Does Procreate need the Internet Or Wifi?

Work wherever you like! Do you like to draw or do some creative stuff in Procreate while sitting among nature?! Or isn’t it just beautiful to hear insects in your garden? And isn’t it mind-blowing that you could still create some dope illustrations and drawings while you go camping? “So, can we use Procreate without using the Wi-Fi?”, you ask. In short, YES you can but there are more things you should look at without disconnecting yourself from the world of the internet, sounds relaxing, right? 

Does Procreate Need the Internet Or Wifi

Does Procreate Need the Internet Or Wifi

You are free to create anything and use everything that is available in Procreate in the offline mode except for sharing files. In conclusion, you do not need Wi-Fi to make your creativity flow. So, you can even draw sitting on a bench in a park, in a forest, or even on the dustbins in the dark streets (Try that for once… I am just kidding).

So, keeping in mind that you will not sit near an active volcano on an island or something, let’s discuss the many things you need to keep in mind before going into offline mode.

You should have all the references and stuff you need to draw

You cannot be like, “Oh man! I cannot draw this?”, in the outdoors right? And as you are free from anxiety to keep everything symmetrical and not to mess up the layers, you should not add the mentioned point too.

Keep everything pre-loaded before going on the trip on your iPad. If it is a coffee shop, download it. If you need to find a reference for drawing a crowded place and learn how perspectives work, download those. Anything that you would mark as important, and need any help to draw or draw for the first time, just look at the images on Google and download them!

One thing great about human figures or something which is more like a human is we all have different art styles, (for example I like to make elf- ears instead of normal-looking human ears, yeah I get questioned A LOT!). You can just position yourself at certain angles to look like.

But it is not always possible, and you do not want people looking at you with those judgemental eyes, as if you are not insecure enough. 

Assure yourself that both your Procreate and iPads are on the latest version

For real, do you want to make yourself busy with those software difficulties? There is nothing worse than just sitting down and drawing, and seeing that some tools need to be updated. Trust me on this one, it is not a good thing to experience, and cross-check that you updated before going outside.

Back-up files 

Save all your files in .pro form in your iPad files while you are working. It is a brilliant method; you will understand once you try it.

 Personally, backing-up your files are good, or else you may lose all your progress. And you do not want that, do you? All your hard work and patience will just go into the dust.

Backing up is great after you are done working, but it would be better if you do it while working.

When you get the internet, you can store them in Dropbox or any cloud-based storage.

Why work outdoors well?

  • To answer it straight-forward, you get less distracted. Bitter-truth I know, but how many times you watched a YouTube video, or anything and got yourself into that while procrastinating in your work.

I am not saying to be a workaholic. But the thing which I am trying to convey is that when you work in a quiet place, or any place which-ever you can think of right now, does that bring solitude to you? You can connect to yourself, and draw whole-heartedly.

  • Next is that you need some vitamin D, bro! Listen, it is not healthy for a person to look at their computer or iPad or any technical screen for 15+ hours and just miss the entire daytime. And the next day you just wake up in the afternoon in the scorching heat. But, here is the plot twist, you do not go out and just repeat the cycle and sleep at like 5 in the morning.

I am not saying you should not be a night owl cause’ I am too. And so far, I am just roasting myself but you know, sometimes it is nice to get some vitamin D and stop acting like a vampire or something unless you have a sun allergy in your eyes like me. Hmm… you cannot see much; you just open a bit to see the road.

  • And lastly, it is FUN! You can go anytime, anywhere, whenever you feel like it. And if you have a sun allergy, then you should better go in the morning or night. This is just a joke, you can go anytime and I am not a doctor! I just have some personal experiences. People call my specs a sunglass. Yeah! I have power and sun allergy 🙁

FAQs on Does Procreate Need the Internet Or Wi-fi?

  • Does Procreate require you to connect your device to the net?

You do not need an internet or Wi-Fi, connection to use Procreate. Procreate is an offline application, and after download, there is no requirement for you to connect to a wired or wireless connection to use it.

  •  Are there any restrictions if I do not connect my device to the internet while using Procreate?

While you would be able to access all of the functionalities of Procreate without an internet connection, you will not be able to share files. Sharing of files requires an internet connection. 

  • Should I disconnect from the Wi-Fi before using Procreate?

We will not recommend disconnecting from the Wi-Fi since you will not be able to share Procreate files with other artists. Also, having an internet connection is always helpful in case you need to look up references or tutorials on the go.

  • Do I need to download anything before going outside with my iPad?

You should always download everything you think you might need when you step outside with your iPad. If you need any resources, references, tutorials, etc., you should download them before stepping outside of your Wi-Fi zone. 

  • Can I backup my files without an internet connection in Procreate?

While backing up your files on an internet cloud or dropbox is ideal, you can still backup your Procreate files locally on your iPad without the internet. However, backing up on online storage is always recommended.

With all being said, you can use Procreate in its offline mode, too! It is a great app and something that you should give a try. Learn more from here.

Sitting outdoors, enjoying nature, drawing on your iPad, sounds like a dream, isn’t it? You can make your dreams come true while following some guidelines. Let us know in the comments if anything is missing and you want to say your experience of working outdoors using Procreate. To sum it up, if you want to say anything, type it down!

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