then tap on select and then choose layer mask.

Now, if you paint, it will only paint within the text as we have already selected the text.

Return to the mask on your lettering layer and start painting the areas you’d like your lettering to appear behind your text. When you are through with this, deselect the text, and you’re done. Ta-da! You have successfully added text to your Procreate artwork.